Month: January 2013

Microchip mistake sends family dog out of state

Sometimes people think they are taking all possible precautions to protect their pets, but missing one little detail can change everything. This is what happened when Miley went missing from her home in Rio Linda and wasn’t wearing a collar. The golden retriever somehow got out of the yard and was picked up by a well intentioned passerby who took the dog to the nearest vet and left, thinking everything would be fine.

Update: Dog Dumped for Being ‘Gay’ is Spared from Death

It’s good news today for the poor dog that was surrendered by his owner for being “gay”. The dog, an american bulldog mix, is a healthy and well adjusted pup who just happened to mount another male dog, leading his uninformed and apparently homophobic owner to believe that he was “gay”.

Microchip brings Oreo home after 4 years missing

The boston terrier disappeared from his Palo Alto home over 4 years ago when a gate was left open. His family searched desperately but no one ever reported having seen the adorable black and white dog, and eventually his family lost hope of ever finding him.

Longest serving military working dog retires

This afternoon at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho a retirement ceremony is being held for the longest-serving military working dog in the Department of Defense. For twelve years Tanja has served as a detection and patrol dog and is now looking forward to retirement with her current handler.

Hime: A Rescue’s Story

Hime was scared and sad, but she found happiness, love, security, and the ability to enjoy life after being pulled from a shelter, going through foster care, and finding her forever home.