Deadly Ohio Dog Virus Hits Michigan

Symptoms can include lethargy, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and most notably, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dogs displaying these symptoms should be rushed to a vet, especially if someone they’ve been in close contact with is also ill.

 10.3.13 - Dog Virus

Dog owners of the midwest, beware: there’s a deadly disease striking dogs, and it may be spreading to them by their owners. Flu-like symptoms may be present, and can be fatal within 12-24 hours of contracting it.

Cases of the virus similar to circovirus (typically associated with pigs) have been reported all across Ohio, and now six Michigan dogs have died from it. There is no name for the mysterious illness, because veterinarians and scientists aren’t exactly sure what it is yet.

“The laboratory confirmation is important because the virus is newly isolated, however we are not prepared at this time to confirm that canine circovirus is the cause of the dog illnesses,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey. “Because the symptoms being exhibited can also be linked to other known illnesses, additional analysis and information is needed to determine if this virus alone or in co-infection contributes to illness and death in dogs.”

Symptoms can include lethargy, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and most notably, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dogs displaying these symptoms should be rushed to a vet, especially if someone they’ve been in close contact with is also under the weather. Dogs can be saved, but only if they are treated immediately.

“Usually within about 12 to 24 hours of it starting,” said Dr. Lindsay Ruland of the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor.

It is unknown how the virus is transmitted, but it may be spreading through saliva and feces. No humans or other animals are believed to have died from the virus, but doctors are recommending that people wash their hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after touching their pets and their pets’ food, bedding, toys, etc. For the time, none of these items should be shared between animals, especially if people around them have had flu-like symptoms, and contact between dogs should be limited, or avoided altogether if it is known that a dog (or its human) has been sick recently.

“Traditionally we don’t pass viruses to our pets. This year, I think that there is potential that we are passing it to our pets,” Dr. Ruland said.






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  1. My Doxie had the flu early last year,, had to get flu shot for her,, and will do so, every year. this flu is very contageous. dogs get it from sniffing. where another dog that had the flu has been, the sick dog could have been just passing through,.

    1. That is a different virus. The h1n3 virus you vaccinate for, a good thing to vaccinate for, but it’s a different disease.

          1. yeah, smh means shaking my head.

            and of course it can end up in GA. Why wouldn’t it?

      1. why do you have so much hate we are here to comfort people that are going thru very very hard time losing a family member please think twice before what you say what comes around goes around I am sure this virus could endup everywhere luckily the freezing temps wil kill the virus

        1. Because people are very heartless these days. They dont care about anything but whst they can get from others. Its very sad becausevan animsl has just as msny feelings as a REAL human. Have some companion. … or maybe when they are sick and in the hospital people will have and sho them the same kindness and compassion. LOVE YOUR FUR FRIENDS

          1. Or it’s just that people shake their head about some people’s knowledge, especially in America. The virus can spread anywhere, people asking such questions should sometimes just think twice. It almost hurts to see how many people think thinking will hurt them. And then it’s very funny how people can draw the conclusions as you two did and starting to judge people. See, there are people out there who work their asses off to change things they don’t like, they sometimes have harder lives than you do but they don’t bitch about the world. Yes, pain about a loss does not just go away, it takes time. In case you have an issue with some emotions start taking control and quit judging other people for stuff they never said. (before you go on about it, I said in case — meaning I am not judging you because I dont know you) ITS OUTRIGHT RIDICULOUS

  2. We just bought a coon hound from Ohio had him 4 days and he died… Wouldn’t eat drink or move had very bloody stools… We are in Michigan and was told it was possible parvo. We bleached everything he was around and all our other dogs houses n ground. Hope it doesn’t affect them

    1. McCoy your other dogs won’t be affected by parvo if they have been vaccinated! Get them vaccinated! If it was in fact Parvo that is

      1. I think my dog might of had this along with his diabetes cause he had the bloody diarherra and not wanting to eat. I live in Louisville ky. This happen on the 28th of September

        1. I had given my Rotts 5 series of shots. N my dog at 6 months came down with Pavo. N the adults who were his momn Dad didn’t get them.

