Justice for Bubba and Bear: Maximum Sentence in Brutal Stabbing

Two men were sentenced to the maximum penalties allowed under Ohio law in deaths of Bubba and Bear, the beloved family pets of Josie and Michael Scythes



Two men were sentenced to the maximum penalties allowed under Ohio law in deaths of Bubba and Bear, the beloved family pets of Josie and Michael Scythes.

In the Ironton Municipal Court, Jonathan Jiles, 20, of Pedro, and Brian Sharp, 20, of Pedro, pleaded guilty to prohibition concerning companion animals and criminal trespassing. Judge Oakley Clark Collins Jr. said of the crime, “This is the meanest act I’ve ever seen.”

In August Josie and Michael Scythes found Bubba and Bear brutally stabbed to death in the front yard of their home in Pedro, OH. The Scythes had gone out for the evening and left their two dogs chained in the front yard. They returned to find a grisly scene: Bubba and Bear had both been stabbed and their throats slit. One of the dogs had been torn in half trying to escape his attacker.

The Scythes posted a $1000.00 reward to try to find the killer. Sheriff Jeff Lawless quickly apprehended Jonathan Jiles, with Brian Sharp in custody days later. The heinous nature of the crime motivated Lawless to go after as many charges as possible. “When you have a crime like this, where people have targeted these innocent animals, we wanted to go after them. And as we looked at the statutes that would govern this for the Ohio Revised Code, cruelty to animals is certainly a charge that would stick so we wanted to research to see if there was something that was a little more stringent because we felt like the nature of the crime warranted a little bit more. So we were able to come up with a prohibition concerning companion animals charge.”

Both men will serve seven months in the county jail, three years probation and fined $1,200. They must also pay restitution of $800 to the dog’s owner and can’t own a penned animal for three years.

At the time of their arrest, both men admitted to stabbing the dogs. This appears to be a random act of senseless violence as both men were drunk at the time and did not specifically target the Scythes. The men told the court at sentencing that they were sorry for what they did.

Josie Scythes commented after the sentencing, “I just couldn’t believe why they would do something like this. Why they would want to do it. I’m very pleased they got the max the law would allow for such a brutal act. It should be considered a felony.”

26 thoughts on “Justice for Bubba and Bear: Maximum Sentence in Brutal Stabbing

  1. I’m certainly not placing blame on the owners, but if you’re leaving your house for an evening out, please secure your animals in a crate inside your house. These idiots, not the owners, should be thrown under the jail and forgotten about. 7 months?!?!? That’s a freaking joke.

  2. This makes me sick! I hope that the Other inmates deliver a message and some “Rough Justice” ! These people are evil and dont even deserve humane treatment!

  3. I hope some new laws are put into place they obviously need to be. How many stories of serial killers that started with killing animals do we need to have on file before we realize this is a pattern? anyone who commits this type of act should at the least be on probation for 10-20 years. And NEVER allowed to own a pet—unbelievable that their law would allow these killers to own a pet after 3yrs.

  4. This is horrible. I hope someone puts these guys lights out before they get released. Not for nothing, the owners should have used some common sense. You never leave your home and leave your dogs tied up outside. Dogs and family pets should be secured inside. This would have never happened.

    1. It’s not the owners fault at all. They probably stepped out for a little bit and the dogs were secure in a gated area. Don’t give these two horrible, disgusting, little fuckers any justice. I agree that dogs are family pets, I have 2 and I would kill for them, but the owners are not to blame for this

  5. 7 months for that, they need life or the death penalty they are going to do it to a human next. Why is the law so stuck on stupid when it comes to these things. No on who does this kind of stuff needs to be walking freely among us.

  6. My brother in law left his blind Shih Tzu inside and someone broke into his home and Bandit was loose in the neighborhood for quite a while before someone came home- just lucky since they live on a major highway he was not killed before they found him. So inside would have protected these dogs maybe but when you tie your dogs out so they can see the world you do not expect some maniac to come along and do something so inhumane to them. I just feel sorry they were tied up and could not escape -that should have been figured into their end results of time served etc. They should never be allowed to have a pet.

