Puppy Doe’s Abuser Faces 55 Years in Prison; Held on $500,000 Bail

A petition is circulating, asking for Craigslist to disallow listings for pets “free to a good home,” to prevent the kind of abuse Kiya endured.

 10.30.13 - Puppy Doe Abuser $500,000 Bail3

The man accused of torturing Puppy Doe, whose original name was Kiya, is being held on $500,000 bail after his arraignment proceedings at Quincy District Court on Tuesday, and faces up to 55 years in prison – 5 years for each of the 11 counts of animal abuse he is charged with. There is also a $5 million surety attached to bail, and he was required to surrender his passport.

The poor dog was euthanized after being found near Boston with a number of injuries consistent with medieval-style torture.

Polish immigrant Radoslaw Artur Czerkawski has been charged with eleven counts of animal cruelty and one count of misleading a police investigation. A pre-trial conference will take place on November 21.

People get frustrated at how slow things work, but this individual, the defendant, does deserve and will get a fair and impartial trial,” said Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

At least two dozen animal lovers showed up in support of Kiya, donning t-shirts and buttons with the dog’s photo. Several people sobbed loudly as her injuries were read aloud.

10.30.13 - Puppy Doe Abuser $500,000 Bail4


Kiya had been given away to a woman via Craigslist, who may have given the dog to a couple, who sold her to Czerkawski. The original owner contacted police to tell them she believed Puppy Doe had once belonged to her, and they were able to trace the man back to her.

The guilt and responsibility I felt – my heart broke,” said Laura Hankins, Kiya’s original owner. “It was my responsibility to find her a good home. The list of things done to her are just so inhuman and so disgusting. She was the sweetest dog.”

Every day, Craigslist is full of ads that read “free to a good home.” Many people are forced to give up pets when they become ill, move or face financial troubles that do not allow them to keep their animals, or afford surrender fees to no-kill shelters. So they naïvely place ads online, hoping the pets will indeed go to a good home. But without background checks, references or follow-up, there is no way of knowing if a stranger will turn out to be sweet or sadistic. Free pets could end up in the hands of dog-fighters looking for bait. A petition has been started asking Craigslist to ban such listings.

10.30.13 - Puppy Doe Abuser $500,000 Bail6

Czerkawski was living as a caretaker for a 95-year-old Polish woman, who died on August 31, the same day Kiya was found. In the death of the woman, police do not suspect foul play at this time, but evidence in the home indicated animal abuse.

In Czerkawski’s apartment, police found fur and blood consistent with Kiya’s DNA, which should make it easy for jurors to find him guilty.

[It was] old-fashioned police work,” Morrissey said. “A lot of it started with calls and shoe leather, but obviously more modern forensic techniques – the use of DNA, phones – all that was used and outlined in the case. From the beginning, we’ve been concerned that if an individual could do this to a dog or another animal [what could they do to a person?] This made this an extremely important case to us.”

The courtroom supporters for Kiya felt their efforts to see justice for abusers were not in vain – Czerkawski will face up to five years in prison for each of the eleven counts of abuse.

It was so difficult to hold back the emotions,” said Lorelei Stathopoulos, of Salem. “…This is a court of law, but this has been a tragedy. It was a third world act. We have to stand up and change the laws, and the only way to do it is to come here and make a stand.”



133 thoughts on “Puppy Doe’s Abuser Faces 55 Years in Prison; Held on $500,000 Bail

    1. Euthanizing this animal would be too humane for this sadistic monster!..I say they let him out to the crowd so we can stab him in the eye, starve and burn him then tear his limbs from their sockets just as he did to that poor puppy!! My God!!! how evil is that!! Just breaks my heart to even say those words!

      1. calling him an animal isn’t correct because animals don’t do this to each other. it irks me when people call these monsters animals–Not.

        1. I agree totally!!! He is best called a disgusting excuse for a human being, period! NO other animal could or would do this kind of evil–just the human kind. I am so ashamed he is a member of my species!

      2. I am sure I am not the only one still grieving for what happen to this poor baby. Are there any updates to this story? Is this maniac put away for 55 + years? he probably wont survive his 55 years in prison but I must ask, how can I stop sobbing every time I read this story or see her picture? This has affected me so horribly bad. I want to do something to help any other animals at risk of this happening to them.

