After 22 days, jazz makes her way home in time to ring in the new year


A fox terrier that had been missing for 22 days is back home and her owners are thrilled. On December 7th, Jazz heard gunshots and thunder, and she bolted.
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Desperate search to find a missing dog has a happy ending

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 10.02.55 AM

A South Carolina man’s Christmas wish has come true; his stolen dog has been returned to him. The dog was stolen along with his SUV from a Walmart parking lot in Travelers Rest on December 14th.
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Community rallies to help find puppy stolen on Christmas eve

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.29.31 AM

A Milwaukee couple is heartbroken after their 4 month old pit pull puppy was stolen from them on Christmas eve. The puppy, named MacGyver was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society by Sara and Cory Malchow and they were set to celebrate their first Christmas together.
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Family won’t let financial hardships stop them from saving their dog


The Lukens family has fallen on hard time financially. One thing they won’t give up on despite their financial burdens is there dog Charlee.
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Humane program working with juvenile detention center to stop animal cruelty


The Humane Society of Huron Valley is reaching out to at-risk youth to educate them about the proper care of animals and hopefully stop the cycle of animal cruelty. The humane society was able to start the program in October thanks to a $44,000 grant from the James A. and Faith Knight Foundation.
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UPDATE: Thor finally able to open his jaw after successful first surgery


After flying to Sacramento and receiving his first surgery Thor is able to do things he hasn’t in months or possibly ever, like hold a tennis ball and even smile.
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Light boxes helping dogs with Seasonal Affective Disorder

pawsitive lighting

Winter can be a rough season for many. The colder days and fewer hours of sunlight can take its toll. Some vets believe that humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Your four-legged companions can also be suffering from SAD and may benefit from a light box, a common treatment for humans with SAD.
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Disabled dogs inspiring hospital patients


Kandu and Lucy both are missing their front legs. Thanks to the efforts of their loving family they are able to get around quite well. Twice a month the dogs visit the Yampa Valley Medical Center to inspire and uplift the patients there.
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Dog runs to owner’s work to alert him of house fire


Dogs fleeing the scene of a fire or car accident is fairly common. When firefighters in St. Louis rescued Colby from a house fire he ran. However, Colby ran for a different reason than most dogs. Colby ran straight to his owner’s work to alert him to the fire at their home.
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Firefighters save a litter of puppies


On Friday firefighters and Richmond, Virginia came to the aid of six puppies that were trapped in a crawl space in an abandoned home.
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Rose Parade float to honor military working dogs and their handlers

'Canines With Courage'

The Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day is seen by millions worldwide. This year’s parade will feature a float honoring military working dogs and their handlers.
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Man leaves $1.5 million to animal shelters


Sylvester Czopek is making a big difference for five animal shelters in Illinois. He passed away over a year ago at the age of 84, but before his death he set up a trust that will give $1.5 million to animals.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Police Dog Training Blooper


Watch closely at 00:27…
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Christmas Miracle for Puppy Teen Saved from Trash

12.28.12 - Trash Puppy3

Romero is hoping the owner of her apartment will change his no-dogs policy and let her keep Eve.
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Dogs Heroically Rescued from Icy Deaths; Owners Strongly Urged to Keep Them Leashed

Lance Eicher tries to keep Bart warm and afloat

Slide on your belly to reach a dog trapped in ice, or you could fall through, too.
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Alaska Airlines Covers Flight to California for Starving Dog’s Surgery

Thor and Teresa Downing

Thor’s jaw was locked, and likely survived by pushing food into his mouth with his paw.
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Dogs found after fleeing Christmas day car accident


Jessica Garruto and her fiancee was travelling on Interstate 40 near Oklahoma City on Christmas morning when they got into a car accident. Two of their dogs fled the crash and turned their happy holiday into a nightmare.
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Dog vs. Hose

12.28.12 - Dog vs. Hose

Who will win in this epic battle of dog vs. hose?
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Puppy rescued from a tree


The Michigan Humane Society got an interesting call the other day. Usually when there’s a call about an animal in a tree, it’s for a cat. This time though a puppy was found living in a tree on the west side of Detroit.

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Hero military dog Sgt. Rex passes away


Sergeant Rex made headlines earlier this year when his former handler was having difficulty adopting him because of bureaucratic red tape. Thankfully in April he was successfully adopted by his former handler Cpl. Megan Leavey. The German Shepherd was able to spend eight happy months reunited with his best friend before he passed away last week.

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