The Fight for Patrick: Miracle Dog Caught Up In Custody Battle

The feel-good story of a saved dog that moved and united throngs of animal lovers has taken a very ugly turn.

The feel-good story of a saved dog that moved and united throngs of animal lovers has taken a very ugly turn.

The emaciated red pit bull mix was discovered in a trash bag at the bottom of a Newark apartment building garbage chute one day before St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick, as he was later named by the Humane Society, was brought to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls where specialists determined that he was found just hours from death. Since then, thousands have followed his case with great interest as updates from the vet’s office have been posted on their Facebook fan page.

Now The Associated Humane Society has filed a 40 page motion to have Patrick moved to Popcorn  Park Zoo, a shelter for abused animals. The AHS wants seeks to overturn an earlier order that allowed Patrick to stay with his vet while the criminal case against a Newark woman charged with starving him is underway. The motion states: “Patrick is no different than any other stray or abandoned picked up in Newark or any other city — once he was rescued by AHS, he became the property of AHS.”

The city of Newark opposes the motion and has argued in favor of keeping Patrick in the only safe environment he’s ever known.

Adam Zipkin, chief of staff of the city’s department of economic and housing said, “It’s the city’s position that it is not in Patrick’s best interests for him to be turned over to Associated, and we have notified both Associated and the court of that fact.”

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110 thoughts on “The Fight for Patrick: Miracle Dog Caught Up In Custody Battle

  1. I hope commonsense prevails and he gets to stay where he feels safe. A pound/shelter, however well intentioned, is still an upsetting place for any animal.

    1. What would it benefit Patrick…like was earlier stated…they will get rid of one for a place for Patrick…If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it is my theory…Allow Patrick to be with those who saved his life and know his needs and personality…Allow Patrick to be HAPPY. I love you Patrick, may you end up where you are safe and loved.

  2. “The money AHS gets is either donated by the public or for services provided to municipalities they serve. That said, every dollar spent on this legal fight is a dollar not spent on the animals in their care. It is indeed odd they fight to own a dog while killing several every day for lack of space. Which one gets to die so Patrick can have his cage? It certainly defies logic to keep a dog that adopters have lined up to take.”

  3. If AHS just wants to use Patrick for publicity, that wouldn’t be right. He needs to be in a place he is loved, and where he feels safe. I’m sure AHS has many, mnay other dogs, they don’t NEED one more.

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! With publicity about “look what we’ve done” they get many donations.
      If they really care about this dog’s outcome they would let him be where he’s at. Even if they say they’ll put him in a foster home, it would seem he already has the best foster home he could have.

      AHS needs to thing about backing off – unless they’re looking to create BAD PUBLICITY!

      1. Absolutely! They just want to make money off of him, as if he were a side show at a circus!! That Zoo seems like a great place for rescued farm animals etc. but not a dog!! Their website says nothing about dogs being on display, so it seems like Patrick would be the first. And after all that’s he’s been through, how can they justify denying that sweet dog a loving forever home!? It makes me sick to think about them doing that to him. 🙁

    2. I agree with you . Now Patrick is to be sacrificed for their quest for publicity. He is safe and loved where he is now. These people don’t know the word “humane”.

  4. This is going to hurt the animals AHS cares for in the long run, although right now they may be thinking otherwise… Let Patrick be with his human!!!!!!!

  5. For the love of God! Leave Patrick in the environment that is nurturing him and helping him heal! If they think Patrick is like every other stray then they need to rethink their job choice.

  6. Why would they want to tear him away from the only stability and comfort he has ever known. Good for the city of Newark for siding with the vet and doing what is in Patrick’s best interest.

  7. WTF…….Let him stay with his vet….the only true , safe place he has ever know. in his likfe…….dont farm him out like a stray………use your heart and your brains…………

  8. Wow. Interesting, though — the article doesn’t say if the vet he’s staying at wants to keep billing the HS that rescued him. But if the vet just wants to keep him gratis, why the heck would they want to send him to another shelter?