    2. I agree… You torture and kill. You should have the same done to you. Animals have just as much right to be here as we do. Period. Imagine if they could speak our language…Oh how things would change… An eye for an eye…

      1. I am hoping you guys calling for his punishment are all vegan? As horrendous as this is, and it certainly is, this is a daily occurrence for animals bred to satiate desire for dairy and meat.

    3. He doesn’t deserve to be euthanized, too easy….
      The same thing that he did to that animal should be done to him!….
      Fucking jerk! I want to skin him alive!

    4. Why monsters like him aren’t used like monkeys in a laboratory for medical research I will never understand . Psychopaths like him have no other use in society and would be best executed after a full study of their sadistic violent brains . No animal not even in the name of research deserves what he did .but HE DOES deserve to suffer the same as his victims before being destroyed .

    5. I feel sooo much rage toward this evil serial killer ,torturer .. let animal lovers decide his sentence .. allow the little dogs advocates , us to determine his sentencing.. allow us to stone him ! So that we can pay him back for what he did to her .. she has still been tortured to death over a period of months .. how could any one b that evil .. why do people get away with this. ..why couldn’t someone had known this and reported the evil sewage pos !! Why does a sweet puppy have to suffer like this at the hands of a coward who picks on the vulnerable and voiceless !

  1. ^ I agree, but I think “an eye for an eye” is better suited. Let him suffer here, before God get’s him. I truly believe that since God put the animals here before us, commanding Adam to “name and care for each one” that Goid has a speacial heart for these creatures and I have to believe He will avenge.

    1. Love your message–I agree totally with you about God’s command to Adam regarding the animals. God gave humans the responsibility of being STEWARDS of His animals. That means CARING FOR THEM—NOT destroying them and hurting them for any reason. I’m sure plenty of us humans are going to have a lot to answer for when we meet God face-to-face. Thrill-killing, “factory-farming”, hunting for “sport”? Human beings are SO arrogant, with so little respect for the preciousness of all life. Might does NOT make right. And God WILL have the last word! He is a God of love and mercy, but He is also a God of justice! Woe to those who have harmed His creatures–especially the most helpless ones!

  2. I say do the same to this bastard that he did to this poor dog and then cut his privates off then put the bastard out of his misery! He does not deserve a trial!

      1. Yea, he does. And then hang him by his balls and let him hang there indefinately. That’s about fair I’d say.

      2. This man WILL get a fair trial–NOT because he deserves one–he doesn’t. He has a RIGHT to one, because this is America, and we are a nation of laws. The law gives this man the RIGHT to a trial. But he doesn’t DESERVE one! Big difference! (He deserves exactly what he did to that puppy.)

    1. Everyone deserves a trial in this country, and to mutilate him would only lower us to his level. And tell me, would YOU be willing to carry this out? If so, you are no different than him.

      1. Yea, I could do it. I hope and pray when he goes to jail, he meets some dog lovers. They will give the trial you so want him to have.

      2. Yes I would. . With ease!!! And I am different to him as im not doing it to a poor innocent loving defenceless being!! hes pure evil scum! end of!!!!

      3. I could and then have lunch! People like this waive their rights, imo, when they take the life of another – dog or child!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      4. Doing to him what he did to the puppy does NOT lower us to his level: If that man was an innocent, trusting, helpless, dependent, and sweet puppy, we’d be like him. But that’s not who he is. He is an evil dangerous man who gets off on inflicting the worst kind of pain on the helpless and weak– just because he CAN. Kiya has no voice; we need to be her voice.

        Again, he has a RIGHT to a trial, because of who WE are–NOT because of who HE is! He doesn’t DESERVE one. Big difference, I think.
        Betcha anything Puppy Doe wasn’t the first animal he’s tortured. Praying he never gets the chance to hurt another living thing. And there will be justice meted out to him in jail. Guaranteed. And that’s good!

  3. I’m polish and i’m so ashamed of this walking, living piece of meat. He is dangerous psycho and should be sentenced for life in prison. Who knows how many people and animals he tortured and killed. Creatures like him should be eliminated as soon as possible. I hope they will deal with properly in prison. I know, I would.

  4. Every person in this poor puppy’s life let her down……each person contributed to her horrific death, even if they did not raise a hand to her physically.

    1. Sadly true! I hope EVERYONE signs the petition telling Craigslist to stop allowing animals to be advertised and given away on their site. That is how little Kiya came to her tragic, prolonged death. And it’s a source of “bait dogs” for dog fighting rings.

