100 Dogs Rescued from Squalid Puppy Mill

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5.15.14 - 100 Dogs Rescued from Squalid Puppy Mill

A Livingston County, Michigan puppy mill has been raided and shut down, and 100 dogs and puppies have been rescued by the Humane Society of the United States.

The humane society has provided 10 photos of various dogs, one showing a dog with hair so long you can’t see his eyes.  Conditions at the mill were so bad almost every dog was suffering from some form of medical or dental problems.  Many of the dogs were large breeds, with small breed and poodle mixes being sold online.  Some were forced to breed repeatedly.

Livingston County Animal Control tipped off the humane society about the puppy mill in Howell.  The county sheriff’s office served the warrant on the property, which allowed rescue workers get to the dogs.

Even though there are no regulations for large-scale dog facilities on the books in Michigan, a bill is going through legislature right now that would require any facility with 15 or more breeding female dogs to have a license and be registered.  There will also be a uniform standard of care required to be provided to the dogs.  The humane society said the bill does not target small, responsible breeders.  It’s meant to place stiff regulations on those that get into it, and bite off more than they can chew.

“We don’t want Michigan to become a place that’s attractive for these large scale puppy mill type facilities to want to move here because we don’t have any regulations,” said Jill Fritz, Michigan Senior State Director for the HSUS.

The name of the bill in Michigan is HB 560.

“And as states like Indiana and Wisconsin and Ohio start to crack down on these type of facilities, we don’t want Michigan to be somewhere where they are looking to move to,” said Fritz.

The property owners where the puppy mill was located are charged with animal cruelty.  There were also many cats and kittens on the location.  All of the animals on the property have been removed and taken to temporary shelter where they can be evaluated and treated as necessary.







5 thoughts on “100 Dogs Rescued from Squalid Puppy Mill”

  1. Shut them all down. It’s all suffering and misery.

    “Buy” an animal from breeders you kill one in a shelter.

    Come on big wealthy multi-million dollar organizations (Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, HSUS, PETA, etc.) – get together, UNITE, join together all your powerful sources, resources and forces and put an end to ALL these puppy mills across this nation – get them all because you know, we all know that these places are just hell on earth for these animals. Please use your millions and millions of dollars you guys rake in every year and lets see some real progress and definitive solutions with these types of out of control matters. End the suffering.

  2. Who are you to say how many dogs a person can have? If she has helpers coming in every day as she claims, she should be able to have as many animals as she wants to have. I am always amazed at the willingness of people to give up the rights our servicemen fought for us to have. One of the dogs had a busted ear drum? We don’t put people in jail when their children’s eardrums perforate due to an ear infection. How can you charge someone for a problem they can’t even see? Can you see your ear drum?

  3. “Forced” to breed? Who makes this stuff up? Were they there watching the dogs breed? The dogs were unlikely to be “forced,” and most mothers love having puppies.

    • Dear “Anonymous”,

      You have absolutely no idea what goes on in these puppy mills. YES they are forced to breed. The mothers have their babies taken away way too early and then forced to breed over and over before their poor bodies have time to heal.

      If you’re not aware of what actually goes on in these horrid puppy mills there is plenty of footage on Youtube.


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