• Dog-Tethering to Become Illegal in Nashville Now the bill is waiting on the desk of Mayor Karl Dean, who is expected to sign it into action.

  • Starved Dog Who Survived on Rocks Living Happily Ever After “I woke up with him in my bed with his head cradled gently on my chest. He loves his brother and sister.”

  • Dog Who Spent 10 Years Living in NYC Park Has a Forever Home He is old, and spent his whole life doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted to survive. Trust, security, and rules will take a long time to adapt to.

  • Dad Makes Dog’s Kennel Look Just Like Their Living Room Other dogs appreciated being invited to Igor’s “home,” and Hera, a Saint Bernard, visited every day.

  • Dogs Who Are NOT Amused with Their New Hats That poor model pug... no doubt his discontented face has graced many an Etsy listing!

  • Service Pit Bull Wins the Right to Attend Florida Boy’s School “Congress specifically intended that individuals with disabilities not be separated from their service animals, even in schools,” the DOJ wrote.

  • A Stranger’s Quest to Save a Lonely Dog Has the Best Ending: Part Four “I never did find out for sure why the barber's landlord wanted me to have his dog. The barbershop owner said maybe he realized someone else could provide better care.”

  • A Stranger’s Quest To Save The Barber’s Lonely Dog: Part One “The dog still looks and smells completely filthy but it's not an odor I mind, and I set to petting. He wiggles and kisses.”

  • Schoep’s Dad Adopts a New Rescue Dog “It was re-learning how to live and once I learned that and once I got through the toughness of his love that's when I started searching again,” John said.

  • NASA Astronaut’s Official Photos Include Two Rescue Dogs If these aren't the most adorable NASA official portraits, we don't know what could top them.


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Starved Dog Who Survived on Rocks Living Happily Ever After

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Schoep's Dad Adopts a New Rescue Dog

Fashion Therapy Helps Abused Bait Dog Recover

“If she had not enjoyed wearing her outfits so much, then I think it may have ended that day,” Melinda said. Read more

175-Pound Pit Bull May Be World's Biggest

“He plays with my kid, he’s great with the family and he’s so, so sweet.” Read more

Dog-Tethering to Become Illegal in Nashville

Now the bill is waiting on the desk of Mayor Karl Dean, who is expected to sign it into action. Read more

Fort Myers Firefighters Pull Dachshund from Burning Apartment

Firefighter Jorge Perez found Bailey scared and trying to take cover from the flames and smoke. He pulled the dog to safety. Read more

WWII Vet & Dog Go on Sledding Adventure

Though the dog jumps off as soon as the sled gets going, he happily races along and tries to keep up! Read more

Dog Goes Crazy for Squirrel

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Motorcyclist Rescues Abused Dog Abandoned in Crate

Charlie Bravo was extremely under weight and had an unnatural posture due to the prolonged entrapment in a cage too small for her size. Read more
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