Beagle Brigade Protects Our Borders

Meet the Department of Homeland Security Detector Dogs.

Meet the Department of Homeland Security Detector Dogs.

These adorable hounds patrol the nation’s airports with their sniffers on high alert, searching for meat, fruit and vegetables banned in the U.S.

4 thoughts on “Beagle Brigade Protects Our Borders

  1. Who knew fruits and vegetables were such a threat to Homeland Security? 😛

    I think that would be one of the coolest, most fun jobs around! You’d definitely have an awesome partner!

  2. I LOVE beagles! They are the cutest breed of dog there is. They are so smart and this is a great job for them, they love food. Mine never got full!

  3. A hu-dad story. Returning from Amsterdam several years ago, one of those beagles came and sat right beside my suitcase and barked once. No matter how innocent you are, you start trying to think of what you may have forgotten. And then the agent steps and starts saying good boy – and talks to the trainer who is to my immediate left and has a “target” in his own bag – right next to mine.

    Who knew a little Beagle could make a man sweat so much?

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