Courageous Pet Owner Fends off Attacking Bear With Toy Sword

A Massachusetts pet owner puts her life on the line to save a pet.

When Karen Curran saw a mother bear attack her 9-year-old golden retriever outside her Northampton home last Wednesday night, she says her own protective instincts kicked in.

126 thoughts on “Courageous Pet Owner Fends off Attacking Bear With Toy Sword

  1. I would jump in there and do the exact same thing…..a mother will do anything for her ‘babies!’

  2. Amazing story…I wish they would of shown the courageous woman who took on the bear to save her dog!

  3. Absolutely. I may not know a “mother’s love” for children but I sure do know what it is for a beloved pet. Although not the same, I just spent over $1200.00 trying to save my 13 year old boy before my vet called me at work early this afternoon to tell me that he wouldn’t make it to the end of the day. I said good bye to him today. Rest in Peace my dear Shadow, I love you.

  4. I don’t think you have time to think of the danger, you just react to the situation and if a loved one 2 legged or 4 your reaction is not I might get hurt it’s more like I have to save them and you react. Kudos to her.

  5. I would for my pets. They’re far more valuable than any person has ever been to me, at the very least in terms of how well they have treated me. Pets/animals deserve far more respect and love than humans do.

  6. We have bears pass through our “yard” (which is really their woods) often and I’ve thought about what I would do in such a case — hope I never have to act on it!

  7. I hope to never encounter anything treacherous BUT I am prepared to do what I have to do to keep my pets safe!

  8. to Dawn Wall: May your dear baby boy RIP. You will see him again one day when you cross. So sorry for your loss. I know your pain.

  9. I think as women, we tend to just act, our pets are like our kids, we would instinctivly do something…. I know I would… That bear better just back up because this Mommas gonna react for sure…. maybe really dumb but hey, these are my babies my doggies

  10. I have stepped out into the street to stop cars from not only hitting my own dog, but yesterday I did it to stop a semi from hitting a neighborhood dog.

  11. I would….I believe my dogs would give up their life for me… Well except the boston terrier he would push me towards the bear and run the other direction.

  12. As a dog owner, I feel it is my responsibility to give him the best life I can, and this includes protecting him against danger.

  13. I think you owe it to your pet to do EVERYTHING you possibly can to protect them,they depend on you and would DEFINITELY do the same!!! I LOVE my babies TOO MUCH not too :))

  14. My dogs bolted out of the door one day and ran across a busy street, I ran after them not caring about the speeding cars all I cared about was saving my babies. So yes I would do the same for my dogs

  15. Its a natural instinct…and like others have said, you don’t have time to ponder – you just do it. I know I would go to hell and back for my cats. Heck, I have swirved my car like a crazy person to avoid a squirrel. I just react with my heart.

  16. Do what it would take…..regardless. I would show the same loyalty and love that my animals give me day in and day out. Not a problem.

  17. Whatever it takes. They will lay their life down for you so why would anyone hesitate. My shepherd ran in to a hornets nest many years ago, the first thing he did was run to me. I jumped right in and scooped him up.I received the best of the stings thank goodness.The thing is, he always walked in front of me, to protect me. And then he turned to me for help. I would protect any animal, even a stray, they all have a purpose to be here.

  18. No matter what anyone says about not risking your own life, how could anyone not step in?! I know I would! Glad there are no bears around here!! Congratulations to the Mum!! Xx

  19. kudos for the family for fighting back and saving their beloved dog, you have to do whatever it takes when this happens, humans or pets.

  20. Just 15 min ago a driver started pulling out of her driveway without looking and I stepped in front of my dog while pulling her away. I feel like we have a responsibility to protect them. I think I would take on a bear.

  21. I think is sometimes an unvoluntary reaction, I do similar things with my dogs, then I think.. what the hell was I doing??? Like when one shih tzu I had a few years ago fell into the ocean and I jumped to push her back into the boat 20 seconds before a shark arrived to the scene.. ;(

  22. Yep! i would protect my 3 from anything, anyone, anytime no matter what it was! they would do the same for me 🙂 i got in a river that was up to my waist and running extremely fast to save my 2 labs that had got washed away down river, i know it was foolish but i had to get them out and i did 🙂

  23. I have gone to get my little kitty with a bear in the yard. Didn’t even think about it. I would do the same for any of my fur kids. My maternal instinct would take over. I could never live with myself if I didn’t think I did everything possible to save them from what ever danger was out there.

  24. id go to the ends of the earth and back for my pets id even fight the devil and if anyone hurt any of my pets they would die literly id probably end up in the news wanted posters everwhere

  25. I know my Bully would easily and carelessly sacrifice himself for me, so I pity da the bear that starts beef with my Dozer.

  26. Let’s just say “Mama Bears” come in all shapes and sizes and so do their “cubs”. Heck ya I would jump in to save my furbabies. I can’t imagine standing by and not doing so. On the flipside of this, the bear was doing what comes naturally to her as well and to be honest with ourselves, we encroach ever more on their natural territory and things like this are going to happen more often so please, if you love out in the country be extra vigilant in spring when Mama Bears are out and about with very curious cubs. I grew up in Western Mass and know it is rare but with the ever expanding towns it is becoming a little less rare.

  27. I love my pets and would do a huge amount for them, but I wouldn’t die for them. Human life comes first. Pets and relatives expect that also.

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