    1. Andrea, AHS is NOT being billed by GSVS! Donations from Patrick’s public much of which was donated directly to GSVS paid for all of Patrick’s expenses! AHS now want their property as they call him because for them Patrick = $$$…. very sad and pathetic on the part of AHS, especially when they have so many other animals that they should be focused on caring and finding homes for!

      1. Thanks ‘Mom2TheDuo’ for clearing that up for Andrea. So many people aren’t getting it.
        The vet that has had him since day one still has him and they should keep him (GSVS)!!
        The AHS wants him now that he is doing much better and has a following, aka: They want him for what THEY (AHS) can get out of him. Like donations.
        The vet has a person that has been involved with the care for Patrick from the start and would love to adopt him into a ‘forever home’ with them. This hasn’t been allowed up to this point. He (Patrick) deserves to have a loving home with someone that understands him and can help him with his future and have his past be just that, a thing of the past. Let Patrick have a ‘normal’ life once and for all in a loving place. That would even be with the vet if need be.

  9. I would imagine that it would be impossible for AHS not to see Patrick as a cash cow given all of the donations that have poured into GSVS as a result of their good work in this case. Their denial of a staff member’s adoption application and their ridiculously biased “behaviorists’ report” in which GSVS is repeatedly slighted shows that what they are pulling here is a power play. I hope they lose.

    1. Yup, just a power play. They’re angry that GSVS is getting all of the publicity and donations, instead of AHS. It’s disgusting.

    1. Susan, simply put and I totally agree with you! The City of Newark is not trying to make money off Patrick like AHS. Like GSVS, the City is looking out for his best interests.

  10. They want him for their zoo, and that’s both sad and evil. Patrick would not even be alive if not for the good folks at GSVS who have brought him to this point.

  11. Andrea, there are no bills. Donations covered everything so AHS didn’t shovel out a cent until they decided to take this to court.

  12. what is it? they know the bitch that tried to kill patrick, she will suceed next time. just let whoever wants to give him a home do it. as long as he’s happy and they can take care of him with out assistance from animal control or whoever.

  13. has anyone set up a petition for people to sign to support keeping him in the only place he has known love and comfort? If someone finds one, please post it here or on fb so we can all support Patrick

    1. I agree, Get a petition up and I will sign it! Patrick needs to stay where he has grown to trust, with the people he has learned to trust and who are healing him!

      1. The petition is up you can find a link to it on any “patrick” fb page. Well not any the AHS doesn’t have a link o it. BTW he is not like any other rescue. He is known world wide, he had a out pour of $ from ppl to pay his cost. The only thing that is the same is the fact he was abused. If he has a hope in hell to live like a normal dog let the employee who wants him have him. We don’t need to know anything but that he has gone to a loving home, and we who have followed this from the start know where that home would be! With the employee who has been with him from the start. If AHS really thinks that Patrick is their “property” and is like any other rescue then pick another dog from the shelter to place is heir little zoo. Then TWO dogs would have bettter lives. Very cold and stupid move by AHS. Really are showing their true colors.

  14. This is OUTRAGEOUS! They call him “property” and want to put him in a zoo? I have often thought that “humane” should not be in the title of these so-called “humane” societies. What could their interest in him possibly be? Perhaps a money-maker/public relations benefit?

    1. Normally, until the investigation is settled, the animal is not available for adoption. Legal issues regarding “property” and all….

      1. normally, that is only if the person that allegedly committed a crime owns the dog. once the dog is no longer owned by the person charged, humane rescue folks would only dream of and act on placing the dog in his new forever life. unfortunately, it appears AHS is holding this up.

  15. who are AHS ? are they the ones who have custudy now ? do you think the other party wants patrick because he is big news and they think they can get lots of donations ? i think he should stay where he has been from the beginning where he feels safe is he kennelled now or in someones home ? sorry although i have followed his recovery ive not kept up with who or where he is !!

  16. Kim, AHS is the Associated Humane Societies. They DO NOT have custody of Patrick, per a judges order. They have GSVS has Patrick, and has had him from basically the start.

