Pooped Pug

pooped pug

The Midnight Phil Eoin Callers – Party For Dogs (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The Midnight Phil Eoin Callers - Party For Dogs (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Quite possibly the worst music video ever made. Highly recommended.

Slam Dancing and the Fine Art of Body Language

char sa 1

Over the weekend I was missing my dog Charlee and took a photo trip down memory lane. Through my blur of tears I came across these two gems.

Lucy Needs a Home for the Holidays


Meet Lucy, a battered, disfigured, loving dog from Bogota, Colombia. She’s now in the US and has been seeking a loving home for a year.
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Dog and Horse Are Best Friends

Horse and dog play together

This is what happens when two animals are raised together with unconditional love and kindness.
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Doberman VS Pit Bull

Doberman VS Pit Bull

Friends Don’t Let Friends Kill Dogs


On June 2, 2009, Avery escaped from his yard and was picked up by an animal control officer. His family went to animal control to pick up Avery but they did not have enough money to pay the fees.

War Vet Adopts Afghan Puppy with Help from Donors

holly and jon

On Monday, a Marine in Texas welcomed home a dog he had never even met.

Animals of YouTube Sing Jingle Bells

animals of youtube sing jingle bells

Bedtime Book for Dogs

The Bedtime Book for Dogs

Come. Sit. Stay. I want to tell you a story. I think you’ll like it…

Puppy Pile-on

puppy pile on

Woman Pleads for Help in Search for Missing Service Dog


An Easthampton, Massachusetts woman says she is struggling to get through everyday activities without her missing companion K-9.

Breakin’ the Law

breakin the law

Convenience Store Training

Stop Sign saying Stop-Do the right thing

The story I am about to tell you is true, the names have been changed to protect the foolish (albeit well-intentioned).

Wordless Wednesday 149

Wordless Wednesday 149

Disabled Dog Eats in Special Bailey Chair

bella eats in baileys chair

One of the sweetest, saddest videos we have seen in some time. Kudos to Bella’s wonderful owners.

Wolf Dogs Rescued from Chains in Alaska Find New Home in California


The International Fund for Animal Welfare has announced the rescue of 29 wolf dogs from a substandard breeding facility in Palmer, Alaska.

Dogs in Cars in Slow Motion

dogs in cars

Activists Intercept Meat Dog Trucks Bound for Guangdong Province


For the third time this year, Chinese animal activists have saved hundreds of dogs from slaughter in Guangdong province’s notorious dog meat markets.

Max the Silent Barking Pug

Max the Silent Barking Pug