• Pet Store Swaps Pets with Shelter Pets and Finds Them Homes Rescue or mixed breed pets have a negative stigma in Brazil, but a pet store swapped its animals with shelter pets and found them all homes.

  • Rescue Dogs Are Saving Lives in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal A boon to everyone’s spirits came five days after the earthquake when a teenage boy was discovered. He had survived on ghee and water wrung from his clothes.

  • Paralyzed Dog “Runs” to Reunite with Deployed Dad This dog gives a new meaning to determination! What an amazing scene.

  • Letter to the Woman Who Abandoned Her 17-Year-Old Pet “The tech wrote “depressed” on her card. I'd be depressed too if I went from “sleeping in the sun” to a metal cage with a thin layer of newspaper.”

  • The Happiest Dog to Ever Take a Bath “Rubber duckie, you’re the one. You make bath time really fun…”

  • Dog Dumped at Kill Shelter Will Now Be Saving Lives Reba recently completed her training, and will soon be on her way to a Hawaii police department.

  • Stray Dog Saves Police Officers From Gang Attack Oso is a stray dog who lives outside a police station and gets to ride along real cops on emergency calls. Recently he saved his friends' lives.

  • Pets Who Are Brilliant at Hiding in Plain Sight These camouflaged cats and dogs have probably been sat or trod upon a time or twelve!

  • I Am a Dog, Not a Thing “Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I understand perhaps more than you do.”


Starved Dog Who Survived on Rocks Living Happily Ever After

Woman Sleeps in Freezing NYC Park to Save Senior Feral Dog

Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

21 Dogs Who Are Completely Oblivious to How Enormous They Are

Schoep's Dad Adopts a New Rescue Dog

Adopted Rottweiler Saves Pregnant Woman from Knife Attack

Pet Owner Breaks the Law to Save Dog from Burning Apartment

Dog-Tethering to Become Illegal in Nashville

Dog Owner Reunites with Dog Thought Dead in Apartment Fire

A dog thought to have perished in an apartment building was rescued and reunited with his thankful owner. Read more

"Looking For You" Campaign to Put Rescue Dogs in Public Eye

“We’re using innovative technology in a way that has never been seen before, and we hope more of our abandoned animals find loving homes because of it.” Read more

Homeless Veteran Invents Hands-Free Dog Walking Device

“For veterans and for people with disabilities who just wanted to go on a walk with their dog,” said Feldman. Read more

Dog Tries to Sing Along

Messi the dog wants to sing along. Who do you think sounds better, Messi or the dog toy? Read more

Senior Dog Saves 89-Year-Old Woman

An 89-year-old woman told the dog who saved her: “You’re a good boy, Levi, thank you for saving my life.” Read more

German Shepherd Reunited With Family After Three Years and 2,500 Miles Apart

Rico was picked up by animal control and thanks to his microchip, his owner was contacted. Transportation was arranged and Rico boarded a plane headed back home. Read more

26 of the Best Quotes About Dogs (and Other Animals)

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ― Woodrow Wilson Read more
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