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These Sweet Dogs Need YOUR Help

by Melanie

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Every day, dogs face euthanasia in shelters across the world. You may feel helpless, knowing you don’t live close enough, and even if you did, couldn’t possibly take in all of them. But sharing is caring – even if you can’t adopt, you may know someone who can. Let’s get these dogs off death row and into homes.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs1

These little angels are currently in Miami, and would love to be part of a family.

 10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs2

Claudia Navarrete, one of the women who rescued the four puppies to be used for trunking (a disturbing new form of dog-fighting) says:

These were at MDAS. They were going to be put down because one was coughing and had ringworm. They are both super easy things to treat!!! And the second pup was completely healthy.

When I went to see them, they weren’t on the adoption floor. They were in a secluded room with sick and injured dogs that I came to find out were all eventually put down.

When I went to get them from MDAS they smelled so bad that I could barely breathe during the ride back home. I gave them a bath and saw that they were INFESTED with ticks. It took me two days to finally get all of them out.

I have rescued over 40 dogs and I never get attached to any because I know they are meant to be rescued and move on, but I can say I love these two to pieces.

Three other lovely ladies that aren’t from Miami have also worked hard for them. They’ve been trying to find them good homes anywhere in the country, and they might go on transport.

The only issue is that it might take too long for that to happen. I don’t want to keep them too long and then give them away because I would feel like I’m giving away one of my own… Or worse, they’ll feel like their family is abandoning them. I don’t want them to feel like I’m their family.

Animal Services throughout the country are horrible places. They don’t give dogs a real chance. I want to help change that in Miami. I’m going to take time off school and do what I can to get Miami back on track and stop killing these dogs.

To adopt one or both of these cuties, contact Claudia at [email protected].

 10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs3

My name is Shore, and I am a 7-year-old, 67-pound male pit bull. My animal ID is 21290120.

Shore could really use some love – he is shy and scared because he is afraid he’s going to be hit. He spends most of his time sleeping on his blanket, looking depressed. But this could all change with the right person who is willing to give him the love he deserves. He is very sweet though, and is dog and people friendly. He just needs to be given a chance to warm up to others. Shore is located in Greenville, South Carolina. If you are interested in adopting him, please email [email protected]. If you would like to foster, please email [email protected].

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs5

My name is Champagne. I am a 10-year-old Labrador retriever mix. I am a very gentle and friendly old girl.

When people pass by her kennel, staff say she looks as though she keeps expecting her family to be coming to get her. She needs someone to bring her home and make her a family member. Senior dogs are great – they have already been house-trained and usually have very good manners. Don’t let this family dog spend her last days in a lonely shelter.

Champagne is located in Baldwin Park, California.  For more information, please click here or here.



10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs6

I am a GORGEOUS red nose APBT/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. My tall, lean build, beautiful coat and stunning eyes turn heads wherever I go. While I might be a big boy, you wouldn’t know it when I curl myself into a ball in your lap because my favorite activity is snuggling! I am a sweet, sensitive guy who absolutely adores humans and I get along great with my foster sister. At two years old, I’m over all that puppy nonsense and am obedient, crate-trained and house-trained! I am also up to date on vaccines, neutered and microchipped. I love to go on walks and would make a great running buddy, but I don’t have to go for runs as I am totally cool with just a walk! I am a medium energy guy who loves to play fetch and toss my toys around. I am very loyal and will make you a great friend and companion, I promise! I am an extreme snuggler and my rescue friends think I am pretty amazing!

He needs to be an only dog OR go with a dominant female. LOVES kids but no cats!  Boarding Jax is not an option due to how extremely sick he gets!

I am currently in Clarkston, Georgia.  For more information, please visit here.

For more information, or to adopt any of the following dogs, please contact the NYC ACC at (212) 788-4000, or click here.


10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs4

 My name is Sandy.  My animal ID at the Brooklyn Center is A0983282.  I am a female black and tan pointer/Lab mix.

On the intake sheet, when her previous owner was asked if there were any behavior problems they were aware of, they wrote that Sandy was “too happy.”  She is friendly with kids and strangers.

