Survey: Owners Miss Pets More Than Family

According to a recent survey, increasing numbers of pet owners are admitting that they prefer the company of their pets to people.

New research of British pet owners by travel comparison website TravelSupermarket has confirmed their unique status as a ‘pet-mad’ nation. With one Bank Holiday down and another just around the corner, summer is firmly on the horizon and a third (32 per cent) of Brits who own pets would rather go on holiday with their four-legged-friends than their immediate family, given the choice . Giving a whole new meaning to being in the ‘doghouse’, 13 per cent of Brits admitted they would choose their pet over their partner and 10 per cent would opt to take their pet on holiday over the children, if they had the opportunity.

For those traveling without the family pet this year, one in two pet owners in the UK (47 per cent) said that when they leave their family behind for foreign travels, it is their pet that they miss most of all while they’re away. Immediate family members trailed a distant second, identified by a third of Brits (33 per cent). Twenty-eight per cent of British pet owners said it was their partner they missed most whilst away.

But as this research has found, our pets are never far from thought when we do go on holiday. Nearly half (43 per cent) confessed they give their pet some extra TLC when they return home from a holiday and one in five (18 per cent) make sure they bring back a souvenir for their furry friend. Forty per cent of pet owners also said they regularly check up on their pet whilst away to make sure they are okay. Thirty-six per cent revealed that their pet’s welfare is their biggest worry when they do leave them behind.

However, the research has identified that a significant number of British pet owners (39 per cent) are now choosing to take their pets away with them on holiday either domestically or internationally. Dog owners who have taken their pooch away with them recently said they didn’t just do it for their own benefit – nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) believe that their pet enjoyed the experience and that it broadened their ‘doggy-horizons’.

99 thoughts on “Survey: Owners Miss Pets More Than Family

  1. I am one of them . I cant go away vacation much longer because I want to spend more time with my cats.

  2. Definitely! Pets have these amazing instincts and know when you need one extra love. Unlike people they never fail to make you smile<3

  3. My cats are more amazing than some people I know, and they make better company too. So yea, definitely! 🙂

  4. True… dog knows when I come home from work and I’m in pain he is very gentile with me…he cares …he is more then just a dog or a pet to me….

  5. “..they would opt to take their pet on holiday over the children, if they had the opportunity.” lol. No shit.

  6. My pets are an essential part of my family, as much as any of their 2 legged counterparts. {as evident by our huge vet bills, lol}

  7. I worked as a bartender for the last 9 years that I lived in Florida and made really, REALLY good money. I left it all behind to live in Colorado and work with dogs for about a third of the pay I had been making 3 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made. I can’t imagine not being surrounded by dogs all day.

  8. I love my dog, she has earned my respect. I am lost without her and she replaces my children who have their own lives now. Her fur comforts my arthritic back and actually sends the pain away. Amazing!

  9. For some things, yes. For other activities people are better. I’ve never yet had a dog that good for reminiscing, looking at a photo album, planning a trip (that’s at least half the fun), sharing a funny story, having a good dinner conversation, playing cards, etc.

  10. What human ever greeted you at the door jumping, twisting and turning, wimpering, and yelping totally excited to see you, and they don’t want a single thing. They’re just tingling with joy to see you. No human I know. Yup. I miss my pets more. Humans don’t compare to animals.

  11. that’s sad. i love pets, but we shouldn’t exaggerate our affection for them. people who love animals more than persons are pathetic.

  12. Who else could give you so much love and not demand so much of you. Unconditional, they deserve so much more

  13. My Robert, that is a pretty big judgment for people you don’t know. Perhaps you are simply proving the point of the original post!?

  14. Not always, but the majority of the time I would rather be with my animals. They’re just so easy and loving. They are happy and it rubs off on me. I would be so depressed without them. Each of my furry babies has a special way of enriching my life and making me feel so good. People are just more complicated, and that can come with complications! Still, my life wouldn’t be complete or as good without people too! I learn and grow the most from those connections, as most do.

  15. I will take the company of my dog over a human any time! I am known in the town where I live as the woman who likes dogs more than she likes people. True indeed. 🙂

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