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Dog Licks Laughing Baby


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Lost Pet Alert Network Seeks to Help Reunite Missing Pets with Owners

With millions of homeless pets currently housed at overburdened animal shelters or wandering free on the streets, Bayer’s Animal Health Division announced today the launch of the “Lost Pet Alert Network,” a virtual community of veterinary clinics, pet owners and animal shelters that is designed to share information about lost pets in order to more easily and quickly reunite them with their owners. Read more

Kimbo's Quest

Kimbo Slice the Bulldog goes on an impossible mission to enter a treehouse at Finca Bellavista…and accomplishes his mission with a ride on a zipline. Read more

A Record Breaking Journey

Comedian and actor Owen Benjamin and his dog, Benny, have set out to do what no passenger (or pawsenger) has done before – visit the most airports in a month and set a new record as the world’s most frequent flyer. Read more

Wonton Gets a New Sweater


“I can’t feel my soul…”
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Baggage Handler Fired After Reporting Animal Abuse

A Nevada baggage handler says she was forced to choose between her morals and her paycheck – and that she was fired for choosing to do the right thing.

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral Adds Dog To Nativity Scene


If you look closely, you’ll notice an unusual addition to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral crèche. Read more

Why e-mail Was Invented


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Top Ten Reasons Mutts are Awesome

Approximately 3-4 million animals are euthanized every year (1), many of which are mixed breed dogs. In honor of National Mutt Day, has put together the top ten reasons dog lovers should adopt mixed breed dogs (aka mutts). Read more

Holiday Safety

My Daughter: “What are you going to write about this week, Mom?”
me: “I think holiday safety, if that isn’t too boring.”
My Daughter: “Safety isn’t boring, Mom.” Read more

Mega Dog Toy Giveaway


Today’s giveaway winner is going to make their dog’s December – with a pile of seven engaging and interactive toys that are perfect for alleviating boredom. Read more

Missing Virginia Dog Found in California Eight Years After Disappearance


Thanks to a good Samaritan, a Virginia dog found wandering in California is headed home for the holidays. Read more

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