          1. If your dogs get the shots in the first three months of their lives there is a good chance that they will not provide protection. Puppies receive short term immunity from their mothers milk and the vaccination will not be effective. About 8-10 weeks after weaning the immunity wears off and the vaccinations are effective. That is why puppy shots are repeated. The vaccination is not always effective. The vet can do a titers test to see if your dogs actually have immunization. The titers test can eliminate the need for repeated vaccinations. Unneeded vaccinations are sometimes harmful to your pets.

      2. That’s not entirely true. Some dogs are more susceptible to parvo, despite vaccination, and depending a number of factors, there is potential for the spread of parvo. McCoy should discuss this with his/her rDVM and ensure that he/she has done everything necessary to prevent the other dogs from getting sick. Also, parvo can live in the environment for up to 1.5 to 2 years. No puppies should be brought into the household, if that puppy was, for about 2 years to ensure that any new puppies do not get parvo. Additionally, no adult dogs with unknown vaccination status should be brought in for the same reason, for the same length of time. Hope this helps, McCoy! 🙂

        1. Some breeds are more susceptible to parvo. We had a rotty that got parvo even though she had her shots. Our vet recommends susceptible breeds get an additional shot in the 1st series.

      3. i hate to tell you but a dog can still get parvo if its been vaccinated, all shots do is lower the risk nothing is 100% effective

      4. Vaccines are not 100% effective so there is still a risk of contracting a disease EVEN if you are vaccinated for it.

      5. Vaccinated dogs can still be affected by and contract parvo. A vaccine is not a 100% guarantee the animal is “safe” from a disease…just helps protect them against it more.

        1. Parvo has many strains and many are not even in the current vaccs available. It can and probably will mutate into more. That is what the viruses do. So, what I’m saying is Parvo, mutation not covered in the vaccinations… I read that when buying puppy vacs. It is written. To say it is unknown is a media… choice of words.

        2. same with people and vaccines (although you should be responsible and get you and your kids vaccinated). i had blood tests done for clinicals during school and it showed the level of antibodies, if any, for a number of diseases. even though i had been vaccinated several times and had booster shots, i was still under therapeutic level for some of those diseases. my body just didnt produce the antibodies and i was a nonresponder for those vaccines.

    2. Please don’t buy! adopt from a shelter. That sounds a lot like parvo…. dogs are not fully vaccinated against parvo until 4 months so up until that age you should be extremely cautious parvo is not something to mess with it has an 85% death rate so keep your puppy sheltered until it is fully vaccinate and even then be careful! at our rescue we think the parvo is becoming resistant to the vaccine we have had fully vaccinated adult dogs get it.

  3. This virus can end up anywhere. We are a traveling society and as we move we bring things like this with us. Dog owners everywhere should be aware this is out there and infecting out dogs.

    1. Sorry, but much of what is at that link is fiction. The dogs in California all had been bitten by ticks. Not so the Ohio dogs. One dog in the Ohio deaths tested positive for circovirus, none of the others did. Nothing is served by jumping to conclusions.

  4. I live in east tn and had 3 dogs affected by the same thing a few years ago. It was parvo like symptoms but in a 6 month old pup and 2 older adults (all vaccinated). They got sick quick and it was over soon. The vets never seen it before and all the tests were negative that they usually run. I spoke to a lady at a grooming place and she said she knew exactly what I was talking about and it was new, they called it corona virus.

    1. This is NOT Corona Virus, this is different. The Groomer was confused between the Corona and Circovirus names obviously.

      1. Right now, they’re calling it circovirus. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t turn out to be a strain of or mutation of a corona virus or even parvo. It’s so early on, that making such definitive statements when investigating DVM’s don’t even completely understand it yet is a bit pre-mature. Also, the groomer may have believed it to be a corona virus (there are several strains) if it was deemed not to be parvo, as the symptoms of parvo and corona viruses are fairly similar. The circovirus is new enough for everyone to make a lot of guesses about, but the truth is, vets are working pretty hard to find out more. In practice, it comes down to treating symptoms and keeping the pet alive and working with owners to ensure good outcomes for any other family pets. Call it what you want, even. But find the best way to treat it. Probably the biggest reason we’ll find out more than we know now about it is the human-pet link.

