Activists Storm Research Breeding Facility, Liberate 30 Beagles

Frustrated by ineffective animal welfare laws, a group of more than 1000 Italian animal activists take matters into their own hands.

A movement spawned by outrage over the treatment of research animals inspired a group of Italian animal activists to eschew negotiations with a research breeding facility in favor of a more direct approach: pushing past police, protesters swarmed the compound Saturday and freed the dogs from their cages.

Breaking through fences, activists made their way inside the farm and opened the kennels, taking away puppies, pregnant dogs – any they could find were released. Dogs were passed over fences and rushed away by advocates determined to spare them from a life of suffering.

It is estimated that approximately 1000 protesters overwhelmed police en route to Greenhill Farm, a commercial breeding facility known for supplying research labs with as many as 250 dogs each month.

69 thoughts on “Activists Storm Research Breeding Facility, Liberate 30 Beagles

  1. why do these places exist, I would of been there with them saving those puppies… you’re right the power of many can help the few !!

  2. Sharen, thank you and I hope eventually we can rub places like these out for good! What a cute little face, how could anyone use a baby as a test subject?

  3. My concern is what happens to these animals once they are released? I know at a school here in the bay area people broke in and released dogs and many were hit by cars… I’m against animal testing as well, but I wonder what happens to the dogs afterwards?

  4. The place in Italy is owned by a US company “Marshall Farms” and they provide dogs including beagles and hounds as well as other animals to researchers around the world ๐Ÿ™

  5. Almost every single test that is done on animals can be done through other means…I know, because I worked as a chemist in a company that stopped animal testing. There were other, even better, testing methods.

  6. My thoughts are for the rescued beagles. They have been bred to be “pure” and have no natural antibodies. I can only hope that they survive and they get the treatment they need to make it in the outside world! Let’s hope these people really do know what they are doing and then it will be an amazing achievement!

  7. yeah, for this babies that got saved from good people now we need more people like that worldwide to end this experiment of savage humans that put through the poor animals suffering.

  8. and more people need to get involved with this cause and save more of these animals cruelty does not start with make-up come on get real

  9. Last week I was researching topical flea treatments for a client. In reading the product inserts I found out how beagle puppies were given high doses of the product and the ways that it adversely affected them. It brought me to tears. How are Pfizer and Bayer allowed to do this?

  10. And they talk about puppy mills. I agree we need to find other testing methods. Next thing you know we will have to ensure dogs are not being stolen for these purposes.


  12. I wouldn’t be so quick to endorse trespassing, vandalism,theft and mob rule.
    There are better ways to address this.

    1. I understand what you are saying HEB, but we must admit that these dogs rarely have a chance as of right now. It doesn’t matter how many people show up and calmly protest and beg and try to talk to them. Their main goal is to turn a profit through products and they have to do research and experiments for those products. They don’t want to spend the money on finding other ways to test those products either because by doing so means slowing down their production, losing money, spending more money to stop their animal testing and finding new ways to test their products. Let’s face the facts here, animal testing won’t change until the people hire up within major companies such as Proctor and Gamble change and people are brought in that won’t to stop animal testing…if that ever happens. It has also been shown that there is no need for animal testing and experiments for any products or even medically anymore with all the research being done by other medical doctors, scientists, and researchers that have found and created other ways to do the same experiments and tests without harming any animals at all. It has also been shown that using animals to test new drugs or products doesn’t work because humans are different than other living beings just like each living being is different from each other. So just because a new drug that a human hasn’t taken has been experimented on a beagle doesn’t meant it’s going to work for that why use animals in the first place any longer nowadays to do these type of tests and experiments when they don’t have to any longer and could actually save money by doing so? It’s obvious they are afraid of change.

  13. Yea HEB, let’s all sit down around a table and have a cup of java and discuss this. Your an idiot!

    Thank God for people that DO something instead of just TALK about.

    These people should be commended for getting those poor dogs of of hell.

    Please enlighten us all as to how you would handle this.

  14. They only got 30 dogs? …and the farm supplies over 250 dogs to research labs per month? Why didn’t they save more?

  15. well done to all those people who saved the dogs I hope they find forever homes and families who love them

  16. Looks like people are sick of petitions being ignored, Iโ€™m happy to see people standing up for defenceless animals and wish I could have helped. Well done to all you activists in Italy.

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