Boston Firefighter Risks Life to Save Husky from Icy Death

“We look at the pets like citizens,” Sean Coyle said. “They’re loved by their owners and we want to make sure, whether it’s in a burning building or a freezing lake, we just want to get them out safe.”

1.9.14 - Husky Rescued from Water

It’s winter, and sadly there are too many stories of dogs succumbing to the dangerously low temperatures either through mishap or owner neglect. But and while these stories can oftentimes be too much to bear, it is always worth bringing to light a hero that has saved the life of one of our companions.

Boston firefighter Sean Coyle came to the rescue this morning when he pulled a 13-year-old husky named Sylvie from the brink of death after she fell into 20-degree water.

Sylvie and her owner had been walking along the Boston Harbor when she plunged through the ice near Castle Island. Her owner immediately called 911, and seven-year veteran of Ladder 19 answered the call.

Coyle, wearing a survival suit, slid out on the ice in a stokes basket.

As I got closer, I could see the ice was encapsulating him,” Coyle said. “He was frozen and real scared, I’d say he had less than half an hour left.”

A human wouldn’t have lasted more than 10 minutes. Sylvie had already been treading the 20-degree water for half an hour.

Coyle’s outstretched arm was met by a receptive Sylvie, ever so grateful to have her rescuer’s help. He managed to pull her from the icy water, but needed a rescue for himself when he fell in. He had been judiciously attached to a rope, and was able to be pulled to shore by fellow firefighters.

Both he and Sylvie were gradually warmed up and recovered.

This was the second time Coyle had saved a dog from the water. His first rescue was of a dog stuck below the rocks on Pleasure Bay. He says a life is a life, be it two- or four-legged.

We look at the pets like citizens,” he said. “They’re loved by their owners and we want to make sure, whether it’s in a burning building or a freezing lake, we just want to get them out safe.”






35 thoughts on “Boston Firefighter Risks Life to Save Husky from Icy Death

    1. I live in the west and I have seen times when be it moose or deer or dog gets trapped on the ice or falls through and more times then not they will be shot rather then rescued… I like what Mr. Coyle had said before when he rescued a dog before ,, be it two legged or four ,, its a life and someone needs to help them… Thank you so much

  1. When are people going to start being more careful with their dogs around bodies of water?
    This firefighter risked his life to save this beautiful dog who should have never been out on that ice. The owner should be ticketed for having this dog off leash, since there is a leash law in Boston.

    1. how do you know the dog wasn’t on a leash? it doesn’t say in the article, and the leash could very well have been pulled from the owner’s hand when the dog fell thru the ice. if the leash was a long one, the dog could’ve been a ways ahead of/beside her owner when she fell in and the owner could have lost the leash. it doesn’t pay to assume – it makes an ASS out of U and ME!

  2. Hurray for the fireman for caring so much about animals. I liked what he said about a life is a life being 2 legged or 4 legged. If there were more people in the world like this gentleman there would be less abandoned animals. May God Bless you sir, you are a truly a great person.

  3. Thank you for you unselfish acts of courage every day…. As a pet owner I know how I would feel at that exact moment and could never thank you enough…. Hugs to you and your Team From Canada

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  5. Un gran héroe y ejemplo de verdad Dios te bendiga grandemente. Gracias por salvar a un animal ya que muchos los maltratan.

  6. Great story but sadly I’m sure people went out and celebrated this event by killing and eating other animals. I hope to live to see the day when we recognize that all animals deserve to have the same chances in life, the chance to live.

    1. I do so agree with you. Many people claim to be animal lovers,but they continue to eat animals. The only was to really show your love is to become a vegetarian!

  7. If only all human beings felt the same as this wonderful Hero. Animals would not be hunted,and abused! Hopefully he will always have a gaurdian angel looking over him. 🙂

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