  17. Now I have heard it all! I am beginning to lose faith in common sense.
    I was in such a good mood when I woke after reading two different blogs: this and another about a sweet pup being kicked to death… blood is boiling.
    Leave Patrick alone! He has a long way to go on his mental, and emotional, healing, the move would be a terrible set back.

    1. Yes I agree. The latest volition at AHS was a few weeks before “Patrick” was found. I have read things and seen photos that make me feel that this would be a return to hell for Patrick.

  18. This has nothing to do with Patrick, but instead it’s about money. I agree with Laurie that they see Patrick as a way for AHS to profit off of him being there. They don’t care about Patrick and they simply want the publicity and donations.
    Shame on them for doing this. Such a shame that they can’t be grateful that Patrick is doing better and has found someone who’ll love him and treat him like a king. AHS doesn’t care about the animals. It’s all about money.

  19. This is insane! Will Patrick get the same level of care he is receiving where he is now to include the PT? I would bet AHS wants to have Patrick in their hands so they can feed off the publicity and fundraise. I am all about giving to your LOCAL animal shelters but let Patrick stay where he is. He has been through enough and deserves it. I know all animals deserve the very best. How about AHS work on making the animal abuse laws stricter in their state. I am thinking “an eye for an eye” works for me. Wonder how Patrick’s previous “owner” feels about not eating and being kicked about for the next 9 months?

    1. I absolutely agree. Leave Patrick where he is, as he is safe. This is insanity, and the only one suffering, potentially, is the dog.

  20. because AHS’s time and money is best spent fighting to remove a dog from an excellent situation?? **facepalm**

  21. Shouldn’t the people that brought him back from the brink of death, who treated him with all the medical attention, supplies and LOVE keep this wonderful boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The only Patrick need is tons of LOVE and a loving peaceful place… That was enough for what they had suffer, to add more suffering and stress to him… !!!! MONEY always MONEY… AHS looks like IDIOTS insensitive money makers… I only hope a BIG CAMPAIGN start to STOP this SOON…!!!

  23. Poor Patrick, No He is not considered a stray in My eyes. that was not the case at all as He was not found wondering the streets.

    His is a life and death situation, He was abused, almost starved to death to the Max & then thrown in a garbage chute to die. Poor soul.

    Let Patrick stay where He is loved and thriving, Y turn a good thing bad
    U never know the vet himself may just decide 2 adopt Patrick Themself, it does happen, even if They don’t so what, Patrick feels safe and love either way, let Him recover to the max B4 any decisions R made.

    I also feel that the proper people caring 4 Patrick right now can very well adopt Patrick out just as well as any other place, just let Him B.

    We love U Patrick.

  24. Why should Patrick be uprooted from the only place where he has experienced human care and compassion and moved to a shelter environment? If the staff of the Garden State Veterinary Specialists are willing to continue caring for him while providing him a sense of security and safety isn’t that in his best interest? Isn’t the goal of rescues and shelters to quickly place abandon and abused animals in a safe environment and minimize their time in a shelter if at all possible? This move seems to be a plan that is in the best interest of AHS and not Patrick. This is so sad. Hasn’t this little guy been through enough? I think in the weeks ahead we shall see what the true motive behind the 40 page court motion by AHS is and I am not sure it will place them in a favorable light.

  25. If the vets are willing to take on the responcibility of looking after Patrick they should be able to, after all they have saved his life.

  26. Let Patrick stay where he is at??? Property?? is this the middle ages?? He is a DOG – who needs love. He’s not a possession. I normally support the Humane society – but this organization needs to get its head out of its butt and leave the dog alone. What so they can make money off the dog while he sits in a cold kennel all day?????

  27. Leave Patrick where he is – whats the point of moving him ??? There are plenty of other abused dogs that need help too. He doesnt need to be moved to 1. a strange place and 2. with people he doesnt know.