  5. I have cured two dogs with confirmed Parvo F with just papaya enzyme and probiotics, the chewable human kind. But it must be given as soon as vomiting and/or bloody stools appear. Before they stop eating drinking. Once they lose the desire to eat you must crush it into small doses of water and dropper it down their throats. It is miraculous how quickly they respond. Our dog was dropped in less that six hours with symptoms I began treating her immediately because it was Friday and the vet said they could not see her till Monday morning. I dropped a stool sample on Friday got the confirmation Monday but by then she was already well and no treatment was needed. The very was blown away given how high get viral count was. We lived in apartments and our neighbors dog got it too. Same treatment with papaya and probiotics because they could not afford a vet. Their dog was far worse by the time wer started but still fully recovered in 4 days. My bet is looking into it and had begun adding it into conventional parvo treatments

    1. Please see you vet if you suspect parvo or this other virus, then you and the vet can speak about “natural cures” and other realities.

      1. Clearly, the vet couldn’t see the dog until Monday. This person reacted right away opposed to waiting 3 days. It also clearly states that the stool sample was dropped off on Friday as well. Did you not read the entire post?….

    2. please email me and tell me exactly how much and how often its worth a try i just lost 3 dogs and a 4th is sick..

  6. I wonder if this disease could be passed to a human immune comprimised Individual? If so would it be fatal to the dog and human?

    1. if the symptoms are monitored and treated early, then no, it wont necessarily be fatal. the key is early detection and treatment.

  7. I saw the same type of symptoms in a dog in India too.. :'(
    can someone please suggest how to cure this.


    1. Yep, Goodness knows how dangerous it is to socialize your dogs!

      If you isolate your dog because there is a possible new virus out there, you are increasing your chances of having a poorly socialized dog. Poorly socialized dogs act aggressively to humans and animals. This, in my opinion, is a much more likely way to lose your animal, whether it be by the police, or rescue/forfeiture.

      Look, be careful, be vigilant, and relax, the chances of your dogs getting this are extremely thin. If you see an ill dog, steer clear and clean yourself, your pet, and the area… This is common sense and no different than any other time.

      Personally, I avoid places such as dog parks, where there is a high concentration of bodily fluids, and almost no interaction with the dogs to whom the fluid originated. Instead, allow your dog to interact with other people and animals you see in day to day life, and invite new people and animals into your home, and meet up with them in other places (i.e. Beach, or Hiking Trail, or Camp Ground), and let them be dogs!

      Okay, kicking the common sense soap box away now…

      1. Angel

        that’s not neccessary true.My dogs don’t hang around other animals and people and none of them are aggressive.People do have tempermental dogs and they don’t get tooken away for being aggressive.They only get tooken away if the owner is irresponsible and doesn’t take proper percautions on keeping the public safe.Some people over socialize their dogs and have no form of protection when some creep breaks in to their house at night because people took their dog’s natural drive to protect away.

    1. Not necessarily. It sounds like it could be, but I think there are a lot of factors we still don’t know yet. Humans rarely carry the parvo virus. In fact, I believe we carry a form of the corona virus that would be more comparable to this. It could be a parvo or corona virus mutation, but I think it’s a bit early in the process to say for sure that there’s an answer here. The only thing that seems like an absolute fact, other than the common symptoms of parvo and corona viruses is the zoonotic potential, only it’s kinda the opposite direction from what we normally think of as zoonotic situations.

  9. I think is sounds like parvo too. Maybe a mutated strain that simulates a neg. test. I lost one poor dog so quick to that. Recognized it much quicker with my lab. He was not a young pup but a juvenile still and we made sure he had all his shots before bringing him home as our vet told us the virus could linger in the yard for 2 years.
    He got it anyway. We even cleaned the yard and fence with bleach before bringing him home. His parvo shot was a “live” series instead of the standard strain and fortunately he lived but it was touch and go. He sure did love his vet after that.

