Boy Carries Abused Dog Half a Mile to Safety

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1.8.14 - Boy Carries Injured dog Half a Mile1



On December 31st, Purple Heart Rescue shared a bittersweet story with their fans.  Garret Kaulkus (perhaps Kulkus?) was riding his bike when he came across a badly abused and injured dog in southwestern Washington state.  He abandoned his bike and carried the dog – who appears to be a Mastiff mix – over half a mile to his home.

At the Chehalis Centralia Veterinary Hospital, Garret and his father met a PHR staff member whose “heart broke seeing the condition of this sweet soul.”

“I immediately started to get angry and looked into Garret’s eyes and saw nothing but compassion and hope,” the Facebook post said.  “Garret was my teacher today.”

Dr. Brandy Fay and her teamed did everything they could for the poor boy, but alas, he could not be saved.

Though it is tragic that this dog suffered terribly and died as a result of his cruel treatment, at least at the very end he knew what it felt like to be loved and cared for.  Garret is proof that there are still kind people in the world who can be counted on to do the right thing.