Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks Recalled

9.23.12 - Recall

The FDA issued a recall on dog treats possibly contaminated with Salmonella.
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Sergeant Stubby: World War I’s Hero Dog


Stubby, a pit bull type dog, was a hero of World War I. He is the only dog that has been promoted to sergeant through combat. He served for 18 months in World War I as part of the 102nd infantry, 26th Division in France. Involved in 17 battles, Stubby did more than just boost the morale of the soldiers in his unit.
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Beagle jumps off bridge falling almost 75 feet and swims away with just a bruise


Robert Lorenz was taking his two beagles for their nightly walk along the Delaware River in Burlington City, NJ. When strangers wanted to stop and pet them a series of events unfolded that no one could’ve expected.
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Puppy Attacks Himself in Mirror


A little dog is very interested in the mystery dog in the mirror.
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Man’s truck is stolen with his 12-year-old lab in the back


Will Baker and his black lab Ace have been friends and hunting partners for 11 years. This past Thursday they were headed on another weekend hunting trip. Baker stopped off at a Harbor Freights in Channelview, Texas to get some supplies. He was only in the store for about 20 minutes, but when he came outside his truck was gone. So was his friend Ace.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Tamee Dog Tricks


9 month old smooth fox terrier Tamee is a genius, and loves showing off for the camera…
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More Canadian Cities Looking into Anti-Tethering Laws

9.21.12 - Anti-Tether

Like many in the US, Canadian cities are pushing for stricter anti-tethering laws.
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Cheetah Cub and Big Puppy Take Turns Pouncing


Who says cats and dogs don’t play well together?
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Noelle Greets Her Dad


Noelle, a deaf terrier mix, is excited to see her dad return to get her after his Army training mission.
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Couple faces criminal charges for selling neighbor’s puppy on craigslist


A couple in Leechburg, Pennsylvania is facing criminal charges for selling their neighbor’s 6-month-old Rottweiler puppy on Craigslist. The puppy, named Bailey, went missing with a golden retriever mix. Both dogs belonged to Shawn Lerch.
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Reward of up to $5,000 being offered for reporting puppy mills


The Fraternal Order of Police is supporting the Humane Society of the United States reward program to aid in stopping puppy mills. The Humane Society of the United States is offering up to $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a puppy mill operator for illegal animal cruelty.
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English Springer Spaniel is ‘Mum’ to Lambs

Jess and Lamb 1

This dog does so much more than herd sheep. She bottle feeds them.
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Dog Believed to be Stolen is Returned to Family


A man took a puppy he found on the street, but returned him when co-workers saw the story on the news.
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Dramatic Fire Rescue of Greyhound by Factory Workers and Medics

Emergency responders pulled a near-lifeless dog from a burning factory

Emergency responders worked hard to save a greyhound pulled from a factory fire.
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Brock the Boxer: Doggy Dreams!


Brock’s videographer says: Ever wonder what your dog dreams about? I have a few ideas…take a look!
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Judge Upholds Verdict Awarding over $600,000 to family whose dog was shot by a police officer


The verdict has been upheld in the case of the shooting of Brandi, a chocolate lab, by police officers. Back in April the jury had awarded $620,000 to the Jenkins family, $20,000 for veterinary bills and $600,000 for mental anguish, pain and suffering. The judge did reduce the veterinary bills award to $7,500 due to the fact Maryland law caps damages at that amount.
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Police Investigating a landscaper accused of trying to poison dogs


Police in Charlestown, Massachusetts are investigating a landscaper who neighbors say has been poisoning hot dogs to keep dogs off the lawn of the Brick Layers and Allied Craftsmen Union.
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UPDATE: Farewell to Bingo, the Service Dog with a “Lick It” List


A Canadian boy touched hearts globally when he created a Lick It List – a bucket list for dogs -when he knew his ailing service dog and best friend wouldn’t be with him much longer.
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Service Dog Enriches Alzheimer’s Patient’s Life

Rick Phelps with his service dog, Sam

A dementia service dog named Sam has given owner Rick Phelps his life back.
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Animal Rescue Worker Solves Mystery of Dog Holding Vigil

Kathy Wilkes-Myers and Ella

Amazing story of how an animal rescue worker found a dog that waited for her family to return to the scene of an accident.
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