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Cincinnati kicks off Oktoberfest with the "Running of the Weiners"

Cincinnati has a unique way to celebrate the start of Oktoberfest. This past Friday, the 6th annual “Running of the Weiners” dog race was held. Dachshunds dressed up in hot dog costumes and raced 75 feet in front of a crowd of spectators. Read more

Service Dog Awarded After Saving Her Owner’s Life

A Pleasureville, KY woman owes her life to her dog, Lexi, after diabetes nearly claimed her life. Read more

Second Dog in Pennsylvania Forced to Perish in Flames

Authorities in Pennsylvania were appalled to find yet another dog trapped and set ablaze. Read more

English Bull Terrier Pups at Mealtime

Mealtime for a litter of 6 week old English Bull Terrier pups starts out in an orderly fashion … . Read more

Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks Recalled

The FDA issued a recall on dog treats possibly contaminated with Salmonella. Read more

Sergeant Stubby: World War I's Hero Dog

Stubby, a pit bull type dog, was a hero of World War I. He is the only dog that has been promoted to sergeant through combat. He served for 18 months in World War I as part of the 102nd infantry, 26th Division in France. Involved in 17 battles, Stubby did more than just boost the morale of the soldiers in his unit. Read more

Beagle jumps off bridge falling almost 75 feet and swims away with just a bruise

Robert Lorenz was taking his two beagles for their nightly walk along the Delaware River in Burlington City, NJ. When strangers wanted to stop and pet them a series of events unfolded that no one could’ve expected. Read more

Puppy Attacks Himself in Mirror

A little dog is very interested in the mystery dog in the mirror. Read more

Man’s truck is stolen with his 12-year-old lab in the back

Will Baker and his black lab Ace have been friends and hunting partners for 11 years. This past Thursday they were headed on another weekend hunting trip. Baker stopped off at a Harbor Freights in Channelview, Texas to get some supplies. He was only in the store for about 20 minutes, but when he came outside his truck was gone. So was his friend Ace. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Tamee Dog Tricks

9 month old smooth fox terrier Tamee is a genius, and loves showing off for the camera… Read more

More Canadian Cities Looking into Anti-Tethering Laws

Like many in the US, Canadian cities are pushing for stricter anti-tethering laws. Read more

Cheetah Cub and Big Puppy Take Turns Pouncing

Who says cats and dogs don’t play well together? Read more

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