Mars Veterinary Asserts Patent Rights on Canine Genetics Identification

US District Court Injunction Now Inhibits BioPet Vet Lab and PetSafe’s Ability to Sell Dog DNA Identification Kits

Mars Veterinary, makers of the Wisdom Panel™ dog DNA tests has filed a patent infringement suit against BioPet Vet Lab and PetSafe and obtained a preliminary injunction prohibiting BioPet and PetSafe from selling their dog DNA breed identification kits.

Mars has been a leader in the development of dog breed identification services and is the exclusive licensee of a U.S. patent on the use of DNA markers to determine the breed heritage of mixed breed dogs (U.S. Patent 7,729,863). Its Wisdom Panel™ canine DNA analyses are based on nearly a decade of extensive research, drawing from the expertise of leading scientists, veterinarians, universities and breed organizations throughout the world. This science has not only yielded the swab-based Wisdom Panel™ Insights, the most comprehensive swab product on the market, but also Wisdom Panel™ Professional, the only blood-based canine DNA analysis available exclusively through veterinarians. Wisdom Panel™ development included the analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers from more than 13,000 dogs, enabling the detection of breed composition of a mixed-breed dog with unprecedented accuracy.

Last year, Mars along with the patent owner Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Argus Genetics filed the patent infringement suit against BioPet, and then added PetSafe, because of their distribution and sale of dog DNA breed identification kits and services under their own brands. Mars successfully obtained a preliminary injunction in the U.S. District Court in Norfolk in March 2011 against BioPet and PetSafe to stop the sale of their dog DNA test kits and associated services to process the results. Shortly after the preliminary injunction was obtained, BioPet and PetSafe appealed the preliminary injunction and also filed an emergency request to stop the injunction during the appeal process. The appellate court then granted a very short stay of the injunction until it considered whether to stop the injunction during the entire appeal process.

On June 15, the appellate court denied BioPet/PetSafe’s request to stop the injunction during the appeal process. As a result, the injunction against BioPet and PetSafe’s infringing products and services is again in effect.

Mars respects the patent rights of others and expects others will show the same consideration of Mars’ patents. When competitors choose to infringe on the rights of Mars, the Company will seek to protect and enforce its rights and protect its market position.

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6 thoughts on “Mars Veterinary Asserts Patent Rights on Canine Genetics Identification

  1. I have tried several DNA kits with my sweet mix. The wisdom panel one was laughable. Wasn’t even close. Two other different kits/companies I tried did saliva DNA tests. There’s came back and were much closer to what my vet and I already thought, plus the saliva tests were cheaper. I wouldn’t waste youe money on the Wisdom Panel one.

  2. why do we allow patents on life, who’s dumb shit idea was it, and why dont I get to vote on this?

  3. I personally think this company is full of it on their ‘Wisdom Panel” DNA kit. I bought into the bunk and sent in a DNA kit on my Cur/Pointer mix, curious to see if there was anything else in him since we are told he looks collie and boxer. He came back as a Samoyed, American Bulldog, and Silky terrier mix. He is shorthaired, yellow and black, and 60+ pounds. I don’t recommend them as a company for these results and the fact that his kit was lost for over a month. JMO.

  4. We have far too many lawyers in this country. We could use more engineers and MUCH fewer lawyers. Too bad we can’t convince them to change careers.

  5. The “race” to “discover” the secrets of DNA to identify and cure disease is a flawed theory. Disease isn’t caused genetically as BIG Pharma wants you to believe. They NEED you to buy into this flawed theory because they NEED you to rely on their toxic drugs and laundry list of side effects that require MORE toxic drugs.

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