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Best Puppy Pads For Potty Training – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

by Anoushka Shetty

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When I started potty training my pup, it was in the middle of the winter, which meant that we couldn’t even leave the house!

Luckily, I found some fantastic puppy pads that saved my apartment! Puppy pads are a great potty training solution for the winter as they provide floor protection, ensuring your floors won’t get stained or hold on to smells.

All you have to do is throw out the pad when your dog goes inside the house!

We’ve found some excellent quality puppy training pads available online that will help you in your pee pad training journey. 

Here are Our Top 5 Best puppy pads for potty training

1. Gimars Reusable Dog Pee PadBest Reusable Puppy Pad

2. Glad For Pets Activated Carbon Dog PadsBest Economical Puppy Pad

3. BV Pet Potty Training PadsWith Pet Attractant Layer

4. Pick for life Dog Grass Portable Pet LooEasy-to-Clean Fake Grass Pad

5. Hartz Odor-Eliminating Pee PadsBest Scented, Odor-Eliminating Puppy Pad

Top 5 Puppy Pad Reviews

1. Gimars Reusable Dog Pee Pad

Gimars Reusable Dog Pee Pad

Durable 5-Layer Construction

Leak & Slip-Proof Bottom Layer

Machine Washable

If you aren’t a fan of throwing out a pad each and every time your pup urinates, then you should consider buying a reusable pad. The Gimars super-absorbent dog pad is an extremely high-quality reusable product. 

This pad is made of 5 layers. The top layer is made of a cooling, heat-wicking fabric. Then, there is a light polyester layer that will absorb any liquids, followed by a breathable, highly-absorbent cotton layer.

Then, there is a waterproof layer that will reduce the chance of any leaking and a final anti-skid layer at the very bottom. 

This pad can hold up to 10 cups of urine, so it is a fantastic option for pups that aren’t fully housetrained yet. It is scratch-resistant and does not pill, even if your pup scratches it up. This pad can also be washed & dried in the machine.  

The pad is also 6 feet by 6 feet, so it’s the perfect size even for larger dogs.

However, some Amazon reviewers have complained that it can’t stand up that well to sharp puppy teeth. It is prone to forming tiny holes which can become larger with time. 


• Reduces waste & saves money – no need to re-purchase expensive disposable paper pads

• Highly absorbent

• Large size – perfect for big breeds


• Easy to chew up

• Pricey compared to other options

2. Glad For Pets Activated Carbon Dog Pads

Glad For Pets Activated Carbon Dog Pads

Activated Carbon Layer Means No Yellow Spots

Water-Activated Gel Layer

Holds 3 Cups of Liquid

If you live in a small apartment or are worried about lingering odors, then we really recommend these activated carbon dog pads by Glad. This first-class pet product has a 5-layer design that prevents smells & leaks.

The upper layer is made of a quilted cushion that stops the spread of urine. Underneath this is a polymer layer that turns into a gel when it becomes wet. This gel technology also prevents spilling underneath the pad.

Finally, there is an activated carbon layer that changes the yellow color of pee so the pad remains fresh & presentable. 

This pack comes with 100 pads, which makes it a fairly competitive price compared to other options. Although the size runs slightly small, it’s still a good option for a crate liner or small potty area. 

Some negative reviews state that if your dog pees close to the edge, then the pad will not absorb the urine. The leak-proof plastic lining does not extend all to way to the ends, so it can lead to leaking. 

Also, some people said that these pads are pretty thin & can’t hold onto liquid well.


• 5-layer design with gel technology to prevent leaks

• Economical price

• Activated carbon layer prevents yellow staining – keeps the pad looking presentable for hours


• Small size

• Made of thin material so can’t absorb urine well

• Not leak-proof near the edges

3. BV Pet Potty Training Pads

BV Pet Potty Training Pads

6-layered Construction

Extremely Low Price

Holds 2 Cups of Liquid

If you are looking for a wholesale, economical puppy pad, then this would be the perfect option for you. This comes in a pack of 600 for a super low price, so it’s a great idea if you are just starting your potty training schedule & need loads of pads for a cheap price point.

These pads have a 6-layered construction with a pet attractant layer that will draw your pooch toward the pad & entice him to pee on it. This is good if your pet is just starting out & needs direction on where it’s acceptable to go potty.

However, this product isn’t as absorbent as the other options. These pads only hold 2 cups of liquids, which means that it isn’t suitable for larger dogs with larger bladders. 

Customer reviews state that this pad is extremely thin and isn’t leak-proof. Furthermore, they complained that the pads hold on to scents strongly, so they can become pretty stinky if you keep them in a small, closed room.


• 6-layered construction with a pet attractant layer

• Extremely low price per pad 


• Very thin & isn’t leak-proof

• Only holds 2 cups of liquid

• Smaller size – not suitable for large dog breeds/adult dogs

4. Pick for life Dog Grass Portable Pet Loo

PICK FOR LIFE Dog Grass Pet Loo

Quadruple-Layered System With Plastic Tray

Lined With Artificial Grass

Machine-Washable Insert

Fake grass pads are an excellent way to get your pet used to urinating on real grass. This can make the transition from indoor to outdoor pottying very efficient. 

What’s unique about this pad is the 4-layered system that makes cleaning up a breeze. There is the upper, non-toxic grass layer, a washable absorbent layer, a draining layer, and the bottom tray.