  28. Please do not let this happen,patrick has gone through so much,and is not out of the trees yet(an expression for not better)…

    Please do not let this happen,patrick has gone through so much,and knows and trusts the people who are caring for him.He deserves to stay where he is,I hope common sense prevails,we love you Patrick XxXxX

  29. Not understanding why they are so concerned about who adopts Patrick. An adoption is an adoption. If Patrick feels safe and loved by a certain caretaker, then why can’t that person adopt him? It’s weird how some things go. If a dog is chained and not fed, the authorities say that they can’t do anything until the owner surrends the dog…..but now, authorities are saying who can adopt Patrick and who can’t. WTF??? We definately need some new laws regarding dogs.
    They are more than just property.

  30. I saw an interview from a New Jersey tv news clip that had both a woman from the AHS and someone from the vet (Dr? Don’t remember). This was pretty early in Patrick’s recovery and what I remember most about the interview was the snarky attitude of the AHS lady when she said “Well, he had a different name when he was with us” (probably not a direct quote, but if it’s not quite right, the only word different is “different”.)

    For some reason I get a distinct feeling that they feel they’re not getting enough attention and kudos for this whole thing.

    Glad to hear that Patrick gets to stay with his peeps for now. A shelter? Really? Since when is that good for ANY dog?

  31. Why do they even care….seems like the humane society would be elated that a dog has been taken care of, has a safe home and that they do not have to fine room for one more dog. Most places are begging for people to take dogs because they are full. Are they just wanting in on the publicity? My guess is this will backfire and they will only get bad publicity. Hopefully bad publicity will not effect the dogs that are there now. Stupid people are soooo frustrating!!

    1. Common sense is apparently not very common with AHS. Many of us do not suffer fools gladly. I certainly do not.

      It has been my experience that many of these so-alled organizations work with animals because humans would not put up with them. But animals have no power and they do not vote.

      However, Patrick is one animal who does have power, the power of an extensive grass roots support system. And he has a voice. The voice of the powerful movement that his plight has spawned.

      Watch out, AHS…. you are digging a very deep pit for yourselves, and tragically for the animals in your care.

  32. Am I reading this right; a 40 pg motion filed for Patrick to go to the Animal Shelter for abused pets?…..when he’s in a loving and very cared for environment with the vet’s office who has cared for, nurtured and saved this dog and where Patrick would want to be?….use common sense here; think before filing motions for the celebrity status you want now from Patrick and leave him where he’s loved and has a new owner as well…that being the VET’S Office where he’s being cared for!!

  33. With as near to death as this poor, poor animal was, there is doubtless lots of damage done to various internal organs that will never be the same. He will surely require continued medical observation and care. He is in the best place to receive that care and, unless the animal shelter is interested in reimbursing the veterinary clinic for the care Patrick has received since he was brought to their door, and is willing to pay for the certain continued medical care of Patrick, then they need to drop their suit and have the attorneys focus on making some changes in the state’s legislation regarding the what his previous owner can expect as a way of retribution for her disgusting and careless treatment of this precious animal.

  34. If the vet is charging the animal shelter for Patrick’s care, then I don’t disagree with them filing the motion to have him transferred to the shelter. If the vet is NOT charging him, then they should leave him where he is.

  35. Patrick is being taken care of. The AHS needs to put their efforts into helping other animals that are out there being abused.

  36. This is a complete publicity stunt by the AHS and I am so upset by it. They are trying to get in on the cash money that us Patrick followers are sending. I do not believe that it is his well being that they are looking out for. They want more publicity for their Popcorn Park Zoo. Too bad it has to be at the expense of Patrick. Poor dog has been through enough and there is a wonderful person at the vet clinic that wants to adopt him, and AHS wont let that happen either. At what point does the AHS start thinking about what is good for Patrick and less about how Patrick’s celebrity can benefit them?

    1. At first I felt that no matter what ,everyone involved really cared about his dog and no matter who he ended up with it would be good for Patrick. Then as days have gone by and I see more and more. I say he needs to stay where he is and he person who is a employee there who wants him should have him. The people at GSV have shown nothing but love and care. They shared Patrick with the world daily until AHS put a stop to it. BTW AHS has had several facility violations. The latest was a few months ago. Google and look past the cute photos of homeless animals that they post on their site. You will find the pictures a private party took of what is outside the back door of the facility…shocking! I wish GSV the very best and hope the employee and Patrick a long life, togeher, in peace and quite.