  7. My mind will forever be filled with the vision of these two dogs trapped by their chains, fighting for their lives and terrified with no way to escape from the mentally deranged animals that attacked them.

    There is no method for fixing what is wrong with these two individuals. If you can attack, drunk or not, innocent and trapped dogs in the violent manner in which these two POS’s did, then you are genetically dysfunctional and have no redeeming qualities worth saving. They need to be extricated from the civilized world where they can never harm anyone or anything again.

    So sad for these two innocent dogs……..

  8. Until and unless eye-for-an-eye punishment is delivered for those convicted of extreme animal cruelty (AND cruelty to kids, old people, homeless, mentally ill, or otherwise vulnerable persons) these crimes will continue.

    I say chain them up, and begin a stab fest including “tearing them apart.” Let them experience first hand what they did to these dogs.

    I am really damn sick and tired of minimal prison sentences, pitifully tiny “fines” and making excuses for thugs because of what they do when drunk. They made the choice to go drinking. They made the choice to do what they did – torture and murder. Well we as a society should be making our own choice – torture and kill them in the SAME manner they tortured and killed.

  9. These two men are dangerous to animals and all living things. Seven months in jail is NOTHING! They will commit heinous crimes again. At least the police know exactly who to look for this time. It would be a blessing if someone just took care of them while they’re in jail. There are a lot of animals lovers in there.

  10. They shouldnt EVER be allowed to own an animal of any kind. This is a joke seven months. These dogs were brutally attacked for no reason. I hope they got public intoxication charges too. It sickens me the violence people inflict on animals in this country. If you ask me they got off too light. They should have been beaten and stabbed themselves. Scum of the earth these monsters need to be stopped. What if it had been a human, then you would have cared a lot more, and if you dont stop this unforgiveable acts of violence on dogs or cats it wil escalate to humans. Then what will all of you damn judges say?

  11. Where I live these owners could’ve killed these two and gotten away with it. If I’m on a jury, I would not find anyone guilty for avenging the deaths of their animals by killing those responsible. I hope these animal’s owners file a civil suite and go after pain, suffering, mental anguish, etc. Anyone that does something of this nature is a psychopath and an extreme danger to society. Being drunk is not an excuse. This was their nature to begin with. This community will see these two in court again for much more serious crimes in the future-bet on it.

    1. I agree with you Richard and I sure wish I lived where an owner whose animal is tortured and killed could take ultimate revenge and get away with it. Unfortunately the owners are the ones left with tragic memories and the sickening dissatisfaction of seeing murderous thugs get minor punishment for these incredibly brutal, deliberate crimes.

  12. “If you can attack, drunk or not, innocent and trapped dogs in the violent manner in which these two POS’s did, then you are genetically dysfunctional and have no redeeming qualities worth saving. They need to be extricated from the civilized world where they can never harm anyone or anything again.”

    100% correct. Nothing else needs to be said….

    1. What no one ever seems to point out is that the “500 pound gorilla in the room” is something called BLOOD LUST. This is an extremely elevated murderous frenzy indulged in by lovers of violence. It is a term that I believe arose during the hundreds (thousands) of wars up to and through WWI and in actuality is still going on in some of the ethnic cleansing wars in Africa. Trust me you do not want to know details, grisly beyond belief. But the violence fuels more and worse violence and eventually it evolves into something so irrationally horrific as to defy description. In situations where the murderer is fueled not only by violent tendencies but also by alcohol or drugs, they also cross the line into blood lust. It is my belief that once they cross that line they want to do so again and again – and it won’t stop with animals.

  13. I CANNOT BELIEVE all they recieved was 7 mos, and 3 yrs, probation!! Drunk or not, these men committed something so disgusting, that I feel they should have recieved a much STRONGER penalty! THIS is exactly why we need stronger laws to help protect and serve the abused/victimized pets, AND their owners! This makes me very sad.

  14. just read your horrible story about your beloved dogs 7mths thats all the got eh,should have been at least 10 yrs no early parole ,it breaks my heart when i hear about animals being abused ,what right does any human have to do that maybe they should chain up them humans and kick the crap out of them,idrink a few beers once in awhile it would never enter my mind to do something that heinous

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