Justice Sought after Neighbor Kills Two Friendly Dogs

Last month Dawn McClellan’s two dogs got out of their run and went for a swim in the McClellan’s pond. A neighbor of McClellan’s was also at the pond and when the two friendly dogs would make the mistake of following the neighbor home it would end in tragedy.


Last month Dawn McClellan’s two dogs got out of their run and went for a swim in the McClellan’s pond. A neighbor of McClellan’s was also at the pond and when the two friendly dogs would make the mistake of following the neighbor home it would end in tragedy.

According to McClellan the dogs, Tucker and Huey, got out of their run on the night of June 26th and headed to the McClellan’s pond for a swim. The McClellan’s neighbor, Kevin Lirot, was also at the pond and when he left to go home the two friendly Alaskan Malamutes followed. Once back at the Lirot’s home the unthinkable happened.

McClellan and her husband were frantically calling and looking for their two dogs. It had been only 15 or 20 minutes since they had gotten out of their run and the McClellan’s knew they had to be nearby.


McClellan’s husband, Jeff, was driving around in his truck searching when he saw Lirot drag the two dogs from his garage. He jumped out of his truck and said, “Oh my god what happened.” Lirot replied that he had shot them because they wouldn’t leave.

While the McClellan’s didn’t see what exactly happened to Tucker and Huey there was blood all over the Lirot’s garage and a trail of blood as the dogs’ lifeless bodies were dragged out onto his driveway. Tucker had a rope tied around his neck. The McClellans suspect that Huey was shot first and Tucker was tied up and then shot. At some point Lirot had called police and claimed the dogs were being aggressive and police informed him he had to right to protect himself.

Despite Lirot telling the police the dogs were aggressive, when the McClellan’s questioned him whether the dogs had been aggressive or caused damage to anything he denied it. Instead Lirot told the McClellans that the two dogs had not shown any aggression or done any damage, they had simply followed him home and wouldn’t leave.

“Tucker and Huey were two of the sweetest boys you could ever meet and they did nothing wrong and he killed them,” said McClellan. “All they wanted was his attention. They loved all people and thought all people loved them. We had no idea that being happy lovable and social dogs would get them killed.”

Lirot has not been charged with anything, though a police report was filed.

A Facebook group called Justice for Tucker and Huey has been set up to get the word out about this tragedy and hopefully bring justice.

46 thoughts on “Justice Sought after Neighbor Kills Two Friendly Dogs

  1. NOw why does nothing in here that this man did sound human, legal or ethically right…. charges should be pressed

      1. I am the one that started the page for Justice for Tucker & Huey. There was no mention of anyone being black or white. I am really offended that someone is using this story as an excuse to make a comment like that. If I could delete I would.

        1. who cares what color the person is, what the person did was unforgiveable, that’s the bottom line.

  2. Tragic. There will be no justice here. The law places the responsibility on the owner to effectively restrain/contain their animal(s). No one can prove the dogs were not aggressive. It’s all hearsay. Frankly I find it hard to believe this twisted individual was incapable of scaring the dogs away. One was tied. He wanted to kill those dogs and he did. My condolences to the owners. Peace for them will be difficult to achieve in that neighborhood.

    1. They were on the owners property. You do not have to restrain your dogs, when they are on your property. Its why my yard is fenced so they can have free run. There is a leash law in my city, and my dogs are leashed when they are not on my property. But to be on someone else’s property and then be upset when the dogs follow you home, I am curious, did he put the rope on the dog before they left the property???
      This scumbag needs to be charged criminally, sued civilly and then put in stocks for a month or so, and when he has nothing left, he can start to understand..

    2. It can be proven. His story doesnt add up any way you slice it. If they were aggressive he wouldnt have gotten one tied up, he’d have evidence on himself of their aggression ie bites scratches etc. He could have easily gone into his house instead of his garage and gotten away from them and called animal control. And everyone who knows the dogs is not hearsay, the same kind of testimony to a persons character is admissible in court, why not an animals? The problem is this states laws regarding animals rights, and many other states across the country. Im truly shocked that this man has not been attacked. I think if I had been the man who caught this sicko dragging my dog tied up and bloody and dead out of his garage I would have attacked him. Would it do any good? No, I’d be the one in jail but I just dont think I’d be able to control myself.

  3. So terribly sad, so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine having to live near such violent viscious people.

