Madeline’s Rescue

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Madeline was found, dirty and injured, living in a park in greater Los Angeles. Her rescue was a joint effort between Eldad Hagar’s Hope For Paws and the Bill Foundation. Madeline was a scared stray when she was brought out from her hiding place under a car. Before long, she had found a good home.


3 thoughts on “Madeline’s Rescue”

  1. Did they ever find out how she got abandoned? If she was hiding under that car for weeks then was that her former owners car? What happened to the former owner? Poor little doggie, I’m glad she has a home now 🙂

  2. Why would anyone abandon that baby? Someone is very lucky to have such a beautiful girl. Thanks goes out to all the people involved in rescuing these forgotten four legged friends!!!

  3. I’m so glad there are foundations like this one out there to help our little furry friends! God bless the rescuers for what they do every day!! 🙂


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