This means that the cotton layer will soak up all the liquids, & the excess will drain down to the tray. This keeps the grass layer dry & prevents any clingy odors. 

This mat is available in 3 sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your pooch. 

Amazon reviews state that the grass layer doesn’t shed, & the cotton layer is super absorbent. However, there were some complaints that the plastic tray seems flimsy & cheaply made. 

 Also, some pet parents stated that their dogs could easily break the tray apart to get to the inner layers.


• Plastic tray with a drainage system means the grass doesn’t become soggy

• Shed-proof artificial grass layer

• Variety of sizes to choose from


• Plastic tray seems flimsy & isn’t durable

• Can be broken apart by a big dog

5. Hartz Odor-Eliminating Pee Pads

Hartz Odor Eliminating Pee Pads

Flash-Dry Technology Turns Into Gel

Waterproof Plastic Backing

Gentle Lavender Scent

If your main concern with pee pads is the potential for unpleasant odors, you need to consider investing in some scented, odor-eliminating pads.

These work in 2 ways: first, an odor-eliminating layer turns urine into gel to lock in any bad smells. Then, the pad itself has a fresh lavender scent that will cover up any remaining traces of odor.

This pad also has a durable waterproof backing, making it leak-proof at the edges. These pads come in various sizes that you can choose from, meaning they won’t ever run small.

However, this packet is a little pricey compared to other options. Furthermore, some people have complained that the gentle lavender scent isn’t so gentle; in fact, it may be overpowering for people with a sensitive sense of smell. 

Furthermore, Chewy customers complained that the gel becomes too thick & gloopy, which makes it hard to clean up if the pad is soaked through.


• Flash-dry technology locks in odors & turns urine into gel.

• Waterproof plastic backing prevents leaks, even in the corners.

• Strong lavender scent


• The lavender scent may be overpowering for some.

• Comparatively higher price

• The gel becomes very viscous, which makes it harder to clean up.

Characteristics of a Good Pee Pad

Here are some features of a good-quality pee pad that you should look for.


The size of the puppy pee pad should be large enough to avoid any accidental spilling. Measure your pup from nose to tail. The pad should be at least as long as this.

This way, your pup can circle around and still pee directly in the center of the pad.


Cute dog near underpad with wet spot

If you’re worried about odor, you can consider buying a scented pee pad. These pee pads have a light fragrance that will overpower any residual odors.

This is a good option if you work all day & can’t get back home to change the pee pads every few hours. With scented pads, you won’t have to worry about the pad stinking up your apartment.

Odor Protection

Look for pads with odor-locking technology. Good-quality pads should have fast-acting gel technology, sort of like what’s in diapers. This technology immediately turns urine into a scentless gel. This is a really convenient feature that you should look for.

Plastic Backing

Plastic backing is essential for ensuring that urine doesn’t leak through. Look for a backing that extends to the edges of the pad so that it won’t leak if your dog pees on the edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions by pet parents about puppy pads.

At what age should a puppy stop using pee pads?

So, how long should I continue to use a puppy pad for my dog? This varies greatly from dog to dog. Usually, you can stop leaving pee pads throughout the house when your dog goes a month with less than 4 overnight accidents.

After this milestone, your dog is pretty much potty trained & can last an entire night without a bathroom break.

How do you attract a dog to pee on a pad?

Sometimes, your dog just won’t want to pee on a pad. To attract them to this area & make it more enticing, consider using a potty pad spray.

These liquids contain pheromones that make it much more enticing for your dog to urinate there. Just spray a tiny bit down on the pad & your pup should naturally be attracted to this area.

How many puppy pads should I put down?

This is a question that is dependent on your dog’s peeing habits. If your dog is a messy pee-er & tends to walk around as he pees, you may need to put down more than 1 pee pad & spread them out. 

A good quality pad should usually suffice for 1 pee. Since they typically hold at least 2 cups of urine, 1 pee pad is enough as long as you change it once it becomes dirty. 

Should I use puppy pads at night in a crate?

If you are crate training your puppy, then putting a pee pad in the crate is a great way to make clean-up a lot easier. Just make sure that the puppy pad does not cover 100% of the crate floor space because then your dog will soil their fur.

Instead, ensure the puppy pad covers only half the crate or leave the door open.

Dogs have a natural tendency to separate their bathroom area & their living area. So, you might find that putting a pad in the crate could actually speed up the potty training process. 

Can dogs use pee pads forever?

Pee pads are more often used as an in-between option for growing pups. However, if you live in an area with cold winters & you would rather your dog go to the bathroom a few times in the house, then you can definitely keep using puppy pads. 

However, I recommend having a designated potty area with the pee pads, as this will ensure your dog understands that peeing is an area-specific activity, even if this area is indoors. 


A pee pad is a necessity in your potty training journey. We believe that the best puppy training pad available is the Gimars Reusable Dog Pee Pad.

Not only is it a reusable pad, the most sustainable option, but it is also made of high-quality materials and very large size. This pad also has the most absorptivity, as it can hold 10 cups of liquid, making it perfect for long-term crating or potty training.

A close runner-up is the Dog Grass Portable Pet Loo because it is much easier for your dog to start going potty outside. 

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Thanks for reading!

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