    2. I would love for Patrick to be able to be adopted by one of the Angels that have cared for and loved him from the time he came in. What better person to have for his ‘permanent home’ that he deserves after all the abuse he injured?
      These people that just want to drag him to another strange place for their own benefit and not Patrick’s, should be ashamed of their behavior and proud that AHS took such good care. It’s time to think of Patrick & what is best for him. A loving home with someone that he trusts and loves him back that has total knowledge of his past, or a dog shelter for the rest of his life in a constant media circus?
      Let him be adopted and don’t tell anyone their name. He deserves to be protected and respected. Geeez!!!

      1. I mis-spoke………… Proud of the great people not of AHS, but at the GSVS. So sorry for my error. The vet is where he is and should stay until he gets his rightful home.


  37. That is just stupid – let the dog stay where he is thriving!!! There is something rotten in Denmark.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  38. What does “he’s a stray” like any other mean? If AHS truly believes that, then they would see he is “stray” no more! I believe their job is to place dogs in loving homes! I doubt they’ve ever put this much time & energy into any other “stray”, because they don’t have the time or manpower. Get off your high horse, AHS & do the “right” thing!

    1. I want to contact them but, at the moment, the thoughts in my head sound less than professional.

      In fact, they sound like “I’m sure you don’t want to come off as money-grubbing-publicity-whores in this Patrick custody issue … but… you kind of are!”

  39. Who worked to save this little one from death? Who sat up night after night, I’m sure and prayed? Who sat day after endless days with this little one who was nothing but bones. Who has Patrick bonded to? these are the ones who should have the only say in what happens to Patrick, He should not be used as a pawn in games. He needs to be a regular dog in a regular home with a regular person who wants him for himself not what he will make them from poster ads etc.
    Now I have read and followed Patrick’s story from day 2 and all I can say is dogs has same feelings as humans do they attach themselves to us just like we attach ourselves to them. They become family so I say everyone leave him with the one who wants and deserves him and it is not AHS they did nothing but go in and remove him and transport him to the hospital. So back off of Patrick and look after the animals that are in your care as of now.

  40. Their “PROPERTY”????????? WTF? How long are we fighting saying they’re NOT property but members of our family!!

  41. Wow, poor doggie.. Why can’t they just leave him where he’s getting love?? Because they want the freaking publicity… property?? how the heck can they say he’s their property????

  42. Patrick should be left where he is in the environment that has brought him back thus far to health. Everyone there loves him and the vet and staff have saved his life. Why does the AHS have to butt in!


  43. Asked for a copy of their Form 990. Want to see if they use their money wisely.

    Seems like they just want to use this poor dog as a publicity stunt. I wouldn’t donate a dollar to them now.

  44. Their Executive Director makes $125,000 per year and their assistant director makes over $100,000. They raised over $ 6 million last year. Perhaps they see poor Patrick as a way to just get more for all, rather than really care about him.

  45. AHS needs to back off and let Patrick continue to heal both physically and emotionally. Putting him at the AHS will only cause him a setback. He’s finally learning what true love is from humans, lets not take steps back and move forward.

  46. Here is a simple answer AHS to this whole mess that would make everyone happy.
    Have a lawyer draw up a legal document that states AHS can use Patrick’s image and his new LOVING owner would have to bring Patrick to a few AHS events a year and AHS gets to keep any money made from it. It is very clear that $$$$ is AHS motivator, not Patrick’s welfare and happiness.
    The new owner agrees to keep Patrick out of the spotlight and not make any money off of him. He gets to be loved every day while sleeping somewhere warm and cozy with as much kibble as he can hold for the rest of his days.
    How hard was that? Keep the money while giving Patrick the life he fought so hard for. I am sure someone who truly wants whats best for him won’t care how much money you make off of him as long as any future vet care was covered.
    After that stupid report that stated Patrick needed socialization because he would be a wonderful mascot for AHS…a zoo? Really? That is the dumbest thing I have heard. He needs love and attention every day to make up for what he didn’t get while he was with that evil ‘woman’. Because he was so young and growing when he was mistreated who knows what medical problems he will have later in life? Staying with someone who works for a vet would be a perfect place for him. They would be more aware of Patrick’s future needs and would take him for an exam as soon as something was off.
    Any true animal lover would let you make your money, tell everyone his name was something else, just to give him the love he deserves, after looking into those deep brown eyes. I know I would!

