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10 Puppies Rescued from a Miserable Life on the Streets of India

by Melanie

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While cows, elephants, and monkeys are revered in India, dogs are scorned and subject to abuse and neglect.  But ten adorable little puppies have been given a chance at living good lives in cushy homes, something they never would have if they remained on the streets.

Shared by Rescue Without Borders, this is often the kind of life dogs in India face:


El se merece mas q un aplauso

Posted by Ernesto Chaves on Wednesday, July 1, 2015





This plea comes from the fundraiser page:

Rescue Without Borders need funds to fly 10 of our pups that we rescued from the streets of India to the U.S. for a chance at adoption. All these pups were found in dire conditions; some were victims of cruelty, others were orphaned and most were sole survivors of the litter. Each one of them has a special story but the end of all of them would have been the same if we did not get a chance to rescue them in time.

A dog that is born on the streets of India sadly have to die on the streets as there is little to no chance of them ever finding a loving family to take them off the streets into their home. While life on the streets is short, it is full of struggle and extreme hardship. Each day they have to scavenge for food while keeping away from vehicles and cruel people just to stay alive.

Many pups die within the first few weeks of being born due to starvation, malnutrition and extreme weather conditions. Their poor mother in the weakened state after delivering the babies is in no position to scavenge enough food to feed them all. Most of them also die of getting hit by cars. Some continue to live with their injuries, limping all their lives.


11.6.15 - 10 Indian Street Pups Rescued1


But when we get a chance to rescue these dogs we ensure that their bellies are always full and they get excellent medical treatment. They live in loving foster homes who are committed to their well-being. When they are healthy and ready we fly them to the U.S. where they get adopted to loving homes. However, international rescue is very expensive; not only do we have to pay for all the medical and food bills out of pocket but the flight cost is an enormous expense which we simply cannot afford to bear alone.

Hence dear friends, we need your support to continue to rescue these innocent animals and give them a happy life full of love.  No donation is too small. We hope to fly these pups before Thanksgiving. Please open your heart and help us fly these pups to their happy forever homes just in time for the holidays. We and these sweet pups will be forever thankful for your love and generosity.

If you are willing to be our flight volunteer to help us fly these pups from New Delhi, India to Newark, NJ please contact us for details. We are also looking for committed foster homes for our rescued pups when they arrive to New Jersey.  Please email [email protected] for details.


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