  10. I had a litter of pups they were given to good homes and I got a call one by one they were dying and they said it was parvo but I had kept one dog plus I had chiuhuahuabpups well they started getting sick so I found out the vet usestamiflu for parvo so I got my Dr to give me a script and used Gatorade also they all came out of it it wasn’t par probably the flu

  11. No doubt, due to how we raise, house, and dispose of the waste of these animals…
    How we evolved into such an inhumane culture…I will never understand.
    Thank God I’m 60, have no Children, and I’m going to be leaving here with a clean conscience…
    I’m not sure what I expected…but it certainly wasn’t ‘this’ mess we’ve evolved to…if it can even be considered “evolved”…
    We’re pathetic as a culture…I’ll even go so far as to say a Race…or Species…we suck.

    1. Wow, sounds like someone never had much of a life to have any joy in. We are pathetic as a culture, in many ways, however, apathy is the enemy of growth, change and improvement and it sounds like you have totally lost the ambition to reach out and try to improve on what is going on by sitting back and washing your hands of it. Know something? Just because you didn’t have any kids, and are leaving with a “clean Conscience” doesn’t make you any less of a contributor by “lack of involvement”.

  12. I heard it has showed up in Colorado and Utah. I don’t know how true it is. Everybody should be very careful.

  13. Whats the matter with you people, laboratories can’t figure out what it is but all of you scientist think it, is parvovirus.

  14. Our Bassett had similar symptoms about 3 months ago. We are in northern Michigan. Our vet ruled out parvovirus. The dog was very sick for about 3-4 days we were sure we were going to loose her. She had to be syringe watered. She almost acted as if she had had a stroke. She had trouble chewing once she did start to eat. She was lethargic and tired easily for a couple of weeks. She has had a complete recovery and it did not spread to other pets. Our vet thought it may have been a poisoning or an allergic reaction to something possibly a fungus or mold in the woods.

  15. These are all symptoms of the disease. These symptoms go with many many dieases. When you have any suspensions instead of self diagnosing and treating get them to a vet! I live very near where this started and have 4 dogs. My one dog had very similar symptoms as listed above and I took her in ASAP. X-rays showed she had something in her belly, she stayed overnight on IV fluids and meds, and was able to pass out what was making her sick. She was feeling better a few days later. Help us in the veterinary world by taking your pets in. This will help us learn what supportive care try need to survive and hopefully we can start testing for antibodies so we can at least start tracking and making a vaccine for it. This is a very virus and we need to learn about it

    1. I have lost 3 dogs and another sick not one vet nor msu will help or even look into what my dogs was/are sick with! so how do i get help?

      1. DESTINY: Contact Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab,Utah. They care for 1700 animals and have several excellent vets. You can contact them on-line at,

  16. My 13 year old dog Sasha, Stopped eating and was just lying around. I took her to the Vet on Saturday and he checked her stool and said it was ok and he was sure she would get better. He gave her a medicine for Arthritis as he said she may be in pain from it. Well on Monday I woke up to a pool of blood in the kitchen. Rushed her to the Vet and he asked if she could of got into poison. No as she is an inside dog and only goes out on a leash. Well he took blood work and found her body wasn’t making any blood. Gave her a blood transfusion and an IV and said we will have to see. She died on Tuesday and They said it must of been stomach cancer. I will never really know as they did no autopsy to find out why she really died. I can’t believe I have a healthy dog and she stops eating and 6 days later she is dead. No signs before she stopped eating it was just so fast. Was this Parvo or a virus? My other little dog is pretty good and not sick like that. I took him to another vet for a complete check as he is 14 yrs old. Has an enlarged heart and liver ,kidney stones and a collapsed trey and he has a croak once in awhile . Got medicine and seems to be doing ok. Any suggestions on any of this? Thanks for listening and God Bless!

    1. I have read a post that a lot of dog food has PROPYLENE GLYCOL, WHICH IS LIKE ANTIFREEZE is in a lot of dog food distributed out of China. Nestle PURINA distributes this as well as Del Monte. You should read where you dogs food in distributed fron and it’s contents. If it has Propylene Glycol you are giving it poison and these symptoms are so much alike the dog that died in Old Fort Nc recently. The vet. Did all the test and found this in the blood, which came from the food that it was eTing. This may not be what is going on with this situation you are talking about, but still needs to be looked into. DON’t buy any food products out of China or out of the usa for yourself or your dog. They put dangerous ingredients in food products.