A volunteer writes:  I love Senior Sandy. She is near perfect. I usually take at least 25 pictures of each dog.. With her, I took 5. I got the camera out and she knew just what to do. Posed and that was that. I felt awful for her, I think she was holding her potty since yesterday when she was brought in because I have never seen a dog pee that much. She is house-trained. She’s absolutely lovely in every way. She might be a little overweight but that just makes her even cuter. Love this girl.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs7

My name is CHINA BLUE. My Animal ID # is A0981959.
I am a spayed female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

A volunteer writes: China Blue is a friendly, beautiful, well-behaved lady. She seems house trained and sits on command. She loves to play fetch and will place the ball right in your hand! China Blue loves to be with people and is very affectionate. She gave me quite the greeting when I took her out, complete with hugs, kisses and tail wags – I’m sure she will give you the same treatment!! Please come meet her at the Brooklyn ACC.

A volunteer writes: China Blue is a sweet puppy. She is a petite lady – only 34 pounds. She sits on command for treats. China would make a wonderful pet for someone who prefers a small-boned pooch. Come meet China. She is a charmer.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs8

My name is BALBOA. My Animal ID # is A0980758.
I am a female gray and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Balboa Beatrice is a stunning girl who is muscular and solid – a real tomboy! She has a million dollar smile, sparking eyes and a tail that never stops wagging. She was happy to be going out for a walk – taking care of business immediately, indicating she’s likely house-trained. Beatrice pulls hard on the leash and will need some leash training to make it a great walk for everyone. As other dogs approached she greeted them with a wag of her tail, hoping to make some friends. Bea and I sat on the park bench for some snuggles; she’s a wonderful cuddler and happy to have made a friend. She’s an energetic little girl who would love a new family to provide all the exercise and stimulation she needs, and, of course, followed up with lots of loving. She’s looking for her happily ever after and we’re hoping it will be with you!

Another volunteer writes: Her name means ‘bringer of joy’ and I couldn’t have said it better myself, spending time with Beatrice Balboa is like a mini-vacation from the stresses of life. She’s very well-behaved, such an affectionate snuggler and so chock full of happy energy that by the end of our ‘date’ she wasn’t the only one wearing an ear-to-ear smile! Beatrice does pull frantically in her eagerness to get outside but a quick switch to a harness-style leash and within minutes she’s strolling only a few paces ahead of me, the perfect little lady. As always, she uses the bathroom as soon as we hit the street and when we pass other dogs they’re greeted with a happy grin and softly wagging tail. Pleasant as a walk with Miss B is, off-leash in the yard is really her time to shine. Beatrice may have arrived as a stray but she has the manners of a well-trained pet, performing an adorable ‘happy circle dance’ before sitting on command to wait for a throw of the ball. She promptly retrieves and returns to me, jumping her front paws onto my lap for cuddles as she chomps contentedly on her prize. Beatrice is so relaxed and appreciative of attention that I don’t think her tail stops wagging the entire time we’re together! Just before returning to her kennel I reveal my bag of treats and Beatrice pays immediate attention, sitting her butt down (no prompting required) to wait for a reward, her happy tail gently sweeping the ground as she nibbles biscuits from my hand. This delicious back-n-white cookie is here to help – ask to meet Beatrice today!

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs9

My name is RORSCHACH. My Animal ID # is A0981716.
I am a male black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Rorschach is a heart-breaker. Stunningly gorgeous in a slate gray coat, he is so tense that he trembles. He lays in the front of his kennel, looking up as I walk by, making eye contact, but clearly stressed. He allows me to leash him and he steps carefully out of his kennel. He’s very handsome in a clean gray coat, his weight is perfect for his size, nails are trimmed and he seems to have been well-cared for before joining us as a stray. We spent some time in the backyard, and Rorschach stands by the back fence looking out, whining from time to time. He is likely remembering back to a time in his life when he had a family and a nice place to live. Sad. He’s very focused on the outside, but does turn to look at me when I call him in order to take some pictures. He refuses treats and has a short attention span for pictures. Rorschach showed no interest in other dogs in the back yard, until he met a lovely young female, at which point he wagged his tail in acknowledgement. At one point as I sat on the bench taking some notes, Rorschach came to sit by my side and allowed me to pet him. It will take a very long time for Rorschach to regain his balance, and a very experienced person to help him do that. We made a bit of progress yesterday.

