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Orange Dog Rescues Sixty California Pups Destined For Euthanasia


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This Valentine’s Day weekend, while we are all surrounded by flowers, chocolates and shades of red and pink, a love story with real heart is going Orange.

On Friday, February 11th, The Orange Dog Inc. is proud to make it possible for 60 small breed dogs to be transferred from the LA SPCA and the Mary S. Roberts Shelter to the Edmonton Human Society on a private Gulfstream III jet. This Friday will mark the fifth Freedom Flight that The Orange Dog Inc. has been able to provide transportation in saving these little dogs from living months on end in a shelter, with the chance of eventually being euthanized, as a partner in the Edmonton Humane Society’s extremely popular animal transfer program, “California Canine Cuties”.

The Orange Dog is the brainchild of Edmonton businesswoman and philanthropist, Jan Folk. As a friend and generous donor to the EHS, Jan leapt at the opportunity to help in this life-saving initiative in the spring of 2009, but still she wished she could do more. The Orange Dog Inc. was born.

Orange Dog believes that the most powerful solutions to the plight of the powerless are in the hands of those who demonstrate the commitment, courage and imagination to take one-on-one action. Folk explains, “The Orange Dog Inc. was created as an online retailer of quality, sustainably made products for dogs and their owners alike, where 100% of profits are donated back to the Freedom Flight Program, and has evolved into something much greater. Committed people are doing amazing things, and we want to say thanks. My hope is that when you read the stories about the Freedom Flight Program, you’ll be inspired to donate.”

With the “Love is in the air” flight leaving from Airflite, Long Beach, Folk will have the opportunity to personally thank the dedicated volunteers in that area for their unbelievable hard work in ensuring that each dog be spayed or neutered, receive all necessary vaccinations, and have medical exams and testing before their trip. “It will be very emotional as these hard working volunteers say goodbye to the dogs that they have come to love,” says Folk. “But I can’t wait to meet them and hear their amazing stories.”

Orange Dog Freedom Flight

Departure: 8:00 am PST on February 11, 2011 from 3250 Airflite Way, Long Beach, CA 90807
*Media please arrive no later than 7:00am PST for departure

Arrival: 12:00pm MST on February 11, 2011 at Executive Flight Centre – 1020–8th Ave, Edmonton, AB, T6J 2T2
*Media please arrive no later than 11:30am MST for arrival

The animal transfer program was first launched to encourage people to turn to the EHS first when looking to bring one of the extremely popular small-breed dogs into their family. Staff at the shelters in California and in the area continuously deal with large volumes of admitted and stray animals each day, and feel that if they were not transferred it would result in these helpless dogs living for months in the shelters, whilst hundreds of other pups live stray, in the streets .

The Society finds that more people are willing to wait for the Orange dogs because they know that many of those sold in newspaper or on-line ads, or in pet stores may come from puppy mills or brokers where they often live in horrible conditions; and are often bred without considering the dogs’ welfare.

For more information:
The Orange Dog Founder, Jan Folk – Canada: 780-499-1295 USA: 714-913-7250 jfolk(at)orangedog(dot)ca

Orange Dog Marketing Manager, Ruhee Merali – 780-224-6408 rmerali(at)orangedog(dot)ca

Edmonton Humane Society Media Relations, Shawna Randolph – 780-720-0143

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