Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for the Killing of Two Dogs

A South Carolina man who admitted to killing two dogs received the maximum sentence on Tuesday and will spend 10 years in jail for his crimes.


A South Carolina man who admitted to killing two dogs received the maximum sentence on Tuesday and will spend 10 years in jail for his crimes.

On July 2nd  a black Lab was found with her mouth and legs bound after being tossed into a canal. That dog was luckily was rescued by fishermen who got her the help she needed. She was treated and has been staying at the St. Francis Animal Center where she is doing well and has been given the name Dara.

Two other dogs weren’t as lucky. Three days later they were found dead in the canal after being taped in the same manner as Dara had been. They had been deceased for several days.  Several tips led investigators to Bobby Joe McConnell  who was arrested and charged. McConnell admitted his involvement in the dogs’ mistreatment and deaths. The two dogs belonged to his mother-in-law and his daughter. According to his attorney McConnell had been taking Xanax, Percocet and drinking alcohol when he committed the crimes.

McConnell was charged with two counts of ill treatment of animals and pleaded guilty to both charges. Judge Larry Hyman sentenced McConnell on Monday and gave McConnell the maximum sentence for each charge and described McConnell’s actions as “the product of an evil heart.” McConnell will serve 5 years on each charge. He must also pay $10,000 in fines, half of which will go to the St. Francis Animal Center. In addition McConnell has been ordered to pay the over $1,800 St. Francis Animal Shelter has spent on Dara’s care.

38 thoughts on “Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for the Killing of Two Dogs

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  1. Yes, thank you, to Judge Hyman for taking animal abuse seriously and giving this piece of crap the sentence he deserves……well, that’s legal.

  2. Ok, so 10 years is a good start for monsters like this. It will also serve as somewhat of a deterrent. However, how are they going to ensure that he pays his fines? That’s a joke. He’s a loser and 2 dogs are dead because of his drugged up and crazed self 🙁

  3. That is a great sentence compared to what we normally see. Let’s hope other judges follow suit.

  4. A Judge with good sense and a dislike of cowardly scum who abuse animals. I wish we had Judges like Judge Larry Hyman here in the UK.
    We would have been lucky to see a Judge here give the dog killer a 6 month suspended sentence and a 2 year ban on keeping a dog.

  5. Thank you judge! I hope your leadership will prove as an example to judges all over the world who think it’s just fine to torture and kill animals.

    And if this guy’s throat gets slit in prison, oh well.

  6. This is an excellent start to taking animal abuse seriously. 5 years per dog now if that applied to Michael Vick didnt he admit to 6????

  7. Michael Vick, the rest of his time on earth is going to suck. move forward people…. the laws are getting harsher, courts are getting tougher…the idiots are going to learn that you can’t treat animals this way. Thank you Judge ! as for our furry friends that lost their lives, i’m so so sorry. I’ve asked my 3 little ones to find and meet you so that you can have more friends where your at.People are watching over you pups and you are loved.

  8. Wow! What a shocker! Hopefully other states (and Judges) will take notice and discover what Judge Hyman saw, a wicked evil man and got him off the street before he committed more crimes.

    I hope there are ALOT of animal lovers where he is going. Doubtful. But one can only hope.

  9. Thank you, Mr. judge man! Maybe the guy will learn in those ten years to treat animals better. Even more, hopefully he’ll never be allowed to touch an animal again!

  10. Animal lovers and I thank you Judge Hyman. I pray that others in the same position as you take your lead. You are an amazing soul and let’s hope, a trailblazer.

  11. The maximum consecutive prison sentence was great. As for the fine, getting him to pay it could be a joke, but not if it is (LITERALLY) taken out of his hide by a hefty prison officer with a high-and-tight haircut who is adept with a bullwhip… Let’s say one lash per $10.00, floggings of 10 lashes carried out the first Monday of every month in prison until he has received 1,000 licks, sounds about right.

    1. You have a problem. I’m glad I don’t know you. You really need some professional help before you kill someone.

    2. Civilization can be measured in the way we treat our animals. They are sentient beings. He deserves the sentence. Educate yourself.

  12. What a POS this man is. Yes to the justice system giving him maximum sentencing, unfortunately 5 years per offense doesn’t seem like very much but at least he pleaded guilty for being a murderer! I think him having to pay the animal hospital was a great way to extend justice to the animal that was able to survive the ordeal, and a small glimpse if how much more work we need to do to get these consequences delivered to more offenders. Aminal lovers are growing stronger everyday, and thanks to some tips from others, these dogs will finally receive some justice in their name.

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    Shooting my dog I know who shot my dog
    Name John Bernard.

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