Loyal Dog Sacrifices His Own Life to Save Suicidal Man

A loyal canine sacrificed his own life to save his suicidal owner from an oncoming train.


A loyal canine sacrificed his own life to save his suicidal owner from an oncoming train. The 48 yr. old Kazakhstani man reportedly consumed an entire bottle of vodka and laid down on the railroad tracks to commit suicide when the train ran over him.

Witnesses in Karaganda reported that the dog of unknown breed saw his unconscious owner in danger and began to pull him from the tracks. The train conductors saw the dog and man on the tracks and desperately attempted to halt the speeding train in time. The dog managed to get the unnamed man off of the tracks with broken ribs and a shoulder injury.

The brave dog couldn’t get off the tracks in time and the locomotive hit the lower half of his body. He died at the scene.

The photo above is a stock photo.

11 thoughts on “Loyal Dog Sacrifices His Own Life to Save Suicidal Man

  1. Sorry but this guy is selfish and should now finish what he started. That poor dog gave up his life for no reason.

      1. i’m not an advocate of suicide but i agree with julie. or he should atleast face jail time or something for this. he may not have killed to dog directly but the dog’s death resulted from his actions.

        1. no no no.. yea lets jail him and make him feel worse thus making another attempt likely, how about actually helping the man people..

    1. Really? So this dog died for nothing? This dog gave his life because he was loyal and selfless and thought that his owner was worth saving. No one knows why they become alcoholics they don’t grow up and say “I think I want to become an alcoholic” This dog was a hero, maybe from his death the owner will realize what is becoming of himself. He may continue to drink but this dog was his best friend. The dog shows more compassion than you judgmental people, no wonder the man kept a dog as his best friend. Shame on you for suggesting that the man should die. That’s very sad. I’m glad I don’t know you. Shame, Shame.

  2. Heart wrenching story, but please consider changing the photo…I know the disclaimer at the end discloses that it is NOT the actual dead dog, but people might not see that sentence and could find the photo unsettling. Thanks for a great site!

    1. Come on LWD… this site is much better than this! Who came up with the idea of this stock photo for a story stating the dog died on the train tracks? Freakin’ common sense, people… ugh…

  3. I agree…the story is extremely heartwarming but the picture is simply heartbreaking and very dificult to look at.

  4. Some of you guys are ridiculous. I love dogs, absolutely love them and all other animals. BUT Idc if this guy was a drug addict or alcoholic or whatever else. But this guy didnt/doesnt deserve to die. He needs help not being condemned to death. I know some of you guys are absolutely crazy about dogs etc. and yall seriously think animals are above you humans. (I work for the humane society of texas and I see those craaaaaaazyy cat ladies and stuff)So I know how people can get about their animals. But I will never, ever, EVER say a animal needs to live before a human. Idc how bad that person is, a person life is and always will be more important then a animals. And if you think differently I’m sorry but you have your priorities messed up. Yea it sucked that the animal had to sacrifice their life for a human, BUT now maybe that addict can seek PROFESSIONAL help and maybe, JUST maybe can make a difference in the world and you never know what can become of this guy and the difference he could make!

  5. I glad people are commenting on the picture they likey saw on their facebook page. I went to “contact us” and wrote to the site expressing the same thing able the upsetting photo.

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