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Composite album that tells Dora’s story, via Marley’s Mutts at Facebook.


A dog who was rescued after being discovered, bound and emaciated, by a utility worker was reunited recently with the man who changed her life.

After the AT&T worker, named David, found Dora – who was then called Oatmeal – she came into the care of Marley’s Mutts, the Sacramento, California area dog rescue. Dora met David again under much better circumstances when he came out to the rescue on a job.

Marley’s Mutts wrote about Dora at Facebook on December 28, saying:

You won’t read of a more compelling, dramatic story than Dora’s. Elements of heartbreak, struggle, torture, recovery, redemption, victory, kindness, compassion and LOVE!

Dora was found hogtied by an AT&T worker named David. She had been bound and tossed into an enclosure which is rarely visited, perhaps once every couple months. She was able to free herself from the blanket which had covered her head and the rope which had bound her front feet. When David found her she scurried and shuffled to get away from him, back legs still bound, afraid he’d be like the others. He earned some trust and was able to cut her binds and give her two full bottles of water as well as his lunch.

When they parted that day, David wasn’t sure what would happen to her, but he found out on a Saturday after Christmas [when] fate called him out to our rescue to service the phone. We have officially come full circle, while also cataloging more “coincidence” than any other group on the planet. What are the chances he’d get to see her again like this? I am grateful for the divine intervention or cosmic organization which has occurred to make this moment possible.

Dora’s previous guardians hogtied her with rope and tossed her into a remote, desolate AT&T service depot. She was found by David about a week later. David was her first introduction to humanity and love, which is all she has known since. David cut her ties and fed her his lunch and a few bottles of water. From there, animal control called Marley’s Mutts and arranged to meet at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital, where Dora had surgery and treatments, which involved daily bandage changes fore over a month.

After leaving the hospital Dora came to live at the rescue. She is described as being: “extremely good with other dogs, protective at a fence and barks at new comers, only to immediately transition to kisses. She is a lover of all, but does have insecurities and fears which should be addressed , not enabled.  She is house trained and nearly full grown at about a year old.” Dora is looking for a home, and Marley’s Mutts’ training staff will help her new guardian with her issues.

Watch, as Dora reunites with her rescuer who found her in Rosamond, California bound and incapacitated: