Politest Dog in the World Whispers on Command!

5.16.15 - Brody, the Whispering Dog1

“It’s the teacher in me. I wanted to be able to tell my students that if a dog could learn to whisper, then they could whisper, too,” Holly Stephens said.
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Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying

5.14.15 - Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying1

“Training him brings a smile to my face,” Brittney said. “He wants to do these things, and wants to be with me.”
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Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz ended up adopting the “vicious” pit bull he encountered roaming the streets.

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog. If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.”
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This Dog Will Kick Your Butt at Ping-Pong!

4.3.15 - Skilled Dog Plays Ping Pong

Border Collies are so smart you can teach them almost anything!
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Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

4.2.15 - 8pm video Jackson

“Now everybody wants to take him home – four months ago, nobody wanted him.”
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Woman Proves That Dogs Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Anything

11.20.14 - Woman Proves That Dogs Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Anything

“I can travel, I can go out to eat, I can do things that I couldn’t do before,” said Dawn.
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Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes Thanks to Juvenile Detention Program

Photo Credit: Rescue 2 Restore

Rescue 2 Restore brings in one-time speakers to teach the youth about animal welfare, rescue, abuse, and training
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Death Row Dog Now Fights Crime


When she is not fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars, she is relaxing at home with her loving family or chasing after a ball just for fun.
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Dog Helps Mom Change Baby’s Diaper

5.22.14 - Dog Helps Change Baby's Diaper2

Sure, doing it herself might be faster, but this way is far more entertaining.
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Agoraphobic Dog Takes First Walk Outside

Agoraphobic Dog Fixed

“Before we knew it we were in the local park and he was loving it. Jack is how he should be – full of life and wanting to go out for lots of walks.”
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Booster the Service Dog Gets Stem Cell Therapy in Mississippi

5.9.14 - Booster-the-service-dog2

“We’re hoping to restore mobility,” said veterinarian Michael Randall. “He had this procedure once before, and it helped him out a whole lot.”
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You’ll Go Far, My Pet

4.14.14 - Smart Dogs1

Within hours of adopting our fuzzy, adorable Pi, I sensed that being a pet parent today means cultivating intelligence, manners and communication skills the way the parent of, say, a small human might.
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How Many Tricks Can Your Dog Do?


Meet Jesse, a Jack Russell Terrier that not only knows how to do house chores but seems to enjoy them too.
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Justice True: A Talented Service Dog


“Justice True [is] my smart, amazing, talented boy who has a very special behavior that he started doing all on his own- pushing me in my wheelchair,” said Michaels.
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Jail Inmates Could Save Stray Dogs

Photo credit: (Cindy Schultz / Times Union)

To be an inmate dog trainer you have to be on good behavior. It’s pretty much the best job an inmate can get in the jail.
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Untrained Dog Saves Child Life by Acting as Hypo Alert Dog

Stock Image

The dog spent much of that night behaving unusually, trying to grab anyone’s attention, and hoping to lead them to the child in need.
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Humane Ways to Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Leash

Relaxed Leash

When a dog pulls excessively on leash, it is unpleasant for both the dog and the person walking him. Many people resort to yanking on their dogs, using pinch or choke collars, or stopping every few feet hoping for something to change.
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Introducing Dogs to Cats


Many dogs and cats coexist peacefully and happily together, and great friendships can develop between them. Here are some helpful tips to follow when introducing a dog and cat to each other.
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Separating Emotion, When Is It Time? Expert Advice About Retiring Your Dog From Agility

Doug Calhoun

Agility enthusiasts are well aware of the rush you can get from seeing a dog run its fastest, jump its highest, and pit speed against the outer boundaries of control.
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Diet and Your Pet’s Food


Being an animal behaviorist for dogs and cats, I have seen “higher-quality” pet foods I had recommended fizzle in quality while increasing in price.
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