Lucky Dog gets Shamrock from Duchess

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In honor of St.Patricks Day the Duchess of York presented traditional sprigs of shamrock to officers and guardsmen at Aldershot Barracks, and one special canine got to join in the fun. The dog, an Irish wolfhound named Domhnall, was carrying out his first public engagement as a member of the regiment.

Domhnall wore a smart scarlet cape that matched the tunics of the soldiers, and he was led over to Kate by his handler, Drummer David Steed.  Kate ceremoniously attached the sprig to his silver collar.  The tradition of handing out the shamrock sprigs is centuries old and was started by Queen Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII, in 1901.

Dohmnall has been training to take the place of Conmeal who was the beneficiary of the shamrock from Kate at last years event.  Conmeal, who is now 6 years old  was recently retired.  Irish wolfhounds have been the official mascots of the regiment since 1902.  The Irish Guards are the only Guards regiment permitted to have their mascot lead them on parade.  Originally, the mascot was in the care of a drummer boy, but is now looked after by one of the regiment’s drummers and his family.

Kate is known to be a huge dog lover herself and so she saved the best for last, Dohmnall was the last to receive his special sprig from the Duchess and he wore it proudly.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Dog gets Shamrock from Duchess”

  1. Awesome tribute… beautiful all around! This Duchess has some Diana in and/or inspiring her, methinks.

  2. As someone who had an Irish wolfhound years ago I am especially touched by this. Such a lovely picture. I really like Kate Middleton. I think she is a breath of fresh air — a class act so different from most of the Hollywood crowd. You Brits did good!!!!!!

  3. You might want to correct your typo. Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge, not the Duchess of York. Sarah Ferguson used to be the Duchess of York when she was married to Prince Andrew as he is the Duke of York.

    Prince William is also the Duke of Cambridge, this title was given to him on the occasion of his marriage to Kate, hence Kate automatically is known as Duchess of Cambridge.

    Just a heads up for you guys. 🙂

    Love Kate, she is a breath of fresh air into the Royal family. Her and Prince William are my favourites. Diana would be so happy seeing them both. A lovely couple.


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