Dog Training 101 through advanced topics.

Dog Fits Game of Peek-a-Boo in During Training Demo

Who says you can’t have a little fun while at work? Read more

How to Manage Seasonal Anxiety for your Dogs

Barkbusters, an excellent home dog training website, offers some tips on helping your dog through some seasonal anxieties. Read more

See Holly Catch Balls in a Bucket

I wonder how many times she caught the ball in her mouth before she resisted the temptation and let the bucket do the catching! Read more

Politest Dog in the World Whispers on Command!

“It’s the teacher in me. I wanted to be able to tell my students that if a dog could learn to whisper, then they could whisper, too,” Holly Stephens said. Read more

Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying

“Training him brings a smile to my face,” Brittney said. “He wants to do these things, and wants to be with me.” Read more

Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog. If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.” Read more

This Dog Will Kick Your Butt at Ping-Pong!

Border Collies are so smart you can teach them almost anything! Read more

Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

“Now everybody wants to take him home – four months ago, nobody wanted him.” Read more

Woman Proves That Dogs Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Anything

“I can travel, I can go out to eat, I can do things that I couldn’t do before,” said Dawn. Read more

Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes Thanks to Juvenile Detention Program

Rescue 2 Restore brings in one-time speakers to teach the youth about animal welfare, rescue, abuse, and training Read more

Death Row Dog Now Fights Crime

When she is not fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars, she is relaxing at home with her loving family or chasing after a ball just for fun. Read more

Dog Helps Mom Change Baby’s Diaper

Sure, doing it herself might be faster, but this way is far more entertaining. Read more

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