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Dog and Child Help Each Other Out

Everybody needs a helping hand. Or paw. Read more

City of Newark, New Jersey debating whether to change vicious dog law

The city of Newark, New Jersey is reconsidering its vicious dog law. Currently the law labels all pit bull type dogs as vicious dogs. The state of New Jersey has removed the automatic labeling of pit bull type dogs as vicious, but as a charter city Newark does not have to do the same. The City Council Safety Committee has been discussing whether they should change the ordinance or not. Read more

Dog rides along on horseback adventure covering 18,000 miles of North American wilderness

When Bernice Ende retired from teaching ballet in 2003 she was restless and eventually she did what a lot of retirees do, she decided to travel. However, Ende’s method of travel is rather unique. Along with her dog Claire, Ende has been travelling on horseback through the North American wilderness since 2005. Read more

An Unconventional Shelter Gives Dogs More of What They Really Need

It takes a special type of person to run an animal shelter, and a lot of dedicated souls to create the kind of safe and nurturing atmosphere that is found at Adopt-A-Dog. Read more

Lucky Dog Returns Home to New Orleans 7 Years After Katrina

It’s a bittersweet moment for Shorty and his two families who both love him dearly and want only the best for him. Read more

Quincy & Sadie

Huge Doberman, Quincy, letting his new little Pomeranian friend Sadie feel like a big dog! Read more

Family's dog steps up and starts nursing and caring for stray kitten

Pat Weber’s grandson found a stray kitten in their Minnesota barn earlier this month. The kitten was only days old, ice cold and the Weber family wasn’t sure if it was even alive. When the cat began to meow, Pat’s four-year-old Pekingnese Mittens stepped up to take care of the kitten Read more

MMA Fighter Gordon Shell retires from fighting but not from fighting for dogs

Gordon Shell, a mixed martial artist, got the news from doctors that he would need to stop fighting due to a heart condition. Gordon fought his last MMA fight on September 15th. He is not done fighting though. He may no longer be able to fight mixed martial arts but he is determined to fight for dogs. Read more

Landscaper Suspected of Poisoning Dogs Held on $5,000 Bail

A Massachusetts man was arrested for leaving poisoned hot dogs on his lawn for his neighbors’ dogs. Read more

Gangnam Doggy Style

The current dance craze goes to the dogs. Read more

Corgi Food Coma

Can’t…eat…another…bite…. Read more

Owney, mascot of the US Postal Service, is still being celebrated over 120 years later

On Saturday, September 15th 2012 the Danbury Railways Museum honored Owney, the dog who became the mascot of the United States Postal Service in the late 19th century. Back then mail was primarily carried across the nation by rail. Read more

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