  17. I was just made aware yesterday about the cases up in Michigan. It’s horrible. My name is Russell Gibson and I live in Cincinnati. My dog Max took ill on Friday August 9th of this year. He was the first reported case in Cincinnati with these symptoms. Luckily he survived. At least 3 other dogs did not. Hearing this can be transmitted from human to dogs is scary. I’m not entirely convinced that’s the case at least in mine.

    My dog came down with this illness while being boarded at The Pet Spot for a week while I was on vacation in lake Cumberland Ky. Max is a 3 yr old puggle. He was also boarded with my 3 yr old golden retriever Buster who miraculously has never shown any symptoms although they were together all week at the kennel and after. That Friday when I picked them up Max wasn’t looking good. He was lethargic. Once I got him home it only got worse. He wouldn’t eat then the severe symptoms started showing. I warn you it gets a little graphic. Describing it as bloody diarrhea is an understatement. It was solid blood no stool but pure blood and a large amount that I found him lying next to when I got out of the shower. He was also leaking fluids from his gums he kept sticking his tongue in and out. He was having convulsions too. These severe tremors and shakes. I immediately called my vet but they were closed so i scooped him up in my arms and rushed him to med vet hospital. On the way there he started with the vomiting of blood. Once there the vet started working on him immediately. Giving him Iv’s injections. Then about 15 mins later another dog shows up wrapped in a bloody blanket. Same symptoms as mine and was at the same daycare and kennel, the pet spot that day. That dog Lanie didn’t make it. She died 2 days later. Then the next day Saturday another dog came in to med vet was also at the pet spot and had same symptoms and that dog died on Tuesday. A third dog also died after being at the pet spot. This started to scare me because although max was responding well all these other dogs weren’t. I thought at any second he could change for the worse. Other dogs became ill while also at the pet spot but they survived including another puggle.

    Want to know what the pet spot tried to do? Buy me off. When confronted with all these illnesses they first downplayed it and didn’t even take steps to thoroughly clean their facilities until more dogs became sick. I asked the owner to step forward and alert all owners whose dogs were there so they could know what to look out for. He refused then offered to pay my dogs vet bills and refund the $300 in boarding fees. I was so irate I hung up and called the media which is the only reason this became public. To this day he hasn’t paid my vet bills but I don’t care. My love for animals were greater then taking his hush money.

    I’m more furious that I live in a state that doesn’t regulate doggy day care facilities or kennels for health and safety concerns. I hope to change that.

    To conclude Max is doing great. He did contact some respiratory problems after his initial recovery but he’s doing better now.

    This illness is no joke. Time is so important. I know my Max is alive because I rushed him to the vet immediately. Max had never even been sick in his 3 yrs of life. Only been to vet to get vaccines. Then he goes from healthy to near death within hours. It’s so unreal.

    I want to say this is not in any way parvo! My dogs been vaccinated and tested negative for it when they did tests.

    Doctors are working together to try and find a cause and cure. Since Max survived this illness I was asked to take him in for blood work recently, which I did. They were sent off to 3 different labs so they can test the antibodies that are usually present 3-16 weeks after illness in dogs that survived. I’m hoping, along with the doctors and researchers, that they can study this and create a vaccine if possible.

    In the meantime please listen to the experts and keep your dogs away from other dogs, that includes doggy day cares kennels and dog parks. Also call your vet immediately if your dog starts to show any if the symptoms described.

    I’m going out of state next week. Normally I would board but not since this happened. I’m too scared. No my two fur babies are going to go with me. So no flying for me just a 12 hr car ride with my dogs. Please pray for me, anyone who’s traveled long distances with pets know I’m going to need it. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharin Russel… Im glad your dogs are well. Howd the trip turn out??? I appreciate your story being so detailed because My dog seems to have all those symptms minus the blood. I thought it had something to do with his food. He has a very sensitive stomach but he was also lethargic, puking for once a day for 3 days, and today he seemed to be having an enztreme runny nose,, it was just after from being outside but it seemed accessive… don’t think they are tremors but dreams he is having at night,,

      He seems to feel better though,, He fasted and then went on homemade bland diet but chewed his toy for a long time so much so it left a red mark on his arm

      im praying im wrong and am being protective and worried….

