Hundreds Line Up To Adopt Rescued Puppies

Hundreds of animal lovers waited in line on Sunday in Greensboro, North Carolina with the hope of having the opportunity to provide a rescued puppy with a forever home.

The hopeful adopters lined up outside the Guilford County Animal Shelter to fill out applications to adopt one of the dogs or puppies confiscated from a suspected puppy mill in Stokes County after the story made national headlines. The turnout was encouraging for those working to save the dogs – one person in line told reporters they drove eight hours from Ohio just to get a chance to adopt a dog and help take pressure off the shelter.

“We have a challenging task in trying to make sure we are giving everyone an equal opportunity to be considered for one of the dogs,” Marsha Williams with the GCAS said.

The Wendover Avenue shelter will be open again on Monday from noon to 6 p.m.  Adoption fees range from $95 to $250.  For more information on adopting the dogs,visit

27 thoughts on “Hundreds Line Up To Adopt Rescued Puppies

  1. wish we would see lines like this at every shelter across this country….not just ones who make national news….Congrats to the babies who will get a home

  2. Yes- if we could just see 100’s of people flocking to adopt adult & senior animals at these high kill shelters- wouldn’t that be something….

  3. The prices seem borderline greedy, and of course any shelter jumps at an opportunity to get the most adoptable animals, especially if they come with the media hype – PROFIT! They don’t even look at pounds where the saddest cases are in desperate need of rescuing.

  4. Sorry, I’m with the cynical bunch. Would that many people have shown up if it were mutts that were going begging? How many of those in line decided to tear up their applications for a fancy breed at a cut-rate price in favor of falling in love with a no-name puppy or dog?

  5. My thoughts exactly Ellen. Any animal thats advertised on tv, paper, internet etc are always snapped up straight away yet you have all the other wonderful animals in shelters just waiting for their forever home.

  6. Ellen. I’m with you. Still, there needs to be a real effort to educate the public about the animal-holocaust which is world-wide. If only this bit of news were expanded to make the blind see.

  7. Comment by: Guilford County Animal Shelter [OFFICIAL]
    Everyday the Guilford County Animal Shelter [OFFICIAL] makes provisions to help all of our wonderful furry friends have an opportunity to be seen, and have their chance in the spotlight to be adopted by a loving family into their forever home. Some examples are through programs like WFMY “2 the Rescue” Animal Adoption Show, weekly pet features on FOX8,, The Pet Shop as well as billboards around the Triad & through magazines like Triad Happy Tails Magazine, Wag! Magazine, The Greensboro News & Record. We also feature our animals right here on our Facebook Page, YouTube, Twitter & in our monthly GCASNewsletter. Please do not be discouraged by seeing the individuals who are so passionate about adopting animals from these special situations. Our goal is to find responsible forever homes for all of the animals here at the Guilford County Animal Shelter and with your continued support we are sure we can succeed.

  8. That’s so great!!! My only wish is that this would happen everywhere! Adopt a pet people!!!!! You will have saved a life and I truly believe they know that!!!

  9. I’m glad the dogs and puppies in NC are finding homes. But people please there are dogs in shelters being put to sleep everyday. Please consider saving a life also.

  10. At least it will keep these people from supporting a bulldog breeder, and the money goes back into rescuing and caring for all of the dogs Guilford Co. takes in from all over the state.

  11. yeah people will go miles for a puppy.. I went 600 for a 2.5 yr old Pit who was set to be PTS the very day I had him pulled.. this shelter has three pages of older dogs in need..

  12. Maybe people will see them and take some home! Only so many pups available; if one drove so far, it’d be a shame to go home empty armed.

  13. I was wondering the same thing. I mean it’s greet the pups are going to homes but all the shelters are overflowing with unwanted dogs and cats , being put to death everyday becwusecthere is no place for them. I think that first the want puppies only , second they want pure breed dogs or designer dog types ,and the want them at no to little cost. Also they want small dogs and dogs without a history,a blank slate. They are not willing or do not have the time to give the shelter dogs the time and love adjust , they needs alot of attention because they are afraid and need reassurance in the panic state the go into if left alone

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