  4. Why is it that so many people are shooting dogs now? It seems every day I am reading someone has shot a dog! I know no one wants to talk gun control but really if this NUT didn’t have one this wouldn’t have happened. The NUT should be charged and put away! Who just “sees” a dog following them and kills them? He knew who the dogs belonged to and he was just on their property… he should be in jail! I can’t even begin to imagine your heartbreak….. my deepest sympathy to you and your wife…… I hope you get justice for your babies!

  5. mr. lirot is apparently a sociopath. Any children missing? No justice from officials? I’d mete it out myself. The sooner the better, this guy is an asshole taking up space.

  6. Are you kidding me right now ? OMG I would of did the same thing to the guy as soon as I saw my dogs bodies. and jail would of been so worth it and a few more dogs would be safe with this monster dead.

  7. He needs to be arested for cruelty to animals and jailed for doing it and then pay for how much those beautiful dogs are worth and then for pain and suffering! Millions!

  8. This can only happen because you let anyone have a gun. When will you learn that allowing anyone to own guns means that anyone has the power to kill the innocent, be it dogs or children.

    1. the guy could have gotten his gun illegally, so don’t start with that crap, criminals don’t register, and get their guns legally, and does it sound like he’s a sane person with what he did? hell no

  9. Why are these people freaking out? These are two huge dogs that were on his land, and no one knows if he had a fear of dogs. What if the guy had children or small animals on his land? His first priority is to make sure that he and his household are safe. If you want to have large dogs then you need to be responsible for them.

    1. what was he doing on THEIR land and at THEIR pond at night in the first place! If he had not been on THEIR property the dogs would not have followed him to his property. THAT’s why the heartbroken owners are ‘freaking out’.

      1. i wouldn’t be surprised if he went onto the property for the purpose of luring the dogs over.

    2. bollocks – or did you miss the significance of the photos above? those dogs were SHOW DOGS. that means they were categorically not human-aggressive and were very well managed. furthermore, he knew damned well whose dogs they were – it’s not like they were two scruffy, mangy-looking ferals slinking out of the bush and stalking him.

      ffs, he tied up the one dog in his garage before shooting him!

    3. I can only give you the facts. There were no livestock or children on his property. He answered the following questions with the following answers: Did they growl at you? No. Did they show you their teeth? No. Did they lunge at you? No. Then why did you shoot them? Because they wouldn’t go away.

      If you think that is a good reason for killing them, so be it. I don’t think it is a good excuse and I am joined by many.

    4. actually he was on their property without permission and they followed him home If the idiot had stayed on his own property to begin with this never would have happened so dont make out like this guy is oh so innocent

    5. 1- Husky’s are not huge dogs.
      2- How afraid are you of a dog, you tied up??
      3- Seriously, he goes onto someone else’s land and you justify it?
      4- The dogs were shot in his garage, and one was tied, that must mean he was terrified for his children or his animals.
      5- Maybe you are afraid of dogs, and would shoot someone else’s dog. And are trying to justify it.

  10. if the dogs were so aggressive why in the world did he tie one of them up an shoot it? That proved intent. Good heavens… if you’re that afraid of dogs – go in your house and call animal control!! don’t shoot someone’s dog unless he can PROVE the dog attacked first.

  11. He probably tied him up after he shot them to drag them out of his garage. Most likely had already taken the rope off the first one he drug out and was in the process of dragging out the second one when the owner drove up. So incredibly heartbreaking and senseless.

  12. I do not condone his actions in anyway and agree that justice is to be sought. However anonymous, what has race got to do with it, I’m sure many hillbillys not only shoot but eat dogs as well.

  13. If the shooter was at McClellan’s pond they should have shot him because isn’t that trespassing???? WTH is wrong with this picture? They better prosecute that bastard!

  14. For one people-show dogs are NOT aggressive towards people OR other dogs, or they are NOT allowed in the show ring. These were expensive SHOW dogs, not mutts just wandering around.
    Lirot should have NEVER been on their property at THEIR pond in the first place. And we ALL know he knew who’s dogs they were. First he says they were aggressive, then he changes his story??? What a friggin’ liar!!
    I see alot of people here saying gun control-NO gun control is NOT the answer. An asshole like Lirot would have found another way to kill those beautiful dogs, be it poison or whatever. He was out to kill them. One cannot tie up or even get close to an aggressive dog without getting bitten! It’s MORE that obvious he has NO conscience nor is he a resposible gun owner.
    I am SO heartbroken over reading your story and I hope the cops get off their collective backsides and charge this jerk, throw him in jail and forget where they left the keys!!!!

