Rough Justice for Irresponsible Dog Owner

A poop-scooping Russian vigilante teaches a dog owner a lesson when she tries to drive away without cleaning up after her dog.

A poop-scooping Russian vigilante taught a pet owner a lesson when she tried to drive away without cleaning up after her dog.

172 thoughts on “Rough Justice for Irresponsible Dog Owner

    1. So, allowing your dog to poop on city streets and not clean up after it isn’t vandalism? Pick up the poop. I do.

  1. good for her. It’s people like this dog owner that cause rates in parks, campgrounds to go up for those of us who do pick up after our dogs!

  2. thats insane. i would of smashed her face if she did that to my car. its just poop. get over it lol

    1. If she smashed it on your car, it would still be ‘just poop,’ wouldn’t it? Would you get over it?

  3. Pick up your poop, that is all there is to it. we all have to share this world, don’t make people ban dogs from everywhere!!!!! Pick up your poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @jeff hamlin: the dog owner is vandalizing city property, the model just made sure the owner left with what belonged to the owner

  5. This was wrong of this woman to react in this way, dogs are at peoples mercy and that woman should have ignored it

  6. …brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have 2 dogs and always clean up after them. I truly hate it when I see owners just walk away and leave their dogs mess on the pavement. If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t have a dog!

  7. Well done, she gives dog-owners a bad name. I love the look on the model’s face when she runs away.

  8. I have 4 dogs, but I have to agree with her. It is not fair to others to leave your dog’s ‘luck’ behind. There are enough dog haters already, one should not add to that unnecessarily. Besides, kids and elderly are using the same streets and it surely does not look nice in a city.

  9. Maybe that will teach the woman a lesson about refusing to be a responsible pet owner, but I doubt it. Can’t say as I blame the model — I fully understand her frustration!

  10. I actually get yelled at for picking up the poop sometimes. They’re just yelling because my dogs are pooping in general even though it’s cleaned up.

  11. I don’t even own a dog but accepted that picking up after our parents dog Tamu (a large Gordon Steeter) was the decent normal thing to do. Mhairi and I have enough trouble around our streets with other owners not picking up after their own dogs. Just because the dogs are small does not mean that the mess they leave is inconsequential. Bad enough when a trolley or luggage wheel runs over it let alone a small child steps in it!

    1. Thank You Gary !! Here in the apartment complex where we live we are blessed that they still allow pets ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Although it is NOT uncommon for SOME of the tennants to allow their fur baby’s to either “go” off leash to take care of nature’s need’s, and it is against complex policy and the leash law, MANY times my WHOLE family has cleaned up after other’s pet’s the worst day was at the playground. We saw ALL ages of children playing in the landscape cover (rocks) and rushed with bags,newspaper,discarded paper cup’s, etc. to pick up poo that had been left in the designated and bordered off play area ! I was so disgusted and livid that people had NO decency or moral’s that they could allow their pet “free” reign in this area :((( !!! what if their or someone else’s little one had picked that up ?? Where do all object’s go when the child is under 3 ?? you got it !! I complained to the office and took the grocery bag 1/3 full to the office for proof. since then I have become the “Volunteer” part time poo ploice of the playground and common areas, yep I take names and apartment numbers and if I can pictures turn them in to the office to be FINED !! and the fines START at $30.00 for the first offense and go up to the 3rd offense after that it’s up to the manager what happens to your lease ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Serves her right!!! Sometimes, some people act as if they owe nothing to society…. I hope next time she learns her lesson and is humble enough to just do what is right like cleaning up after her dog does his “thing” … I find nothing wrong in cleaning anything.. In fact it’s even better and you become a ” hero” in the eyes of others… Let’s all do our part and make this a better world. Peace!!

  13. People who do not pick up after their dogs leaves the rest of us dog owners with bad reputations. I for one hope the poop she threw was at least a little soft and stuck to something! Where we live you seldom if ever see someone not picking up after their dog. We have poop bags and bins all over the place. We pay around $180 dog owners tax a year for it but it is worth every cent!