      1. Paying for an animal does not guarantee a good home either… Some have paid a lot for pets and then killed them or tortured them… Craigslist is just one source of evil doing…ANY buy sell, site,,,any facebook yard sale site…It can happen… ;o(

    1. Oh no, we want him here in one of our lovely prisons, general population of course with a cellmate doing life without parole who has nothing to lose…..and nothing to do but look at the evil coward psychopath who could torture an innocent puppy to death. Karma can be a real bitch….if I had this monster’s karma, I’d just go ahead and kill myself to avoid it. After we deal with him, and who knows when but there WILL be a day he must face the real judge, a far higher power and then he will truly pay

      1. I doubt he’lll get justice in prison since there are lots of animal abusers there already. Dog fights and all of that. He’ll feel right at home.

        1. yea most of those ppl in prison wont veiw this as they would if it happened to a child, or someone the prisoners knew or associated with. i do hope he at least gets a ass kicking from time to time tho…

          1. I spent time in prison and most inmates, and yes including the dog fighters (don’t ask me why) do not like child molesters or animal abuse.

        2. He’s a scumbag. They won’t need much of an excuse to do him in in prison. Only takes one big lifer, as someone else pointed out, who loves dogs. Just one!

    2. No, he will just harm other animals there. He needs to be punished. I wouldn’t even care if he costs us money…he needs to be locked up so he can’t harm any other animal or human.

    3. If we deport him he will do it again elsewhere he needs to be bought to justice in USA, where he committed the crime, sorry but that is how I feel, he will win if he is deported

    4. No. We want him here. We all want him tortured and dead. I hope to god if he makes it that far, Poland does take extreme measures with him to ensure another animal is never in his hands ever again. That’s my concern, but I hope fed/state charges here take care of him and prison will be his demise.

    5. He would just do the same thing in Poland. Send him to prison here. Inmates do not like child or animal abusers.

    6. We need to keep him here to make sure he gets the justice he deserves. We don’t want to let this demon loose on the streets of Poland. Who knows how many more dogs he’ll have access to??

  5. Let’s all be outraged enough to sign the petition asking Craigslist to stop allowing Free ads for rehoming animals.


    1. Deporting too good. He was his joints ripped apart,whack him with a bat over and over then disembowel and eye gauge the sbumbag. .with a blunt penknife at that!!

    2. If there’s a chance he’ll be deported because he’s undocumented, I hope he meets justice BEFORE his trial!!!

  6. I strongly believe in the death penalty for murderers, torturers, and the like…and ESPECIALLY in the case of this rotten piece of dirt who did this to an innocent animal. I could and would kill him myself and wish medieval torturing chambers existed for his kind…but since they don’t, why not just throw him to the alligators.

  7. we’ve got to start by not allowing landlords to dictate what kinds of pets we’re allowed to own. we’ve got to start by being aware before we adopt dogs like pit bulls what the rules are. this dog had a home.

  8. Craigslist has to STOP listing animals PERIOD!!!!!! Every psycho and his idiotic relatives can find any creature they want to torture on that awful place. And people who list pets there just dont have a clue or give a whatever.

    For this particular piece of crap we need a damn good prosecuter who is going to bring it home that this guy is a threat to humans too, because thats the only way hes going to get a full sentence,

    Once he is in prison I like to think that nature will take its course in a slow and brutal fashion.

    1. That’s not always true. Several months ago my Mom and I had a yard sale. We met a woman who does dog rescue. We got to talking and my Mom mentioned how much she missed having a dog -my parents 13 year-old Pit Bull had cancer and had to be put to sleep about a year-and-a-half ago. The woman mentioned she had to American Bulldog/Lab mix puppies (sisters) listed on graigslist. At first, she was looking for a rehoming fee of $30 each, but after talking to us for a while, she said my parents could have them for free if they decide to take them. That same day, she brought them over. Midnight and Mischief have become much loved members of the family. Now, my parents can’t imagine their lives without them! The fact is, that people like this are going to find animals anywhere they can. Even if graiglist did ban any kind of animal ad, people would simply find another site to list them on or just stand out on a street corner with a “Free Puppies/Dogs” sign.

      That being said, I hope the judge throws the book at this bastard!

      1. Craigslist is not the real issue. Sadistic freaks can find dogs to abuse from anywhere. It’s people’s responsibility to do home checks and references. It doesn’t matter if the dog is listed for FREE or $200. Lack of money isn’t going to stop a Psycho!