  47. People Power must prevail here to ensure that Patrick stays at the vet hospital, in their total custody. End of story!

  48. sit back and watch ahs hang themselves. the judge ordered patrick to stay at gsvs with the people that have taken care of him all this time and shown him nothing but compassion and love. they also know his medical needs. patrick would have a major set back to do anything else. the ppl at gsvs want him for their own. they are medical people and patrick would have the best care of all. ahs will ruin patrick if he is moved there. he, now, is neither abused, ill, or unwanted. ahs has plenty of animals that they need to take care of. ahs should stop spending the donated money on lawyers and spend it on cleaning up the place and taking care of the animals they have. if you cant take care of what you have, why have more. AND…as a side note….gsvs gave the dog the name patrick. lisa said so on the tv show. its documented. cant argue with that! patrick had the will to survive….now let him live!!!!!!! pulrrxr!

  49. Shame on you!!!! Dont expect anymore monthly contributions from me. I am so angry and to think that you are THE HUMANE SOCIETY. Where is the HUMANE part in what you are doing?????

  50. I made the mistake of contacting the Humane Society of the US about this story. I want to clarify that it is a different organization, AHS, American Humane Society! Who is responsible for this issue. It can get confusing…..sorry for any problems this may have caused.

  51. AHS is being selfish and ridiculous. It took Herculean efforts to bring this poor little dog back hours from certain death. He was practically mummified, he was so starved and dehydrated!!! AHS is looking for publicity and quite obviously doesn’t have this dog’s best interest at heart, only their own. He was severely abused and neglected and is only now learning to trust humans and accept the love he never knew. Removing him from his current environment is not only selfish but cruel. There’s nothing “Humane” in their action. They should be ashamed acting only in their OWN self interest!!!

  52. As a volunteer for the AHS, Im embarrassed to read this. Patrick needs to stay where he has been cared for and with the people who have brought him back to life. This stunt for more publilcity and donations is a crime….. So embarrassing! It appears that the money being spent on this ridiculous battle of custody is taking money from the animals who are in desperate need. COMMON people …. UGH!

  53. Patrick has round the clock love and care where he is and immediate vet skills on call..for the first time he is in a safe and familiar enviroment..why would you take that away from someone that already suffered so much..he didn;t get in that shape overnight…if the AHS is so interested in taking special care of him give that same love and care to others…round the clock…he is already in good hands…this is how they can honor their profession and cause….and the fight Patrick put up just to live…

  54. Let poor Patrick have some peace in his life. He has grown to trust these people and formed a bond, affection toward them and them toward him. Leave him be. If they feel that he is able to be adopted at some point, it shouldn’t be a public announcement either. He should just be placed with someone that has the knowledge and love to care for him after this abuse. Why would anyone want to uproot him and change his life again just to be in different sheltered location. He is already sheltered and cared for.
    LET HIM BE!!

  55. That is just retarded! Patrick is at the best place he can be. The only way I can even begin to decypher AHS’s motives is that they want the associated publicity. It has nothing to do with concern about the well-being of Patrick and any other animals the money going to the lawyers could go to.


  57. Why in the world would AHS want to take Patrick from the love, comfort, nuturing and caring he has known for the past few months?????? Publicity?? Money?? Someone in that society needs to wake up and smell the coffee. There so called “PROPERTY” was given to a wonderful vet who nursed there so called “PROPERTY” back from the brink of death. All they did was bring him in. Please don’t give him to the AHS the stability in his life is just starting to set in and he is just coming out of his shell starting to trust and love again, moving him now will be very detrimental to his physical and emotional wellbeing.

