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Rescued to Rescuer – Logan the FEMA Dog


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Logan came to the Michigan Humane Society as a problem child. He was sweet and loving, but he seemed too smart for his own good. Logan was assigned a training program at the shelter, where it became clear that he would make the perfect search and rescue dog.

He liked to run – a lot.

In fact, he would run out of the door and through the neighborhood at every opportunity. It was too much for his family to handle, so having exhausted all other resources to help him, they decided to bring him to MHS.

Shelter staff quickly fell in love with Logan’s charismatic personality, but every chance he got, Logan would try to bolt.

He even got away from an experienced MHS volunteer and ran through the halls of the MHS Berman Center for Animal Care. He was a lot to handle, but the staff was determined to help this lovable dog.

In stepped MHS’ Pawsitive Start team. They work with many of the dogs in the organization’s care to help make them more adoptable and to keep their minds active and engaged while they await loving homes.

The team quickly saw great potential in Logan.

He showed a natural instinct to search his surroundings and was eager to be taught new things.

He was a fast learner but would still be a big challenge to place in a traditional home because of his high energy and intelligence.

Logan needed a job to keep his active mind busy.

Working their connections with various search and rescue groups, MHS sent out a video of Logan to see if he may be a good fit for one of these organizations.

Shortly thereafter, Etta James of the New Mexico Task Force 1 Canine Unit responded with an interest in adopting Logan and training him as a search and rescue dog for FEMA.

Logan went from rescued to rescuer.

His life was saved and now he will pay it forward and help save many lives.