A volunteer updates: Rorschach has impressed us all, and those that have spent time with him sing his praises. He is still mourning the loss of his person, looking around, crying quietly as he searches. But he has grown accustomed to meeting different people, being petted all over and loved by strangers. He no longer trembles as hard, or fights to not go back in his kennel. He knows that we care about him, want to love him, and he lets us. We have spent quite a bit of time together and he actually sat in my lap – a major step for this hunky boy. Rorschach is looking to replace the bond he had with his previous owner and we want that to happen for him. He will need easy love, space and time in which to become one with his new family. He wants that and it will happen with the right person. One step at a time.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs10

My name is TASHA. My Animal ID # is A0982225.
I am a female bl brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Tasha is a gorgeous young lady with a very soft personality. She has a panther-like slink to her walk and is very easy on leash. She seems house-trained and is eager to sit on command for treats. Tasha is a bit shy, but warms up quickly – she’ll come up to you with her tail wagging low, happy to receive some affection. All this sweet, gentle girl is missing is a home! Please come meet her at the Brooklyn ACC.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs11

My name is JAY. My Animal ID # is A0982507.
I am a male br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old.

Jay was seized from his home when his owner was evicted.  He is confused and sad, and misses home.

A volunteer writes:  I met Jay last week and he was NOT going to come outside with me. He was cowering and a very unhappy boy in his kennel. He got an orange rating on medical. Sunday, however, it was like Jay was a different dog! He was super easy to get out of his kennel, fairly relaxed and easy to manage. What a difference a week makes! If all the dogs got at least a week, they’d be so much more comfortable. We passed some dogs, and he didn’t really show much interest at all, was totally fine behaviorally. He is NH only so he needs a foster/adopter and RESCUE. Love him.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs12

My name is BARRY. My Animal ID # is A0982722.
I am a neutered male br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Barry is an adorable, lanky young dog with a subtle under-bite and an incredibly sweet disposition. Barry has very good leash manners, seems house trained and sits on command. He’s very attentive and friendly and loves to be in human company. Though he needs some meat on his bones, Barry takes treats very gently; he will also catch them in his mouth if you throw them his way! Please come check out this affectionate, well-behaved boy at the Brooklyn ACC!!

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs13

My name is FRANKY. My Animal ID # is A0982339.
I am a male brown dachshund mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes:  This bright eyed little guy is confident and wary. He likes his space and will let you know about it. He’s not happy being kenneled and will from time to time give a little growl of displeasure, but once outside he’s usually friendly, outgoing and affectionate. As with many smaller dogs he can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, so will need time to adjust to a new home, and his own space to figure it all out. An experienced home will be perfect for him as he will likely do well in the right environment. He does not like going back into his kennel, so will probably do well left free in his new home. Come on, a hotdog/puggle mix – can there be anything cuter?

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs14

My name is GNARLEY. My Animal ID # is A0982344.
I am a male white and brown Chihuahua sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

A volunteer writes:
At just under 8 lbs this little tan and white boy is tense and scared around all the loud barking big dogs, bad smells and constant activity in the shelter. He finds his one special person with whom he feels safe, bonds quickly, and that person is his “go-to” buddy for all his needs. He fell in love with one of our shelter staff and with her he is playful, loving and attentive. He loves to be picked up and cuddled by her, while with others he is tense and unwelcoming. Not an uncommon characteristic of this breed. He’s not comfortable with larger dogs, but seems fine with dogs closer to his own size. If you are experienced with this breed, Gnarley is looking for you. He’ll do best in an adult only home.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs15

My name is BLU. My Animal ID # is A0982358.
I am a female br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 6 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: Blu is a tail wagging sweetheart in a tan coat with subtle gray accents; such an usually pretty coat. Her eyes are big, round amber saucers, making merry eye contact, and framed with stand up ears (remember The Flying Nun?). She’s unique and adorable, with a personality to match. She’s puppy playful in the backyard, pouncing on a tossed tennis ball but not knowing how to retrieve. She doesn’t care, she’s having a great time anyway. She does little happy girl scampers off leash, thrilled to have some space to run, and then coming in close for some hugs and kisses. As other dogs approach our pen she goes into the play position, tail wagging thrilled to meet everyone who stopped. She enjoyed some treats, taking them gently even though she’s a bit too thin. Blu is appropriately puppy playful, loving and fun and looking for a home in which to grow into the amazing adult dog she is destined to be. If you are ready to take on some positive puppy training, than Blu may be the girl for you. Be sure to meet her when you visit.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs16

My name is HENNY. My Animal ID # is A0982428.
I am a female brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

