10 Signs Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

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By: Dorri Olds | Pet360.com


It’s not that having a human BFF is a bad thing. It’s just that your dog makes it clear, every second, that you matter more than anyone else in the world.

And we’re not saying you’re needy, either. But your dog is in awe of you. You feed his soul with food, walks, sleep, and play. If he could build you a shrine, he would.

In case you’re still on the fence about whether your dog, or that friend you’ve had since you were five, is your true bestie, see how they each stack up against the ten things my dog does to prove his devotion:

He Never, Ever, Leaves Me Alone
Buddy’s friendship means I never have to feel alone again. He makes it clear I will never have to take even one step without him. Whether I walk to the computer or across the living room, he is closer than a shadow. So close I have to be careful not to step on his paws.

He Is My Bathroom Hero
He watches over my safety in the bathroom. He has taught me not to close the door tightly or he’ll throw his body against it and begin frantically scratching. He knows he can’t save me if I’m not in his line of vision. My hero has made it clear to leave the door open a crack. That way he can use his nose to push the door all the way open, smile at me, and wag his tail like a metronome on speed.

He Loves Sharing Meals

He shares food. My food. When I’m seated at the table the Budster comes over and rests his chin on my lap. If that doesn’t work in one millisecond, his head burrows through and pops up in the space under my arm when I’m about to bite into a sandwich. And, no matter how many people look at me disapprovingly he scoffs at them and lets me feed him bites. I’ve learned to make the food bits small because he never chews, only gulps. When the meal is over he lazily lets his head flop back in my lap with a snorty sigh of approval.

Time Means Nothing to Him

I can’t wait to run home for one of his dopamine filled hugs even if it’s only been 20 minutes since I saw him last. He can’t wait either. When he hears my keys he runs up to wait at the door. When I open it he stands up on his hind legs, and reaches his front paws towards me for a hug. He does that even if it’s only been five minutes.

He Isn’t Afraid of Feet
He takes excellent care of my feet. After a long walk in the morning I get in the bathtub and he trots in after me (You know, in case I slip or something). I dangle my foot over the side of the tub and he rushes to lick it. And lick it. And lick it.

I Can Read Him With a Look

He has taught me a secret language. If he gnashes his teeth together like a snapping turtle it means he’d like me to look up so he can gaze into my eyes. If he sits perched at my feet and lets out a long, slow whimper he is merely looking out for me. He’s saying I’ve been working too many hours and will feel much better if I take a break and scratch behind his ears.

He Is Never too Shy to Make a Fuss
He whips his tail in circles like a propeller when he sees me. If Buddy is walking my husband Steve, and then spots me approaching on the street he stands at alert, and thrashes his tail as he bursts into song. People look at us because they think he is in pain. They don’t understand that caterwauling is the Bud’s happy voice.

He Respects My Sleep

Buddy doesn’t wake me up. He waits until I stir from sleep before he pounces on my chest, leans into my face, and smothers me with slobbery kisses because he knows it’s good for me.

He Keeps Me Warm
He keeps Steve and me warm in the winter. By plastering his body against us he saves us from having to buy a heating pad. When Steve gets up to make coffee Buddy moves over to Steve’s spot on the bed and curls up like a pill worm. When Steve comes back with our mugs of java Buddy slides closer to me thus presenting Steve with his gift – a warm spot on the bed.

He Wears a Cape

Buddy sacrifices to make my Halloweens joyful. He consents to wearing a Superman cape because he knows it makes me happy. Of course, I understand that he cannot tolerate booties, coats, hats, or sweaters, and because I respect his boundaries, he indulges me.

Is your dog your BFF? Tell us why in the comments!




8 thoughts on “10 Signs Your Dog Is Your Best Friend”

  1. Whenever I have a crying spell, she sits right next to me. Sometimes it’s just as soothing to just be there and no talking!

  2. Well said, Dorri! My dog shows me his love the same way except for the respecting sleep part. If I don’t get up to let him out to relieve himself in the middle of the night he’ll park himself at my Mom’s bedroom door and whine until she gets up to let him out…needless to say I am in the “dog house” at that point!

  3. Don’t forget that a well loved dog will protect you and if need be die for you. That is how deep their devotion goes. How many stories have we read where that is exactly what happens?

  4. I have four very sweet, rescued labradors, and no matter how long I have to leave them, they are never disappointed when I walk through the door. Whether it 3 seconds to 12 hours to 3 weeks. There is nothing but tail wags and tons of kisses. It does my heart a world of good. Not only that, they watch over me while I am sick, if I am upset they are sure to stay by my side, and no matter what, I see the love and gratefulness in each of their eyes. I have never had a better friend.

  5. Same. Except Chica thinks she’s a Giant and will to to go get my neighbors Great Dane for licking me…But she is a Chihuahua.

  6. Oskar watches me like a hawk when I’m looking after my horses – I call his name, only to find him sitting watchful on the other side of the fence!


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