        1. As far as I am concerned… housing laws need to change that FORBID landlords from refusing any type of pet, yes… even Pitties (Pit Bulls, Am Staffs, Bull Dogs, etc.)… *rarely* is any dog born vicious! It takes a ‘human’ to create that monster. Craig’s List wouldn’t need any animal sections if people didn’t have to rehome due to housing laws.
          ALL Companion Pets should have stricter laws concerning them, and back yard breeders should be shut down.
          Sorry if some of you breed a few at home, but… you can’t make that much money off creating more puppies when the animal shelters and city pounds are murdering companion pets at a rate of 8 to 10 million EACH YEAR!
          Jus’ Sayin’.

      2. Midnight and Magic were fortunate that your parents had a yard sale that day, and that their original owner just happened to check it out. But what if she didn’t stop at the yard sale? Where might those puppies have ended up??? Too risky. And just because animal abusers will manage to find animals (just like child molesters find kids), that doesn’t mean we should make it easy for them. Offering pets free (or cheap) on Craigslist is like advertising our kids online! Why would we do that? It’s like sending lambs to the slaughter.

  9. This sick, piece of shit should be tortured the same way he tortured this dog! I have no tolerance or mercy for these sickos/psychos who do this to innocent, loving animals! I wonder how many other animals he has done this to already without being discovered?? Just be thankful that he’s caught now and hopefully cannot do this to anymore animals.

  10. I’d beat this fuckers face inside out and shit down his throat. Violence doesn’t solve anything? I disagree. It has it’s place and this scumfuck is it. I would actually get joy out of seeing his teeth fly across the room.

  11. This is so similar to the guy that had a totter chamber you guys remember him? He was polish wasn’t he? What is wrong with those guys there really sick beings!!!

    1. whats wrong with you???? being Polish had nothing to do with it!!! he is a sick,sorry excuse for a human being!!!! I dont think it has anything to do with his nationality!!! #Ignorancebreedshate

  12. There is nothing that can be handed out to this piece of scum that will punish him sufficiently for what he did. I find it very odd that he stopped his abuse of Kiya the DAY HIS CLIENT DIED. So, did he stop and discard the pup because he was now going to have to move? Was he doing this to the pup to try to coerce the poor old lady into giving him money? The police have said the lady’s is not suspicious at this time, which means they haven’t ruled out something else.

  13. Let the bastard rot in hell. At the sametime I got my beautiful baby girl Susie from Craiglist but I paid a $200.00 rehoming fee so she wasn’t free and she is the greatest dog. So I think people need to check in a person before they give them a animal.

  14. I don’t understand: The monster lives and tortures the dog on the second floor of the house, the 95 year old woman with alzheimer disease in his care, lives on the first floor of the same house. How does he torture the poor dog time and time again on one floor, but provides, at an absolute minimum, adequate care to the poor old woman down a flight of stairs? Anyone, even the most loving gentle tenderest person who has cared for a sick elderly loved one, understands that it takes an incredible amount of patience. So now we have a twisted freak, torturing and slowly killing a dog on one floor, but able to provide adequate care to the 95 year old on another floor of the same house. The poor woman. What more happened in that house of horrors?

    1. I want to know what mental torture she was going through because you can’t tell me SHE didn’t HEAR every scream, yelp, yip, whimper, bark and whatever other sounds came out of Puppy Doe (Kiya) while this POS was doing all this horror to this innocent puppy! Was the woman DEAF!?!?!? If not, she should have been under extreme mental torture!

  15. Sick to my stomach what he did to that poor sweet puppy – I would do what he did to her – Fork his tongue stab him in the eye and pull his limbs out of his sockest and let him rot in prison – worst case of animal cruelty I have ever seen – actually he deserves the death penalty –
    I am haunted by the suffering that poor sweet puppy went through…

  16. This should be a no brainer. There is DNA evidence all over his apartment. I shudder to think what he might have done to the 95 year old lady.

  17. What a piece of shit scumbag. I revere my dog, I’m sick to my stomach. What that poor poor dog went through. I hope he keeps “accidentally” getting the shit beat out of him. I’m so angry right now…….

  18. I worry about what he may have done yo the elderly woman. She could not have defended herself just like Puppy Doe was helpless. He could have hurt the puppy in front of her to scare her. If I were her family I would want that checked into.

  19. Can you imagine the horror the elderly woman may have felt if she heard the horrific cries of the puppy. She might have been afraid he’d hurt her too, IF he didn’t. I worry that he may have starved her, beat her, scared her, or taken things from her. Just the fear he may have caused her might have been enough for her “failure to thrive”.

