Service Dog Fetches Help For Injured Owner

hero dog

As Rich Armstrong lay helpless in a Modesto parking lot last week after being struck by a truck, his service dog and devoted companion, Emma, went on a mission to save him.

Lost Dog Reunited with Owner After Five Years

cane 2

If you’ve ever lost a pet or had one wander away from home this happy story will probably strike you as amazing.

PetSmart Helps Teachers Bring Pets Back to School


Having a pet in school just got easier thanks to PetSmart and The Pet Care Trust.

Find The Pug

find the pug

Which does not belong?

Mystery Dog Found Atop Africa’s Highest Mountain

mystery dog

Scientists and animal lovers alike are baffled by the discovery of a mysterious stray found perched atop Africa’s highest mountain peak.

Military Working Dog Platoon Completes Afghanistan Tour

Two dog handlers with Military Working Dog Platoon, Military Police Support Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (Forward), keep a look out during a mission in Helmand province. The Marines supported numerous missions during their seven-month deployment to Afghanistan.

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Helmand province – Man’s best friend has a long history of serving in military operations, and now the Marines of Military Working Dog Platoon, Military Police Support Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (Forward), can add their names and those of their dogs to the list.

Reader Rescues


This is our standard poodle, Buddy. Buddy didn’t come from a “classic puppy mill” but rather from someone who’s breeding skills and ability to pay proper attention to the puppies days had passed them by.

When Puppies Attack…

puppy pile

…sometimes it’s best to just fall down and get it over with.

When Your Dog Is Itching to Travel


Traveling with your dogs to another climate can trigger environmental allergies. This week, Buster and Ty give you tips to help salvage your trip when your dog can’t stop scratching.

Sleepy Head

sleepy head

Somebody please get this pooch a pillow…

The Denali National Park Puppycam

dnp puppy cam

Denali National Park and Preserve is the only national park in America with a working sled dog kennel, and they have recently installed a puppycam to let the rest of us drop in and get a live dose of cuteness.

Dog Abandoned While in Labor

In a heartbreaking case of abandonment, a South Carolina dog owner dropped off the family dog at a local animal shelter – just as it was going into labor.

Dog Crashes Truck Into Carport, Totals Car

dog crashes truck

Louisville resident Gary Hickock is a dog lover with a sense of humor – and that’s a good thing.

Giveaway: Teddy the Dog T-shirt & Beach Towel


Conceived in 2006 and introduced nationally in 2007. Teddy the Dog always has one paw out the door.

Here’s Your Sign

Joy the Puppy getting ready for a car ride!

Cut and paste the following two notes into a word document and monkey with them until you like how they look. You can even change the wording to fit what YOU would say. Make copies to keep in the car to use as needed.

Battened Down

A typical Sunday - before the storm

We’ve been keeping an eye on the sky, and it’s getting ugly here, fast.

Fudge & Friends

toilette water

Bottoms up!

Pet Check Technology™ Provides Peace of Mind for Customers of Dog Walking Services


Dog walking customers in California can now find out exactly what time and where their dog was walked.

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Funny Dog Rides In Passenger Seat

Cute Dog Riding In Passenger Seat

Good luck calling shotgun – seat taken!

A Happy Ending for Hawkeye


After a picture of a loyal dog laying at the side of his deceased master went viral this week, many were left questioning the fate of Hawkeye. Including us.