  14. I get so annoyed when people are too lazy to pick up their dogs poop! It makes other dog owners who do look bad! If your going to own a dog then pick its poop up…of its just poop then you can pick it up and not leave it!

  15. The Lady is only just asking for being a responsable dog owner and theres nothing wrong with that. Good thing she teach that stupid dog owner!

  16. I’ve seen apartment buildings that provide poop bag dispensers and trash cans and they STILL can’t pick it up. some people are just plain lazy and inconsiderate … Makes me sick!

  17. good. leaving fecal matter all over iS than vandalism to those of us who do pick up the doo. ive got a mastiff & a cane corso….thats like picking up after a horse but theyre mine, its part of owning these big pups. sometimes ppl just get to their limit & the only thing left to do is sling crap,,,just like in here sometimes lol. cause & effect. bet she will clean the doo off of that benz interior though & with quickness…so what….its just poop, right?

  18. Well done, girl! First of all this girl politely ask dog owner to pick up after her dog, and she got such an angry and rude answer- she didn’t deserved it(I speak Russian, so I understand what was said) I don’t know where it happened, but it’s very common in Russia to get that kind of response from bitches like that one. She thinks, she has an expensive car, so everybody else are just dirt under her feet. I’m happy that she got what she asked for.

  19. So she should to… We have 4 dags and always pick up poop… I am fed up thinking it’s ok to let their dogs poop on my front lawn… Not caught one yet…

  20. I’m still intrigued by the car lady’s “dog-walking clothes”. People walk their dogs in their skivvies in Russia? Interesting.

  21. @Rs Peacock: Facebook 101 – first off, it’s your newsfeed, not your wall. second, there’s a handy little function called “unsubscribe” – once you google the definition, you’ll understand its purpose.

  22. @Rs, have you heard of the unlike button? Go look for it, you liked the page so your problem if you updates on your news feed. Now stop spamming their comment box and remove yourself from the page easy peasy even a monkey can do it so I’m sure you’ll manage.

  23. my sweet church going wonderful mother-in-law got sick and tired of picking up the poop in her yard…so she bagged it up for a week… took it to the peoples home and dumped it right at their door step so they had to step in it when they came out of their house. Solved the problem.

    1. God loves those who follow his word and cleanliness is next to godliness your mother in law was only a bible teacher who found the most direct answer to a smelly problem and gave a message at the same time LOL !! WTG mom-in-law ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. i am so surprised about all the coments !i got 3 dogs i pick up dog crap for years,so i am all for you poop you scoop but trowing it it at somebody or in a car is very low class !this could have beenhandled diffrently,police licenseplate ect..what this lowclass russian bitch did was assault!SMH…..

    1. Being a lazy,rude,irresponsible pet owner is an ASSAULT to decent people with intregrity and moral’s as well dear !

  25. I clean up after my pets & it disgusts me that my “neighbors” don’t feel any compunction to do the same. Unfortunately, dog poop can be riddled with parasites and, even though I regularly take my dog to the vet, some owners do not. I thought this video was hilarious the first time I saw it and wish I understood Russian to know what curse words were being slung about! LOL

  26. she was very brave, i agree that everyone should clean up after their dogs but i don’t think it is a good idea to tackle anyone about it, you just don’t know how they might respond and you could be putting yourself in danger.

    1. Yes you may be right… But THAT is a major part of todays society’s problem NO ONE want’s to get involved or stand up for what is right or just…I am a proud fur baby owner who lives with 2 wonderful pets now and at one time we had 5 in our family, I always found the time and energy to clean up after ALL of them as well as love and give them all the attention and medical treatment they deserved while I raised 3 teens and helped care for 2 sets of aging parents…If I can do it so can ANYONE !!!…Power to the poo busters !!!

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