  20. I wonder if this guy videotaped himself hurting the dog? He probably got his kicks from beating on something smaller than himself. Sicko

  21. I find it odd that his visa was expiring in September (from what I read) and the lady just happened to pass away August 31. The same day the puppy was also found dumped. Just seems odd to me. A 95 year old lady with dementia and a small puppy would be easy for him to take advantage of and abuse. So a

  22. Make that bastard suffer like he did that poor puppy. Pull each and every joint in his body apart! An eye for an eye!

  23. He should be tortured!!! Rip his fingernails out, slit his tongue, pull all of his joints out of their sockets, stab him, whip him, everything that he did to a poor, loving, innocent dog named “Kiya”. There is NOT one excuse for that horrific behavior!! He is a MONSTER!!! KILL HIM, and anyone else that does those terrible things!! Animal abuse and neglect NEEDS to become a FELONY with HARSH and SEVERE punishments!! We need to make examples of these sub-humans, so just maybe it will come to an end.

  24. This world sucks! God must be so disgusted by us humans!! Animals of all shapes and sizes are starved, abused and killed senselessly every day! And by whom? The human race! This is only one horrific case! There are thousands just like it out there! No animal deserves this. It’s a shame we can’t just destroy people on the spot who are abusive….. the world might have a chance then. But, that is not the case.

  25. I hate to say it, but I doubt very much if this was the first animal he abused. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy also abused children or the elderly. He was ‘taking care of’ an elderly person who the police say died of neglect. I’m no lawyer, but isn’t the death of someone due to neglect called negligent homicide? The police really need to look at this guy and also contact Interpol to look into his past behavior in his home country too.

  26. First great work to the police and detectives involved in finding this very, very sick ‘Monster’. Thank you so much for finding him and making it such a solid case without any possible wiggle room from the court system. Let us all hope that the panel in that courtroom each owns a Dog or two, and that the Judge owns several to dear to his/her family.

    I truly believe we are working towards putting someone away that is solid evil in its purest form. What else is it that we don’t know about him, of his past, what is he hiding in his closet of skeletons?…and if he were free, i don’t think it would have end there. What was his next easy prey?…Our homeless..women..our children!!!

    Dear Judge and panel, please ensure the highest penalty/jail time that can be administered, is assigned to him, including to live in general population with no parol. He doesn’t deserve better.

    And to you Mr. Czerkawski, when you are laying in the dark in your new jail bed with your new jail mates, i hope when you close your eyes that you see this one eyed uninjured puppy, that YOU tortured and caused such suffering, looking up at you in earnest, pleading for mercy!!!, ……that every single time you close your eyes, your dreams quickly turn into repeated nightmare for the rest of your short life until you are fully insane.

    Give this pup’s killer the max.

  27. Kiya, nor any other dog deserved this kind of treatment. How about we stab his eyes, slit his tongue, beat him, etc. Then let him rot for a few weeks without food, then euthinize him. Then all what we did to him will be nothing when he goes to Hell. I hope you slowly die and then rot in Hell you SOB. Sorry for all who read this, it is just my opinion of this.

  28. A good dose of necrotizing fasciitis seems about right for this waste of a carbon footprint. Here’s hoping for it.

  29. “It was a third world act” Did I really just read those words? Let me tell you something. I live in the third world and come from the so called first world. Here you find neglect and ignorance and fear, most of it caused by a grinding level of poverty that you can’t understand until you see it. But nowhere have I seen the cruelty, depravity and mental sickness that led to the terrible suffering of Kiya. So, Lorelei Stathopoulos of Salem, keep your ignorant remarks to yourself.

  30. That man is evil , he must have been abused as a kid
    He really should die in jail he’s danger to society

  31. i would rather have him die in jail or be put down because thats not right to torcher the dog like that.

  32. Just stake the bloody bastard to the floor in a room , spreadeagled….let me inside and shut the door. ……then you are all welcome to stand outside the door and listen to him B E G ! Because beg he will!

  33. Actually, I’m glad he was caught here where he will actually face punishment. If he had stayed in Poland he probably would have been free to continue abusing animals and who knows what. I think US laws regarding animal abuse need to be harsher but at least we have laws that offer some level of justice and protection. Many nations don’t.

