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A recent memory haunts me, in the best way possible.

A recent memory haunts me, in the best way possible.

The woman who inspires, encourages, and loves me celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago. We’re not kids any more, and the passage of time is bittersweet, despite the fact that the passage of years seems lost on her timeless beauty. Yes, I am completely smitten still, after all these years.

I’m also smitten with our four legged family. When I’m exhausted after a long day I look around me at these sleeping angels and imagine so many of you doing the same, and I know without question that these beautiful creatures bring out the best in us, and make the world better for their presence. I am thankful to share my life with dogs, and I endeavor to make the world a better place for them – with your help, of course.

So when the woman I adore and the dogs who she loves with abandon (and fiercely protects, I might add) share a moment, it just doesn’t get any better for this heart of mine. On her birthday my wife surrounded herself with our dogs and dug into her presents – but not before I was able to capture a perfectly timed kiss.

She loves her mother. We all do, and on this day I’m here to tell you that despite the fact that we have no children, I share a home with one of the best mothers on the planet.

Happy Mother’s day Sunshine.

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  1. Awww, what a very beautiful and touching post to the lady in your life.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of Peeps and Furries too!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Very sweet.

    I think even though they are not human children, our dogs bring out the best qualities in us – nurturing, caring and loving.

    We wish yours a very Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. Awesome tribute to Mrs. Author!! All of you are loved by so many around the world. Thank you for sharing and give Mrs. Author hugs from all of us.

  4. Beautiful. The sentiments, the woman, the pups, the family. Enjoy. Let the love in your home overflow in your hearts.

  5. How sweet and wonderful. The whole family is a blessing to all of us who have gotten to know you all. To know the Brogans is too love them, there is no way around it. I send your beautiful wife (and the beauty is even stronger on her inside if that is possible) a wish for a very happy Mothers Day. I know she feel blessed to have all her kids and a wonderful man by her side daily.

  6. absolutely beautiful… thank you for putting into words what so many just don’t understand. i lost my precious boy (14yrs) almost a month ago now and this Mother’s Day is different and very difficult for me. thank you for getting it.

  7. I love your tribute to your wife, Neil. Tim & I feel the same way about our “kids”, choosing to not have human kids (other than the special ed. kids I teach). Have a wonderful day. I hope the sun is shining & it’s a delightful day in VT as it is in OH. Rachel

  8. You touched my heart… my wife is the same. She would die for her dogs …. I always liked dogs but being with her has “infected” me with her fierce adoration. My dogs & my wife mean the world to me. You, sir, (like me) have a very beautiful wife….and pretty good looking , too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing that with us …. made my day.

  9. Very nice – as a person who has children and and four leggeds. I can wholeheartedly agree.. my four legged children mean the world to me and hopefully I to them.. love it.. she and your pups are lucky

  10. I have to ask this question: looks like you have a leather couch; do you keep that quilt over it all the time? Reason I ask is I have had this ‘debate’ with my husband for years. I would love a leather couch, but he says with our dogs that it would be impossible to keep from being punctured by their nails….

  11. @Carolyn – you would be amazed at what leather will endure. We had a discussion about it a few months ago and you don’t need blankets at all. Our Greyhound is just addicted to them. πŸ˜‰

  12. This is very sweet, and our babies, are our children. Wonderful children, that never judge us, or care what we might look like today, we are loved by them, unconditionally, they are never mad at us. They are always happy to see us, sit with us when we cry. Always ready to please, and to love. So tell me please, how can other rotten Human’s hurt them, dump them, not love them, and not care what happens to them. I just can’t figure this one out, not at all. I love them all, with all of my heart and soul. Please, dear God, protect each one of the babies, all of them. I ask and pray in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

  13. There is very little difference between human and dog mamahood. Actually, dogs are less demanding lol. Happy Mother’s Day.

  14. I don’t know what to add. Everyone has said it all. Just know that you, Treena and the “kids” inspire all of us to be better people and better fur parents on daily basis. May God bless all 6 of you (yes Crackers too).

  15. The love, both spoken and unspoken, made my heart smile and my eyes tear up. This… is “Family” at its very best. xo

  16. I got a wee bit choked reading this as your love for your wife and both your love for your fur babies is just beautiful and makes me think of my life. I love my two dogs more than i could ever imagine loving human children and my husband got me gifts from them for mother’s day this year! Thank you so much for sharing such fabulous moments with us.

  17. I ended up crying, not so much at the photos, beautiful as they are, but at the love you have for your wife and four leggidies. I wish there were more like you … the world would be a far better place.

  18. Absolutely Beautiful tribute!! You are ooozing with sweetness right now. Your reputation is at stake. πŸ™‚

  19. I love you guys. You make me know that the world is filled with wonderful people. Thank you. I so needed this.

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