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Non-Surgical Neutering: Chemical Castration for Dogs

A new non-surgical method of sterilization for male dogs promises results similar to surgical procedures, while leaving testicles (and perhaps your dog’s pride) intact. Read more

Rosie's Puppy Dreams

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Like Humans, Dogs Engage in Riskier Behaviors When Their Self-Control Is Depleted

How do dogs behave when their ability to exert self-control is compromised? Are they more likely to approach dangerous situations or stay well away? Read more

10 Moving Day Tips for Pet Owners

With Spring upon us, moving season is just around the corner!  If you’re planning a move with your pet, it’s important to do some homework and be prepared.  Read more

Study: Taking Your Dog to Work is Good for Your Health

Stress is a major contributor to employee absenteeism, morale and burnout and results in significant loss of productivity and resources.

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Husky Baby Plays with Mom

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Loyal Dog Loses Life Protecting Injured Owner

Tragedy befell an Oklahoma dog Friday when it was killed by police for defending its injured owner following a traffic accident. Read more


So many of us can relate. Imgur user Jr023 says “My girlfriend’s dog hates thunderstorms.”

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Minimizing the Risks of Contracting Rabies Disease

Rabies disease is caused by a virus that attacks the central nervous system.  All mammals have the potential to be infected. Read more

Stealth Pug

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Teddy the English Bulldog Refuses to Get Out of Bed

Teddy the English bulldog was sound asleep. Read more

Fudge & Friends

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