“Dog Doogity” Dog Poop PSA Video

Dog Doogity Dog Poop PSA Video

ScoopPoop.org made this video to help raise awareness about how cleaning up your dog poop will improve water quality in Puget Sound. And it jams.
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Breezy Puppy

breezy puppy

A Zen moment that requires no explanation…
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Family Spends $10,000 in Search for Missing Dog


How far would you go to try and find your lost dog?
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Death of an American Hero – Roselle The 9/11 Guide Dog

roselle the guide dog

9-11 Hero and Guide Dog, Roselle passed away on Sunday, June 26. Roselle safely guided Michael Hingson and others down 78 floors of the World Trade Center moments before it collapsed.
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Giveaway: Sam’s Club $450 Grab Bag

sams club logo

We’re ready to add a little excitement to your week with a giant giveaway, and in order to enter, all you have to do is tell us about a dog in need of a home.
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Minnu: India’s Wonder Dog


Minnu is no ordinary dog: the three year old chocolate Lab enjoys celebrity status among India’s dog loving population, and given her unique talents, it’s no wonder.
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Mother Dog Adopts Two Kittens

mother dog fosters kittens

From the videographer: Missy our 5 year old Golden Retriever has always been the perfect mother to her puppies, and any pets that the kids bring home. She loves and thinks any small animal is her baby.
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Lost Dog Found After Five Years on the Run

baxter and craig

Terrified and dazed by a violent car accident that broke the neck of his master, 11 week old puppy Baxter leapt from the back seat of the car they were in, disappearing into the darkness of a wooded area near Port Saint John, FL. in November of 2005.
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Dog Toy Prank

dog toy prank

If you’ve always wondered what to do with leftover noisemakers from shredded dog toys, today is your day.
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Dog and Cashier Fight Off Knife-Wielding Robber


A 55 year old shop worker says her loyal Staffordshire Bull Terrier assisted her in thwarting a burglary attempt on Saturday when it came to her defense, attacking the would-be robber and sending him packing.
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Dramatic Dog

dramatic dog video

It’s the world’s most dramatic six second video.
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Two Pound Chihuahua Herds Sheep

nancy the sheep herding chihuahua

At just over 2 pounds, Nancy the Chihuahua may very well be the world’s smallest sheep herding dog.
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The Shamrock Fund: Border Collie Shot and Left for Dead Needs Critical Surgery


A wounded dog in Kentucky struggles to recover after being shot in the face and left for dead. We’re here to tell you what you can to to help.
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Pets – Sentient Beings or Mere Chattel?

sharkey sick lowres1

A year ago my little Jack Russell Terrier, Sharkey, was overdosed by a pharmacist and nearly died. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say the pharmacist was neither concerned nor did he offer an apology.
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Mars Veterinary Asserts Patent Rights on Canine Genetics Identification


US District Court Injunction Now Inhibits BioPet Vet Lab and PetSafe’s Ability to Sell Dog DNA Identification Kits
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Wineries Welcome Dogs

Ty and Buster at Tasting Room

Ty and Buster, the Life with Dogs pet travel correspondents, bring you their perspective on visiting pet friendly vineyards in California’s wine country.
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The Park is Mine

a dog day in the park

I’m actually more than a little scared of this dog.
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Bad Neighbors vs. Pooper Scooper


Residents of a new apartment complex in Lebanon, NH will not be able to give that furtive sidelong glance and leave the poop behind while walking their dogs, at least not without consequence.
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Hundreds of Pets Find Forever Homes at Joplin Adoption Drive

joplin adoption drive

Thousands of animal lovers from dozens of states poured into Joplin, MO this weekend to attend an unparalleled adoption drive.
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Tire Chewing Dog Disables Two Police Cruisers

Bruno (left)

A dog from Australia is in lockdown at an animal control facility after roughing up a couple of police cruisers.
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