The Dog and Deer Show

I do my best to save the cheery finds for Mondays when we could all use a little help. This one certainly qualifies. I’m on the fence about the soundtrack selection, but these two are obviously in love.

32 thoughts on “The Dog and Deer Show

  1. That’s a great Monday find! I’d just turn off the music if it were up to me, though! Still, that is one agile deer! I’m not sure which of them is bigger, and which of them dishes out more!

  2. Thát made my smile touch both earlobes 😉

    Have to say that about an hour ago I took one of the dogs to the neighbour’s field and there was a deer looking at us. Holle saw it first, but fortunately she listens quite well (Phoebe is deaf and Biggles pretends to be), so she didn’t go into pursuit-mode. I’m sure the deer wouldn’t have loved Holle as much as the couple above obviously do.
    It’s funny how Blogworld is somehow synchronized isn’t it?

  3. It kind of makes you wonder. If a prey animal and a potential predator can learn to play nice, why can’t the beans?

    great video and I love the music… I spose that dates me…

  4. Hey – my name is Pip and I also LOVE deer. Haven’t ever played with one, but I do love to bark at them.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Excellent find. I think the song kind of works, to tell you the truth. And hey, it’s the Mammas and the Pappas. Blog Mom says they are always in good taste, so it must be true.

    wags, Lola

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  7. Great video, but I worry that the deer may run into dogs that are not so smitten with her looks and would rather have a taste than a cuddle.

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