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Giveaway: Pet Stain Remover

PetPeePee is designed to remove dog & cat urine odor from carpets & hard floors. Using Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea that are odor-free, pet friendly, & organic, it is designed to kill bacteria that causes urine odor, naturally. Read more

Rubber Chicken Pup

Is that a puppy, or a rubber chicken?? Read more

Good Newz Rehab Center Tour

Dogs Deserve Better founder and CEO Tamira Ci Thayne offers an insider’s view of the Good Newz Rehab Center that has been established in the former Michael Vick residence. Read more

Study: Early Separation from Litter Makes Behavioral Problems Likely

Italian researchers say that puppies separated from their litter too early have substantially higher odds of developing behavioral problems as adults. Read more

Puppy Mayhem

Getting clean never looked so fun! Read more

How To Handle Interdog Aggression

Context is everything when interpreting canine behavior. Read more

Jax the Ring Bearer

The future paths of our foster dogs are hard to see through blurry tears. Read more

Guide Dog's Story is an Instant New York Times Bestseller

The remarkable story of a blind man and the guide dog that led him and dozens of others to safety just moments before the World Trade Center crumbled nearly 10 years ago has become an instant best-seller. Read more

Disabled Woman Fights Off Dognappers With Her Cane

Tayside Police are seeking two teens after a 51 year old cancer survivor and scoliosis sufferer beat them with a cane as they tried to steal her dog. Read more

Dog Vs Sheep: Trick Showdown!

Has the dog world’s smartest breed met its match?!? Read more

PETS Inc. Celebrates 40,000 Adoptions

Founded in 1991 by Patricia McQueen & Jane Brundage, PETS, Inc. celebrates the 20th anniversary of its incorporation this year with some very good news. Read more

Abandoned Dog With Sad Divorce Note Finds New Home

Kirkland, Washington resident Paul Wu says he wants the child forced to give up a dog for adoption – the same child who attached a heartbreaking note to the dog before setting it free – to know that it is safe in a new home. Read more

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