14 Dogs Seized after Neighbor Gets Video of Dogs Fighting

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Neighbor Keith Eckert hated what was happening next door, and got video evidence needed for Rose Adams to be arrested.

Police in Edmonds, Washington are now investigating a women after saving 14 dogs from her home.  The investigation was initiated after the video a neighbor posted online of some of the dogs fighting went viral.

Keith Eckert had been hearing the fighting and other noises for years, and finally was able to capture video of a vicious fight on his cell phone.

“Get a video, get pictures, get as much as you can,” Eckert said.

He climbed the tall fence, which had been made taller by adding plywood, and got the evidence needed for police to take neighbor Rose Adams into custody.  The video shows a helpless pitbull being attacked by other dogs, and shows Adams and a man dragging dogs by their hind legs.

“Seeing those dogs limp, seeing the dogs in pain, seeing just all that. It was just heartbreaking,” Eckert said.

Adams’ son, Logan Brolaith, moved out in February because of activities on the property.  He and other neighbors have repeatedly called police, but without hard evidence or actually witnessing abuse, there was nothing they could do without violating laws.

Sadie, the dog being attacked in the video, trots away from her house of torment.

“This isn’t just animal hoarding – hoarders usually love their animals. This is psycho,” Brolaith explained. “Those fights on the video are all par for the course. I can vouch for that having lived with her.”

Thankfully, only two of the fourteen dogs needed medical attention.  The rest appeared to be in fair health.  By law, she is only allowed to have five dogs, so at the very least she will be cited for having too many.  Further investigation will be needed to determine whether additional charges can be brought against Adams.

“There is a possibility of criminal charges in this matter,” said Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh.

Neighbors had been witness to the abuse for three years, and lined the streets to see Adams arrested.  They blew kisses to each dog carried or walked out by police, and wished them well.  They are happy and relieved to know these dogs’ days of hardship are over.


Petition against Rose Adams:  https://www.change.org/petitions/the-city-of-edmonds-wa-demand-that-the-city-of-edmonds-charges-rose-adams-with-animal-cruelty





8 thoughts on “14 Dogs Seized after Neighbor Gets Video of Dogs Fighting”

    • They DID call police. Nothing was done until the video went viral. Don’t blame the neighbors – they suffered for the dogs, knowing nothing was being done.

  1. The photo of Sadie does not look anything like the one currently posted on the For Sadie’s Sake FB site in which she has been totally savaged.

  2. This is just weird to me – all though I am happy that this young man FINALLY got the video he needed, but why calling the police when he heard the dogs fighting FOR YEARS wasn’t enough for the police to come and check it out?

    That is ludicris! How many dogs suffered and died throughout the years that could have been saved if the police would have showed up and did what they are suppose to do!?

    Kudos to this young man for not being fearful of retaliation for his deed.

  3. The police should have acted far sooner when there were so many instances of people informing them that this was going on. Well done the man who finally took the photos.

  4. That witch doednt deserve to own any pets …scumbag ..hope they throw her in jail and forget to feed her …


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