  58. this is just another way to get dollars exploiting animals..Patrick needs a loving home, he has been through enough, and you idiots who think he should be in a ZOO, need a reality check….You will be protested by the entire WORLD…cause we are already having a fit!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES YOU STUPID IDIOTS…TRYING TO EXPLOIT PATRICK FOR MONEY IS ALL YOU WANT, CAUSE HE IS A MIRACLE!

  59. First of all I have been following Patrick from day 1 and to think they want to put him in a Zoo you people are sick in your dam head he is a dog not a Zoo animal and not a freak for God sake get a dam life we all love Patrick and there is no way in hell we will let you take him away and put him in a Zoo Patrick needs a Forever home with People who will give him the Life he deserves and thats alot of love and going out to the Park and playing ball and doing doggie things as far as the Zoo Goes y’all can shove the Zoo up you know where. We All Love Patrick and no way in Hell he will be put in a Zoo.

  60. Patrick was brought to the humane shelter, they took him to the vet clinic due to his severe condition. Had it not been for GSVS, Patrick would not have lived. Had it not been for GSVS, Patrick would not have been taken care of until full recovery. AHS wants the MONEY!!! You can tell. It was not anyone at AHS that took care of Patrick. Not one at AHS that help give support for his care. It was people from around the world, not AHS. If they want him back then I feel they should pay out of their own pockets the money that was used for Patricks care and all the donated dollars go to other dogs that GSVS cares for that do not have the resources. Patrick does not deserve to be put on display, in a cage for the rest of his life. Because this is what will happen to this poor boy who has finally found love with the people of GSVS. AHS is stating they saved Patrick. They did not give him medical care, it was a local shelter that all dogs get taken to when found. LISTEN to your city officials, they even think Patrick belongs where he is now.

  61. Adam Zipkin, if you stick to your guns, you will be a hero to so many. It is so good to see that somebody on the inside sees it as those of us on the outside see it. This little dog deserves to just disappear from public eye and be a dog that is loved and cared for. He is so precious and will hopefully make such a difference for so many abused animals. Please, please do what you can to help him. Disappearing from public eye does not mean that Patrick will ever be forgotten. By far will he ever be forgotten.

  62. Im confused?Wy put Patrick in the Popcorn Zoo? I have been there several times as I liv close by its agood place for homeless animals such as sheep, donkey, pigs etc. And it’s great for deer who have been hit by cars and wounded. But the animal shlter for dogs is no different than our local county pound! Cages, Noise, constant barking, simply not the best place for any beloved pet. Why In their right minds, do they want to take this fragile little dog and put him through that? He isnt a prisoner who is trying to stay out of jail! He is a puppy who beat the odds only by the Grace of God, and the sheer determination to LIVE! The Humane Society is acting no way humane in this case but heartless and cruel….They ought to be ashamed of themselves! Get back to taking care of the true animals in need of your care, and leave that poor puppy alone! He is just fine with those who are attachd to him and he has bonded to just fine…..Cheering for Patrick

    1. Marlena,

      Thank you for your local perspective. I agree that this poor little guy deserves better than being subjecting to such treatment and being made a spectacle for their fundraising. He deserves to live as a member of a family, run in a backyard, walk on a leash, get treats for his good behavior, sleep on his personalized dog bed (I just thought I would throw that in) and like all other canine family members be able to live like a loved and cherished family member.

      The actions of this agency is disgraceful. If they want to prevent any further damage to their reputation as being a humane organization whose primary mission is supposed to be protecting dogs from cruelty and poor treatment, they had better turn this ship around and quick.

  63. this certainly takes the word Humane out of the name of the organization…they can now be known as The Society…for not giving Patrick the quiet loving home he deserves after his tremendous will to live would be inhumane…as for the prevention of cruelty to animals..what would be more cruel then to traumatize him even more….what are they thinking…I do, however, give them credit for getting him to a hospital and not giving up on what they found in that plastic bag that was a decent thing to do, but now it seems it is for the wrong reasons

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