  18. i got this virus from a strange dog that was running around the neighborhood. i thought i was dying i was litterally. every orifice in my body was leaking blood even my eyes and ears . i looked it up online and it said chew bubble gum so i went out and bought 100 dollars of bubble gum. i chewed and chewed and swallowed and chewed some more. 3 days of this and i got better the only lingering problem i have is every time i fart i blow bubbles .

  19. Man, not God is responsible for how they themselves act. Evil lives on this Earth and some people are subjected to that sadly. Do not blame our creator for the EVIL that exists, he did not put it here. There is so much that we humans do not understand and are not meant to understand. Live and let live. Glad your dog is ok.

  20. does anyone know if convulsions and or seizures accompany this virus? my sisters dog passed away 2 days ago from being so sick couldnt even get her to a vet in time. She couldnt stand up and was hyperventilating uncontrollably and convulsed every few seconds to minutes and finally passed away. I am in michigan and was curious about this.

  21. I live in NY State. My dogs had symptoms similar to this during the summer. I stopped all food for 24 hours. After the 24 hours started them on boiled chicken, rice, and pumpkin. After several days they were feeling better. No more bloody diarrhea or vomiting. Once I introduced their Purina Dog Chow again, they once again got ill. Ended up ditching the bag of Dog Chow, and neither dog has been sick since. This was reported to Purina. Any chance some of these dogs have been eating Dog Chow???

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  25. This isn’t just happening up there. We’re in Chattanooga, TN. This just killed one of our dogs this past Tuesday and nearly killed the other.

  26. My dog down with the same symptoms. I couldn’t afford 2 go two da animal doctor so i gave my two fur bbs cat nip enema and the next day they were back two perfect.

  27. I live in Australia and had a disease like this go through a whole litter 2 of them died within 24 hours of getting it the vet treated 2 they survived we tested for parvovirus and a few other diseases and it came up negative

  28. I had 3 dogs that all got sick with bloody diarrhea and not eating and pukin up fome an died with in 3 days after getting it

  29. hello,I’m Erica I volunteered at an animal shelter,for wildlife rescue,we had a male Fox pup that came in with these exact symptoms within two weeks we had to euthanize him,I’m wondering,if it is in foxes and our dogs sniff their feces or lick the grass or ingest it,can it pass to dogs?cuz we take our dogs outside at state parks roadsides,etc anywhere they can take [email protected]$&++ so it could b in your back yard…

  30. I pray that all you insincere folks who are making fun of this, and people of all places trying to spread computer viruses, spams and scams, and the ones being down right rude and do not have the capability to demonstrate empathy, compassion or basic human kindness, care or concern; don’t ever have to deal with having a sick dog or child,,, and have to know what this is like,,,,

    Matter of fact, I hope you never have dogs or children period

    1. Sorry for your loss 🙁
      My chihuahua can down sick Friday night. His stool was bloody on Saturday morning. I took him to Paul Blount in Reading Mi. He administered a shot gave antibiotics and electrolyte mix. I got Eddy to drink but soon he vomited. Then he pooped pure blood. I was terrified to lose him. I went and bought fluid and began hydration by Needle. He’s doing much better now. We really thought it was parvo.
      This is one doggie illness that acts very quickly. Again,, so sorry. 🙁

  31. Our dog has had these exact symptoms a couple times now… Once in July and again in November. She was diagnosed by our vet with HGE. And yes… It can kill your dog rather fast… Because they don’t eat and don’t drink much, they throw up and have bloody diarrhea… They get dehydrated rather fast. It can kill them within a couple of days if you don’t get them on fluids and meds. Parvo also has similar symptoms… Though if your dog is vaccinated for it regularly as ours have been… It is highly unlikely it would be that.


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