A volunteer writes: Henny is a little doll with the cutest pixie ears and a gorgeous ebony-and-ivory coat, such a tiny figure in her big kennel that you’d never guess at the larger than life personality hiding behind those quiet eyes. Though a little shy in coming forward, as soon as we’re outside Henny reveals her true colors and leaps about with puppy-like abandon – she’s a happy, hoppy jumping bean! Snuggly and energetic in equal measure, this sweet babe is simply thrilled to be spending time with me. Whether it’s playing a game of chase, greeting other dogs with a happy tail or waiting eagerly for a treat, Henny lives each moment in pure joy. She has the funniest way of snuggling where she bounces up onto the chair beside me then nestles herself behind my back like a lumbar pillow while I reach over to pet her head, it’s just too cute! Henny will need plenty of exercise and some training from her new parents but she already has the basics down and knows ‘sit’, ‘drop it’ (when she plays with the leash) and to wait for her walk before using the bathroom. Looking to add more excitement to your life and put a spring in your step? Let Henny show you how! Come on in to our Manhattan Care Center and ask for our little girl with the big heart today.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs17

My name is AUSTIN. My Animal ID # is A0982779.
I am a male white and br brindle pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Austin is an adorable and vivacious boy. His wide set eyes make him look like a doll. Austin seems house trained and is very friendly. He loves to be pet and is very waggy. He didn’t show much interest in the ball I offered him on our walk…preferring instead to parade around with the biggest stick he could find – a man of modest needs!! Handsome and resourceful…what’s not to love?? Austin would love to meet you at the Brooklyn ACC!

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs18

My name is BRONO. My Animal ID # is A0982589.
I am a male brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 3 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes:
Playful, energetic, friendly, strong, handsome, debonair – just a few of the adjectives that describe our Brono. Smartly dressed in a gorgeous tan coat, Brono is friendly to all, welcoming people to his side with a wagging tail. In Brono’s world, there are no strangers, just friends waiting to happen. He’s a great ball player, gleefully chasing a ball and bringing it back to be thrown again. He’s responsive and eager to please. He aced his behavior exam, but will need an experienced home who can handle a strong dog, channel his energy and provide lots of exercise and stimulation. He can sometimes be mouthy in his playful exuberance so needs a home in which positive training will reinforce good behavior. Brono is hoping to find that home today.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs19

My name is VIVIANA. My Animal ID # is A0982591.
I am a female br brindle pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: We see it all too often, a lovely female used for breeding, and when her usefulness is over, left to the street. Viviana is such a girl. Likely house-trained she went potty as soon as we were out the door and then demonstrated great leash manners as we walked to the park. She’s calm and sweet, wagging her tail as we walked, and checking up with me from time to time. Posing for pictures like a pro, she gave me a quick ‘woof’ if I wasn’t fast enough giving her a treat. This is a lady who knows what she wants! She takes the treats gently and then looks up at me sweetly as if saying, “there, that wasn’t so hard was it?” Viviana was tail-wagging happy at having her head scratched; she’s such a gentle girl. At 8 years young, she’s looking for a home in which to spend her retirement, one in which she can relax with her new people, enjoy some quiet walks and some loving. She’ll be the perfect companion with whom to curl up with a good book or your favorite TV show. Meet our Viviana today; you’ll both be glad you did.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs20

My name is CHAZ. My Animal ID # is A0981868.
I am a male blue and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

A volunteer writes: Chaz is a stunning dog, very attentive and breathtakingly handsome. He waits calmly in his kennel to be taken out, and appears to be house-trained, going potty only once we were outside. Chaz is the perfect gentleman on the leash, and was very calm around another dog that was being walked. He gently took treats from my hand. He is such a good boy, and will sit and stay when asked, and also posed for his pictures like a pro. Chaz needs a safe and caring home, and is desperately hoping to be a part of your family.

Another volunteer writes:  I walked Chaz tonight and let me just say, what a stunner this boy is! His body is pure muscle, his legs are like nothing I have ever seen! Chaz was the perfect gentleman on the leash, and was very calm around the other dog that was out with him. I would bet my paycheck that this boy is completely house-trained, it was actually really sad to watch him “go” because it was so apparent he had been holding it for sooooo long. Hope this gorgeous boy makes it out!

