Saving Cole

The car that struck Cole may very well have left him battered, broken and permanently disabled, but it never broke his spirit.

The car that struck Cole may very well have left him battered, broken and permanently disabled, but it never broke his spirit.

In fact, were it not for his physical appearance, one could be forgiven for mistaking him for the average happy, well adjusted, fun loving dog. But get to know his story, and you’ll likely come away with the impression that he leaves on everyone: Cole is anything but average.

Brimming with playfulness, enthusiasm, and an overall happiness that belies the challenges he continues to face, Cole lost a back leg after being hit by a car, and made due by hobbling on three legs until a cruel twist of fate disabled him further.

“They amputated one leg,” said Ally Kirk, an animal rescuer. “He was outside dragging around his one leg, so it was totally infected and not properly cared for, so we decided he needed to come here.” Here is Dag’s House, a Louisiana rescue group that specializes in rehabilitating disabled dogs. They made it their mission to save Cole, treating his infected paw and eventually teaching him to walk on it again.

Back on three steady legs, Cole resumed his daily routine, playing with other dogs at Dag’s House and apparently unconcerned with his missing limb. Just when it seemed that his tribulations were behind him, things again took a turn for the worse. For reasons unknown, Cole began chewing on the good back paw that remained, eventually gnawing it off.

Stacy Chiasson manages Dag’s House, and worked for almost a year to rehabilitate him by training him to run and walk on the stump. “I had his whole foot all healed and he was walking on it perfectly fine,” said Chiasson. “The night before Thanksgiving, he broke his fibula. It came straight through his skin. We rushed him to the vet and he said the only thing we can do is euthanize him or amputate the leg.”

Considering all that Cole had gone through, for Stacy, euthanasia was unthinkable. “I promised God I would do everything I could to get Cole to walk,” she said. “Here we are almost two months later and he’s walking on two legs.”

To the amazement of those working at Dag’s House, Cole taught himself to walk using only his front legs. Balancing and bouncing about, his indomitable spirit driving him to seek out new adventures, Cole has become an inspiration for all who meet him. Refusing to give in to his injuries, he now spends his days running and playing with other dogs at the shelter, seemingly unaware of his handicap.

Given his lengthy and arduous journey, those who care for him could not bear the thought of him dragging himself around, and have given him a gift to celebrate his unwavering bravery: a shiny new wheelchair.

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18 thoughts on “Saving Cole

  1. Cole is an inspiration to all – just never give up. And of course, kudos to all those who love him and help him.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. I admire those who helped Cole. Dogs have so much spirit, we should try to emulate them, instead expecting them to live like us. Having a wheelchair should make his life really improve and help his front legs from giving out too soon.

  3. Cole is a wonderful inspiration to the gentle loving nature that is all dog!! We appreciate every little thing we get. Thank you to all the angles that have stepped up to help Cole find a happy life!! Now lets hope this will be sent to that one person or family that will take him home FOREVER!!!

  4. Aww, nice story. I think it would be best if Cole used his wheel chair more often. Its too much pressure on his front legs and shoulders and later in life it’ll be bad for him.

  5. I can’t watch the video because I will be too upset. I’m in tears now just thinking about him. Bless his heart. X

  6. Great story all around. I just wish they would use his wheel chair more not only to help with his front legs and shoulders, but don’t think he needs to be scooting around on his behind like that either.

  7. God bless you for persevering. It takes a special person to help a special needs dog. I have a paralyzed Lab named Carl and the cart makes so much of a difference for him. I can’t wait to see video of Cole in his new wheels.

  8. Makes me cry to see him with only two legs. I feel so sorry for this little guy. But, the people that take care of him are amazing. I just wish he had some wheels for his back two legs to help him.

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