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Despite Sandy’s Devastation, One Family Finds Joy

The Vaillancourts spent the duration of Sandy worried about their runaway dog Dewey. Read more

Starving Dallas Dog Recovering after Coffee Can Collar Removal

Olivia, once called Java, has had a coffee can successfully removed from her neck. During treatment it was determined that she gave birth to a litter while enmeshed in the can. Read more

Hundreds of Evacuation Shelters Welcome Pets During Sandy’s Surge

Evacuation shelters opened their doors wide for pets – no family members were to be left behind. Read more

A new product is helping blind dogs get around

Dogs have made a huge impact on visually-impaired people as guide dogs. Unfortunately there are many visually-impaired dogs that also need help. Two women in Georgia have created the “Halo Vest” to help dogs who are blind and need help getting around. Read more

Dogs and their owners are becoming good citizens with Dog Scouts of America

All over the country chapters of the Dog Scouts of America are helping dogs become well-trained scouts, while also teaching their owners to become responsible pet owners. The Dog Scouts of America’s mission is “To improve the lives of dogs, their owners, and society through humane education, positive training and community involvement.” Read more

After missing for 7 months a chance meeting brings Tinkerbell back home

It was over 7 months ago when Tinkerbell, a 13-year-old ailing dog, went missing from her home in Boones Mill, Virginia. Her owner Terry Gusler searched daily and never gave up hope on her. A chance meeting led to Gusler’s daughter Kelli to find Tinkerbell this past weekend. Read more

Military Working Dogs will be honored with new national monument

It is perhaps long overdue, but soon a national monument will show much we value the contribution and sacrifice of all military working dogs. Thanks to the efforts of John Burnam who started the campaign in 2004, on January 1st the monument will be unveiled in California. Read more

Fiona is named ASPCA Dog of the Year

Remember Fiona, the 11 year old poodle mix who was found matted and dirty, infested with fleas, as well as blind in both eyes back in March? Well, thanks to the help of thousands of compassionate supporters she is doing well and has just been named the ASPCA’s “Dog of the Year”. Read more

Operation Freedom Paws Founder is Finalist for CNN Hero of the Year

Mary Cortani helps US soldiers suffering from PTSD while giving dogs from shelters and rescues loving homes and a new purpose in life. Read more

Loyal friend stayed by abused dog's side until they were rescued

Thanks to a good samaritan, a badly abused dog is being given a chance to survive after being found in a dumpster in Dallas. The dog, who has been named Java, was emaciated and strangely had a metal can around it’s neck. Read more

Dog survives bite from lethal snake

A Cape Town dog narrowly escaped death last week after he was bitten by a poisonous snake. Sparky, the 7 year old fox terrier was up to his usual antics, playing happily with other dogs while out on a walk. That’s when he came upon the the puff adder, a venomous snake species found in Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula. Read more

Only a few months after being homeless Jake becomes a service dog

Jake, a yellow Lab mix, spends his days tending to three-year-old Kaitlin Abner who suffers from a degenerative brain disease known as Methachormatic Leukodystrophy. Jake is living an important life as a service dog, but not too long ago he was a homeless stray. Read more

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