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20-Year-Old Dog Back at Shelter She Was Adopted From

by Melanie

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6.28.14 - 20-Year-Old Dog Back at Shelter She Was Adopted From

A dog who may be close to setting the record for oldest living dog is in need of a new home.  She was recently surrendered to the same California shelter she was adopted from years ago.

Jin Do is a 20-year-and-11-month-old female Korean Jindo, and isn’t new to the Baldwin Park Shelter – she was adopted from there years ago, but now her family has surrendered her.

The reason for the surrender is a mystery, but it has been said that the family is moving.  Many people have a few choice comments to make about dumping a senior dog at a shelter, but it is worth remembering that her family may have faced no other choice and may be heartbroken about having to make the decision to give her up.

What’s more important is finding Jin Do a new, quiet home.  She is well-behaved and is fairly healthy, albeit a bit underweight and suffering from arthritis.  She needs a soft, low bed and some love in the final stage of her life.

Jin Do is being kenneled at Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park.  This is a HIGH-KILL SHELTER, so her time may be limited.  The Petharbor link is here, and her Facebook thread is here.  If you are interested in adopting this sweetheart, you must call the shelter at 626-962-3577.  Her ID number is A1451297.