Good Samaritan Rescues Dog Used as Bait in Dog Fighting

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Bait dog found with hundreds of wounds

tritonA Good Samaritan came to the rescue of a severely injured do that officials believe was used as a bait dog. The dog arrived at the Humane Society of Indianapolis with hundreds of puncture wounds and underwent emergency surgery. He is now on the road to recovery.

A man named Gene found the dog, which has been named Triton, wandering in his neighborhood. The dog was covered in wounds and his legs were swollen. Gene brought the dog to the Humane Society of Indianapolis where staff was taken aback by his condition.

“It was shocking. He had huge gashes on his forearms,” said Christine Jeschke with the Humane Society of Indianapolis. “On the front of his legs you could see puncture wounds everywhere.”

Some of the puncture wounds were obviously older than others as they were all in different stages of healing. They shaved Triton’s fur to find even more wounds on his body. Triton didn’t have any wounds on his face which was an indication that he had been used as a bait dog.

“Dogs used as bait for dog fighting practice are often muzzled or their mouths are bound with duct tape so they can’t defend themselves and injure the prize dog,” said Jeschke.

Triton will stay at the Humane Society of Indianapolis while he recovers from his various injuries. They are not sure when he will be available for adoption as he will have emotional injuries to recover from as well.

If you wish to help with Triton’s care donations can be made at

11 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Rescues Dog Used as Bait in Dog Fighting”

    • These dogs are found – but not enough is being done here – track these thugs that fight these dogs – it’s all over – people must see these things going on.

    • Seriously Sandy?! You’re on a site named Life With Dogs & you’re making an ignorant statement regarding breed? I think it’s time you leave this site & take your prejudice with you.

    • Actually Sandy…they use all breeds of dogs as bait dogs!! All dog breeds can be trained to be aggressive/fight…

    • What difference does it make what breed of dog it is? No dog deserves to be treated this way. If you were a real dog lover you would agree. Why don’t you educate yourself and read “The Lost Dogs” a book about the Michael Vick dogs and see what these poor dogs go through? While your’re at it educate yourself on Pit Bulls in general and stop being so narrow minded.

  1. I don’t care what kind o dog is “used” as bait…we need to get ALL those evil dog-fighting rings shut down and the perps severely punished….and I DO mean SEVERELY!! There is NO excuse for causing another living being so much pain; none whatsoever. The greed and stupidity of those idiots who run dog-fighting rings is beyond my comprehension. They need a “dose of their own medicine”!! THAT would undoubtedly stop dog-fighting in its tracks!!! Dogs DO feel, people…actually they have most of the same “emotions” as do we humans; they just can’t actually speak verbally as we do!

  2. well, well, mr anonymous. of course you are anonymous. leave your name and they will come and hang you by your testicles. forever. what awful, bigoted comment. may you burn in hell.

  3. Clint,
    That’s great to hear about Triton doing so well! Thanks for sharing that info. I hope he continues to heal and finds the right family when he is ready and able.


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