  34. Kiya’s story still makes me weep every time I read about it. This man is truly sick and evil – there is no punishment equal to what he made living, defenseless creature suffer. I can only wish he is penalized to the maximum allowed by the law.

  35. What happened in this guys life that he is so awful? My heart breaks for puppy Doe, and all the others he has had his hands on. We need tougher laws for animal abuse. But if I were Him I would be scared to death to meet puppy Doe’s Creator. It’s my belief that puppy Doe is in heaven, no more pain or suffering!

  36. I’m so sick from this story, I just can’t understand why or how anyone can be capable of such inhumane acts. Aren’t we the humans supposed to have the intelligence and emotional capacity of a higher species of the beautiful animal kingdom? I’m not sure how to fix this but I think its now up to the prisoners that this poor excuse of man will be imprisoned with to give this man some justice for this animal who suffered at the hands of this beast, if anyone in prison reads this, there are quite a few ideas on how you can do just that, we animal lovers, pet owners, and baby Doe would not mind you to entertain. Watch your back pet abusers, more and more of us are coming for you and you will not get away, we are never very far, and we gain power through every tear we cry for these innocent animals. Pets=Love

  37. Finally not just a little slap on the wrist. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this country is finally waking up police people, judges and politicians. Animals mean the world to me and to see so many being abused and nothing happening to them just makes me sick to my stomach. I have an English Springer Spaniel and he is treated like a king. He loves all animals yes even birds, and he is a bird dog. I can’t imagine my life without him. I was not able to have any children so he is my child. Half the time when you hear of a dog being starved the owner does not look like it has missed many meals. Well let me tell you something if I don’t have the money to buy myself something to eat I always make sure my dog does. He gets boiled chicken everyday with his dog food.

    1. “Animals mean the world to me and to see so many being abused and nothing happening to them just makes me sick to my stomach.”

      Then why are you feeding your dog chicken? Don’t you know that millions of factory-farmed chickens are subjected to inhumane torture every day?

  38. Kiya, you’re suffering and death will not go in vein. We humans make progress very slowly, especially spiritual growth. I share your story all the time, in hopes that it will save another puppy like yourself from this unimaginable suffering you had to endure. I hope others share and keep this story alive. Months after this story broke, I’m still in agony over how we can redeem some justice in your name. Please keep Puppy Doe Kiya alive in your hearts by sharing her story and demanding justice in your state.Pets=Love

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  40. Punish this asshole! with all sort of medieval machines of malices (the rack, the juicer, wheel of misery, spike helmet, the disemboweler, etc)

    hanged, drawn, and quartered him!!

  41. Well at last real justice has been meted out. Kudos to the judge for sentencing this demon of a man to 55 years jail and 500k bond. The picture shows the man look like a demoniac. He shoukd be locked up forever. He would murder people too, just look at his devilish eyes. What kind of parents bring up such a devil of a man?! He should be locked up eternally.

  42. Crazy messed up person but 55 years is ridiculous. You people are insane. In the end, its an animal and weve done just as bad to animals in factory farms all over. Get a hold of yourselves.

  43. I disagree with the mistreatment of any animal. That being said, why do animal abusers get harsher punishments than child abusers? I LOVES animals, but people are more important….PERIOD.

  44. I’ve been following this story for a while, searching news and posts that provide a glimpse of justice for puppy doe “Kiya”. Its tragic to know what this man did to her. The justice in this case will never supersede the pain she endured, but is a compelling example of how many people support animal justice. I have read many comments on how the level of justice for this particular case seems excessive, I disagree greatly. We have to not deny our human negligence, our disconnection for others animals than ourselves. Yes there has been other cases of tragedy, including farming animals and other atrocities, many whom could not ethically bear to watch or imagine. However, for the love of all animals, this instance of justice reflects that humans are capable of understanding, and evolving to a greater more purposeful way to respect them. To see Kiya when she was a happy puppy to the day she was found will resonate deeply, now knowing the man that hurt her, may never see a free day again!pets=love

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  46. til I looked at the paycheck that said $4406 , I accept that my mom in-law had been actualey erning money part time from their computer. . there neighbour haz done this 4 only about 7 months and as of now cleard the loans on there cottage and bourt Citroën DS . read here >>> JᵒBSCS.CᵒM

  47. I totally agree with all the beautiful people
    die, you bastard! justice for puppy doe!


  48. Let’s just hope he actually get jail time. Because when/if he does he will most likely be someone’s bitch, which is the very least he deserves.

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