Another writes:  The look in Chaz’s eyes are saying, I’m a lost and homeless dog. I can speak from my heart and say that Chaz is stunning and has always been good for me when I took him out for a walk. He has a nice safer, and was once well taken care of. I had him out with two other dogs one night and he was all fun and play. I talked to the staff about him and the comment most made about him was, Chaz has a defeated and lost look to his eyes. Never any aggression but depressed. The more time I spent with him, the more he settled in. Deep down under his stress, is a wonderful dog. The body of an athlete who I would love to see run in an open field. Please watch his video, and decide for yourself if he is worth saving.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs21

My name is REYA. My Animal ID # is A0982637.
I am a spayed female brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 10 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Reya is a perfectly groomed and neat elderly lady. Her coat is gorgeous . She carries herself so well and with such dignity . I can not imagine Reya as a stray. I keep thinking: there must be an owner looking for her, trying to locate her… Reya was a little aloof at the beginning of our encounter. We spent a good deal of time together, walked around the block, met other dogs, did our business and finally sat in a quiet area where Reya decided to finally make friends with me. I guess she wanted to make sure I was worth the company, the investment.. She sat by my side. I could admire from close by her still very clear chestnut eyes. I took her head into my hands and she gave me a kiss…Reya is healthy looking and seems to have been well cared for. She looks like a family dog who got out of luck. Reya is at the Manhattan Care Center, a reserved , friendly and well mannered lady who has still a number of good years ahead of her to give and receive love.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs22

My name is LINDA. My Animal ID # is A0982807.
I am a female br brindle and white br brindle. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes:  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Linda yesterday…she is a DOLL. She’s very timid, but willing to love/trust. She was definitely unsure of me (the camera on the other hand she was sure about – didn’t like it at ALL!!), but wanted to be close. She kept sitting right in front of me and letting me pet her. At one point I was putting her and she literally wrapped her front arms around my arm and squeezed. She’s so, so sweet and submissive. Her cage was clean and she went to the bathroom right away outside – looked like she’d been holding it in for a while! Towards the end of our time I could tell she was starting to open up and even showed a hint of play bowing!! I know she will make the most amazing dog!!

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs23

My name is SNOOPY. My Animal ID # is A0982650.
I am a male white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

I came to the shelter because of a New York City Housing Authority ban.

A volunteer writes (as told by Snoopy): Hiiiiiiii, I’m Snoopy. I kind of do look like the famous Snoopy, and I’m looking for my Charlie Brown! My family had to give me up, along with my sister Pepper (A0982651), so I need a new family. I lived with adults and two kids, am house-trained and crate-trained and love other dogs. I also lived with two cats and we got along just fine. I’m super playful and energetic, love lots of play time and of course, lots of kisses. My new volunteer friend kept laughing at me, saying ‘you’re so darn cute’, and I loved making her laugh. She needed me to pose for some pictures and I was happy to help, and of course gobbled down some treats. What a nice lady to give me some treats! I can be serious if you need me to, but really I like to have a good time which for me means playing, walking and then hugging. I’m looking for a family who has lots of time to play and take me for nice walks. I have a little skin allergy for which I’m taking medication, but it doesn’t bother me and it’s no biggie. So, if you’re looking for a fun loving and cuddly new BFF, I’m your guy. I promise to take really good care of you for ever and ever and ever…….Ask to meet me today.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs24

My name is JIMMY. My Animal ID # is A0982764.
I am a male brown and tan pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes:  When I first met Jimmy, I was immediately captivated by this tiny little nugget!! I spotted him peering mischievously at me in his kennel, tail wagging furiously trying to capture my attention. He’s brimming with happy energy, and I was taken aback that despite his young age he was extremely composed and well-behaved. Jimmy is perfect apartment size, and he seems to like other dogs, greeting all with gentle tail wags. He would make the perfect little buddy for someone who wants to laugh a lot and discover that half their bed is taken over by him while getting tons of doggie kisses and receiving hugs – he has superior snuggling skills!! Jimmy is a gentle soul ,and what you will get if you are lucky enough to adopt him will be a loyal and always entertaining companion. Life will be a party with Jimmy – please consider adopting him today!

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs25

My name is SAM. My Animal ID # is A0982765.
I am a female brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 5 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: This gorgeous girl is quite a gem!! Intake comments by staff were: “active, social and playful”. For a little girl coming into a strange, confusing place as a stray, those are pretty amazing statements! Sam is stunning in a well-groomed, shining, burnt orange brindle coat. Likely house-trained she ‘went’ as soon as we were out the door, and once business was taken care of we just had fun. She does little playful scampers on the leash, thrilled to be out on a crisp fall morning. Going into the play position with both people and other dogs, it’s clear she wants to meet everyone and have a good time. My little rock star posed for pictures perfectly, taking and enjoying her reward treats gently. Up on the park bench she was a little squirmy girl, trying to figure out the best position in my lap for some kisses. Sam was clearly someone’s beloved companion before joining us as a stray. She’s looking for a new home in which to play and love. She’s petite and will fit into any living situation. If you’re lucky, it could be yours. Ask to meet her today.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs26

