The Forgotten

Last night a video took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Last night a video took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

This incredibly powerful and effective narrative reminds us that as we enjoy the spoils of a life well lived, countless souls hang in the balance. Our country does a wonderful job of of keeping things tidy on the surface, and it’s not surprising that so many forgo adoption when the reality that our companion animals face is so effectively hidden from view. NewLeash and Sandra Mohr have done a remarkable job of lifting the veil and tapping into the viewer’s emotions, and it would come as no surprise if this proves instrumental in convincing a few potential puppy buyers to consider adoption.

Do yourself and your heart a favor, and do not stop watching until the absolute conclusion of this video. Then do the animals of the world a favor and share it.

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Sincere gratitude to Sandra Mohr and New Leash On Life for making a high def copy of this available on short notice.

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  1. I could never work in a shelter. How heartbreaking it is, however seeing the abuse that some dogs suffer when people dont turn them into a shelter is even worse than death. We need to keep educating so everyone spays and neuters as we are the cause of these poor dogs horrible life and death.

    1. I help at shelters because I may be able to give some love and comfort to these precious ones….I can’t save them all, but I can love on them and make their little lives better if even for but a moment. I do all I can!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this heart-wrenching video. It is almost harder to watch than the videos and story of Patrick. Thanks also for advocating on behalf of all the needy animals in kennels. My reason for writing is that I wish you – and everyone who takes on the worthy cause of advocating for adoption – would spend an equal amount of time and energy advocating for low cost spay/neuter options. And advocating for stronger laws that might keep unwanted litters from being born. And advocating for more monies to be allocated to enforce the laws. And advocating for education and public service campaigns to enlighten people.

    For every dog adopted from a kennel there are maybe seven litter mates still in need. And six months later their dam is having yet another litter.

    Think about it this way: Trying to solve the problem of shelter animals via adoption is like trying to stop a flood with some sandbags. Good start, but won’t solve the problem.

    Please advocate for education, laws, and low cost spay/neuter.

    best wishes,


    1. Thanks for your feedback Maria, I could not agree more. I would encourage you to spend time on our fan page – you’ll find that relevant material not presented here is covered there, and the topics you mention are frequently addressed.

  3. This video made me cry and immediately furbaby came to me to comfort me. Looking into her loving caring brown eyes, all I could think was, how the heck can anyone abandon, neglect, or not want one of these precious gifts! Dogs provide so much love and don’t ask for much in return.

  4. Holy crap, now that I’ve returned from balling my eyes out in the bathroom at work, I can type a response. This video shows the emotions of the dog so well. Scared and lonely when abandoned, the sheer fear and lack of understanding while in the shelter. Anyone watching should have no problem putting themselves right into that dog’s “shoes”. With all that comotion and barking, I’d hide under the bed too! I’m going to post this on my Facebook page, with two words: PLEASE ADOPT.

  5. just read your into. ~ know it will be too much. but hope others will watch and stop the insanity that is breeding and buying while so many millions die all alone, unloved.

  6. I’m so blessed to have my gorgeous rescue boy. My heart is full when I think about what he has given me, and I pray that others follow with the choice to adopt a rescue. We in turn end up being the ones rescued. Thank you for sharing… xoxo

  7. I took my dog in when he was a little dog. He was very lucky to end with us, to bad not all dogs run the same luck or is it fate?

  8. this is too sad…. but unfortunately truth! Pray for all this dogs and animals to find a good home. I have rescued some.

  9. this was horribly sad and depressing…I wish I could save them all but I can’t. Please adopt shelter animals, and spay and neuter your pets. And work to END KILL “SHELTERS”

  10. So very sad, like ripping out your heart. It’s unbearable to think about what happens to these sweet, innocent and pure animals much less have to live the lives that they do and have it end this way.

  11. I and my husband have been rescuing stray and homeless dogs for 21 years… I still can’t watch videos or look at still photos without feeling entirely and totally helpless, frustrated and terribly, terribly sad because I cannot save them all… we have given a home to 30 dogs over the years. Each one with a story and each one became part of our family and lived out or are currently living out the remainder of their lives with us. I so wish I could save them all….

  12. It was a sad video and I felt happy for that puppy that was saved and adoptednat the end.. Theynarenall so beautiful and I somtimes wish I could adopt more but my house is full.. Will share and remind people AGAIN.. <3

  13. Emotional roller-coaster: yes. Heartbreaking – but hopeful. A real tear inducer (you need to post “tissue alert”!) I have a rescue now (added to a small “pack” who is one of the happiest, most affiliative dogs (dare I suggest “grateful”? which is anthropomorphizing, I know…) …anyway, just a happy, smiling dog now. She was skin and bones…has gained 20-25% of her body weight to reach “normal” over 5 months. Still working on hip musculature. I don’t know if this is luck, fate, karma…. I think that a lot of the ASPCA spots are good, but things like this may be more powerful? Anyone know a documentary film maker who may want to shoot PSA’s to support further adoption and rescue work? (just a thought)

  14. My life dream is to train rescues to be service animals for the disabled. I couldnt even finish watching this in front of my kids, I was sobbing. Need to finish when I am alone ..

  15. I don’t think we really rescue them, they rescue us. Some one said we can’t rescue them all but we can give the ones we can a forever home. That’s probably not the direct quote, but it stuck with me.

  16. I don’t even know what to say. I need my tissues. I’m happy for the featured dog to have been adopted, but sad for all the lost souls who weren’t.

  17. Crying for all those who never had someone come for them. So sad, so true. Holding my adopted dogs close right now. Powerful. Too bad the people who should watch this probably never will. Don’t Shop, ADOPT!

  18. really hard to watch, especially the end. it does make you appreciate your pets more and do everything in your power to give them a happy life.

  19. I do walk into the shelter when I have room in my home for another I will again. To just rescue ONE is the best feeling I have had in a long time. just taking one out saves two lives.

  20. Eyes filled with tears watching that little dog in the rain all alone and drenched , can’t get the the picture of his eyes looking for some sign of love and attention, i feel so helpless, wish i could win some lottery so i could help out all the dogs and train people to fix their pets so we do not have to see any more videos like this one, those eyes will always haunt me begging for some one to come rescue him…..

  21. Also watched and cried…..Excellent video, will definately share…..I have 3 rescue dogs, not from a shelter but from abusive homes….Latest one (a type of Africanis) has mange, being treated, Vet says he’s about 6 months, just skin and bones…..Has the sweetest nature…..Love “Life With Dogs”…Thank you….Xxxxx

  22. Thank God for people like you. And all of those that remain true to looking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. I just do not understand how anyone can abandon animals or mistreat them. It is such an easy choice. Either chose to have and look after an animal or don’t get one. And YES. Spay or neuter.

  23. can anybody tell me what breed this little guy is? im looking to adopt one and was really moved by the video i want one just like him.

  24. Beautiful video. So sad to see the ones that weren’t so lucky. Glad the dog in the video eventually received a home.

  25. Can’t view the video. It has been blocked in our country. ๐Ÿ™ (philippines) .. i wanna see it. can u upload it in youtube? i wanna share this to my friends too. thanks!

  26. I’m a little late to this one… that being said, I think this video just broke me.

    Seriously… I can’t stop crying. I’ll be sharing this – powerful stuff.

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