You Know It’s Too Cold When….

At least he didn’t put it in a burning bag and ring the doorbell…

I think my dog is trying to tell me something.

Life With Dogs post end paw print

17 thoughts on “You Know It’s Too Cold When….

  1. LOL! My puppy does that too, but it’s more of a ‘quick! I can’t wait!’ issue with her. We had a little thaw today and I went out to try and clean up some poop out of the snowbanks in the yard. Has anyone invented a poop chisel yet?

  2. I wish I knew someone in Ohio, so I could tell them to write their state senator. Hard to imagine how people can be so cruel to animals, as I am surrounded by 4 pups in bed with me.

  3. I live in an apartment building and my dog wouldn’t even come out from under the canopy in front of the building when it was raining outside. And I carried her (40-pound pitbull) over the salt-snow mixture, to the extreme amusement of the people standing at the bus stop across the street.

  4. My old dachshund used to leave me a gift just like that – in front of the bedroom door where I would be sure to find it. He did it when he was feeling like I wasn’t home enough. Now, he had a doggie door – but he was making a statement!

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