Dog Rescued After Spending Days Trapped Under Pavement

A female dog is safe after being trapped beneath a Cleveland street for days.

A female dog is safe after being trapped beneath a Cleveland street for days. Fox 8’s Mark Zinni reports on the dramatic rescue.

43 thoughts on “Dog Rescued After Spending Days Trapped Under Pavement

  1. Poor girl! Lost her home (obviously abandoned) then lost her litter… poor baby. Let’s hope she finds her furever home soon.

  2. How very sad for her to lose her litter. We hope she is able to find a good home.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. She looks like such a sweet girl! Poor thing. I hope she finds a nice home with someone who truly cares for her very soon.

  4. Poor baby didn’t want to come out without her puppies. I’m guessing she was dumped since clearly nobody was looking for her :(.

  5. Poor little puppies… :*( I hope this girl finds the good home she deserves and wasn’t rescued only to end up at a kill-shelter. Good luck, pretty lady! <3

  6. Beautiful dog. I do not know if there are any laws to protect these animals that are being dumped but there should be. I recently saw a Craigs list lost dog where a realtive in Illinois dumped this girls 3 dogs because they had a fight. Should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

  7. We love you “Mama”…may your forever home be only love & fun! All the best, so glad she was found. Good girl for staying with those pups…sad about their loss. <2

  8. I keep repeating myself STUPID HUMANS FIX YOUR ANIMALS and if you don’t want them don’t get them people just let them go like their nothing wonder if they do the same to their kids …some people make me sick cold and heartless and of course stupid

  9. Oh, the poor, sweet dog – lucky now, but her littler! What is wrong with people that they are unable to have compassion toward animals that simply offer us unconditional love???

  10. Poor sweet girl. She looked so happy when they pulled her out of that hole. Such a shame her pups didn’t make it. She looks like a real sweetheart. I hope only good things happy to her going forward and only bad things happen to her previous owner.

  11. So glad she was rescuced. So sorry to hear she lost all her puppies. How sad that had to be for her. I hope she gets a wonderful home.

    1. all dogs are needed to be rescued but others our not rescued…this dog is very lucky cause the team rescued a dog trraped under a animals need to be cared… For all the people who hate animals..pls love them even just feed them and give them a pls..

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