  15. This man is not a man, no real person would do such a thing, knowing that those dogs were not aggressive. He enjoyed killing them and dragging them around to the edge of the street or what ever….What real human would do that? I think jail is too easy for him, I know that they are just dogs, but next it could be a human, and he would enjoy doing away with them as well. He had no heart, or conscience and I know he would do it again…so can you guess what I would say next?????

  16. There is a dog on my property, I have an Alaskian Malalmute that stays in the house except when he goes out ot take care of business or to play. The visiting dog actually lives about 1/3 mile away as the crow flies and he well not go home and when his owner comes and gets him, he will stay at his home for a few days ,
    hours, or minutes, and then he comes back and goes back and forth as he pleases. He is definitely not a show dog or purebred of any kind. He kinda looks lie a cross between a pit bull and somekind of shepherd. You cannot run him off and he will not stay away, but shoot him because he won’t leave, you got to be kidding. That is
    no excuse

  17. I am so disturbed by this incident. We have to ban together to get legal support for the animals. What right does an animal have??? Everyone wants to shoot them and claims they are aggressive. Animals are a precious gift from God and intended for our enjoyment. It is all in how you raise them. There are sick’os out there that think they want an aggressive dog and treat them mean from a pup. These dogs were raised with love and were not aggressive. You have a lot of legal standing if you can get someone to hear you. I send my prayers to the owners and the sorrow they are going through. I will definately share this and try to get Rights For Our Dogs.

  18. my heart goes out to you ,this is just off full ..What is wrong with people now a days ..If this guy was a neighbor,then he should have known the dogs and known that they were not aggressive and even if he didn’t know the dogs ,everyone knows if a dog is aggressive your not going to get close enough to put a rope around its neck..you call the owners or call the police if they are on your property to have them removed …and besides if these dogs were aggressive he would have known long before they followed him home..I have seen many dogs in my life time and you can tell if there friendly or not . A friendly dog will run right up to you which i’m sure they probley did . this man was a cold hearted killer and theres no way he should get away with killing these beautifull dogs …any dog owner will tell you there dog is part of there family ,there just like a child ..would you kill a child if they found there way on your property I THINK NOT ….

  19. My take: I think he had a grudge against the dogs owners maybe for something that had nothing to do with the dogs. When he saw the dogs in the pool he deliberately went on their property with the specific intent to lutre them away and then kill them. He called the police to say the dogs were aggressive to cover his repulsive psycho ass. I think a lawyer could make a case that this was pre meditated to get even with this family,

    If the police wont charge him, charge him in the court of public opinion, Plaster his name and picture everywhere and label him “dog killer” call his place of employment and advise they are employing a dog killer. Point at him on the street and whisper what can the SOB do nothing. Make him uncomfortable wherever he goes. Treat him like the pariah that he is!!!!! These tragedies HAVE TO STOP one way or another.

  20. @Furkid Mom
    Creating a smear campaign in the media for this is you answer? I guess because that solves all the problems right? Not like for us to have a justice system to utilize or anything lets just smear away with limited facts and half a story.

    On topic:
    They owners can and should take this individual to Civil court for this and I hope they do. I hope that they are able to get some sort of recompense from this tragedy but do not forget while all the hate is being spread around here the story being told is only one side of the story and some of that being delivered via a 3rd party. There is a petition to get the laws changed, sign it to show your support because no matter what you believe there was almost certainly another way this could have been handled beyond shooting the animals.

  21. My dogs are my children… if someone were to kill them, and I found out who did. They’d never find any part of the bastard… There is no justice for animals… a lousy fine… big deal… doesn’t stop anyone… Its a LOVED ONES LIFE! Law says I have the right to protect myself and my family and I would!

  22. https://www.facebook.com/groups/P.A.C.Tforjustice/

    People Against Cruelty Towards pets..United we stand as a voice to the voiceless. We will get laws changed, one state at a time, by writing letters, doing demonstrations and talking with news agencies. Animals lost to cruel acts will not have died in vein.

    Our focus is the inhumane treatment of pets by law enforcement and the general public.
    This includes, unwarrented killing, maiming or causing illness such as poisonings to family pets across the United States.
    We are pushingfor a change in laws as wild animals have more rights, protection and laws than family pets do.

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