• Abused, Unwanted Dog Finally Gets a Home “My friends asked me if I really wanted to keep him and I said yes. I wasn't about to throw him away – once is too much.”

  • Photographer Captures His Dog in Some Fantastic Scenes These whimsical photos are sure to put a smile on your face!

  • Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer It would be safe to say that this animal lover has got himself a good friend for life - he later adopted the little dog!

  • No One Loves Spa Treatments as Much as This Dog! Ahhh... spa day. This dog knows where it's at!

  • Spiderdog Terrorizes the Streets of Poland! Through she was clearly a terrifying sight, Chica had no idea, and just trotted about quite happily.

  • US Abandons Military Dogs Overseas “Uncle Sam got them over there, and it’s a point of honor for Uncle Sam to get his soldiers, whether they are four-legged or two-legged, back to the US.”


Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

Young Animal Activist Dies Defending Dog from Animal Abuser

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

Dogs Who Found Love at Shelter Get Adopted Together

Badly Abused Dog Rescued from Serbian Highway

“We are obliged to give him another chance, Zoran said. “He showed that he has a bigger heart than all of us!” Read more

Chico, the Missing Police Dog Found Alive and Well 48 Hours Later

“I don’t want to say I gave up because every night I’d go home and lay in my bed and I would think that I heard him barking,” said Officer Wendy Bryant. Read more

Louis, Lover of the Leg Pillow

“Don’t mind me. I’m just going to take a nap, here…..on your leg.” – Louis Read more

Saudi Arabia Stray Dogs Saved from Abuse

A California man saved two dogs from an abusive life in Saudi Arabia and flew them back home to help them find a better life. Read more

Dog Enjoys His Birthday Cake

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Do you buy your pet a doggy cake or tasty steak? Read more

Dog Survives Getting Run Over by Stolen Van

Gordo heard police sirens and came outside to investigate. The curious dog walked onto the road and unfortunately was ran over by a speeding van Read more

Bonded Pair Rescued from a Life on the Streets

“Monica adores having Chandler constantly by her side and looking out for her. And Chandler takes this job quite seriously,” Hart said. Read more
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