My name is SAMWISE. My Animal ID # is A0982806.
I am a male brown pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Samwise is a very handsome young male who is with us as his family was moving to a place not allowing dogs. He is known to be friendly to all including dogs and has lived with children. Samwise has been very nicely taken care of. He is gorgeous and wears the most beautiful and flawless mocha coat. His eyes are sharp, lively and friendly. His weight is just right and he looks healthy. He does remind me of a Ridgeback, wondering if I do see or not a ridge at times. Samwise walks well on the leash and seems very much house-trained as related to us by his former family. He is obedient, stops when I stop at the lights, sits and stays on command and takes treats gently from my hand.Intern seems like a well behaved dog who also likes to be petted and to come on the lap for hugs and kisses. He does bark at some dogs in an insisting way although he is known to be good with other pooches according to his former master. Could it be the stress, the care center’s environment? There is no way for us to know and this is why Samwise should most likely go to a home as a single dog. Samwise is waiting patiently for his time to shine at the Manhattan Care Center. He is a gorgeous dog who will be the pride of his master as well as a forever best friend.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs27

My name is DUTCH. My Animal ID # is A0982846.
I am a male tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 11 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes:  Surrendered by his owner for being too anxious when there is an argument in the house, Dutch is looking for a quiet, peaceful home in which to love and snuggle. He’s a young dog who wants and needs to be comfortable in his environment; clearly the shelter is not the place for an anxious dog. We are told he is house-trained and lived with another dog and is friendly. He will do best with dogs his own size as we are told he chases small animals. Dutch pulls on the leash and will need some training, but mostly he needs a calm influence, a soothing and patient person who understands that he can get anxious from time to time. It seems that Dutch may not have had a lot of stability in his short life and is hoping to make up for it now.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs28

My name is CHAMPION. My Animal ID # is A0982878.
I am a male gr brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

Champion was also surrendered because of a NYCHA ban.

A volunteer writes: “The Best and Perfect Dog, affectionate, well behaved, calm…….” Glorious comments by volunteers and staff adorn Champion’s walking log and they are so deserved. Champion is indeed a champion, at least he made it number one in our hearts. Champion used to live with three other male Pities and one female, one more gorgeous than the other. All were relinquished into our care as their housing unfriended large pets. They are said to be friendly to strangers children and other dogs but chases cats…just one little flaw. Champion is all eyes in his kennel. He has the most endearing face and captures your attention by his soft and gentle gaze. He can sit before being leashed and walks like a dream in the street and the park, never chasing squirrels or birds and naturally civil to other dogs met. Champion sits on command at the lights and poses nicely for the pictures. He seems to be house-trained as indicated by his former master. Free in a pen, Champion chooses to settle next to me. He poses his head in my lap, just waiting for caresses and kisses. He is a very tender boy, quite good looking although his coat could use TLC as it shows missing hair at various places. Proper nutrition, good hygiene and fresh air will most likely take care of the issue. Champion is waiting at the Manhattan Care center to start his life all over again with you. He will offer the ultimate friendship and faithfulness you expect from a pet companion. Please, come and meet him. Let him champion your heart and soul.

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs29

My name is MELLOW. My Animal ID # is A0983077.
I am a male gray and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Ever dream of an ideal date? Someone who is quite gorgeous, incredibly dashing and infinitely polite? Well shift your gaze to the world of man’s best friend, and you’ll find Mellow is all of those things and more! On leash at the park, Mellow is a handsome walker who garners approving smiles from strangers and friends alike. And while he is curious about other dogs we encounter, he minds his manners and sails smoothly by with a brief nod of recognition. Mellow is also the exceptional companion who stands quietly by my side at the park bench, enjoying a few ear scratches as men on bicycles and boys on Razors zoom by us. Free in the backyard, Mellow proves a superb athlete, retrieving a thrown soft toy with glee, and then promptly releasing it to continue the play. Mellow appears house-trained too, taking care of business multiple times as if he’s used to going outside on a schedule. Mellow is a dog everyone would be proud to claim as their own. So if you’re not intimidated with owning the best looking dog in the neighborhood, come ask for Mellow – make him the newest member of your household!

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