Heroic Man Rescues Dying Dog from Houston Highway

“Yeah, I’m just kind of a softie on that kind of stuff,” Rickey Young said. “I have a dog, and I’d hate to see him on the highway like that.”

2.28.14 - Man Saves Dog on Busy Highway1

When Rickey Young heard on the radio that there was a dog in the HOV lane on a Houston highway, he rushed over to help.  Though the dog was frightened, Rickey gave up his lunch to lure her to safety.  She had broken bones and was bleeding internally, but this hero got her medical attention in time to save her life.

People spotted the yellow Lab just before 8:30 this morning in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle, or carpool) lane of the Eastex Freeway.  Animal control was called, but construction worker Rickey Young beat them to the scene.

“Yeah, I’m just kind of a softie on that kind of stuff,” he said.  “I have a dog, and I’d hate to see him on the highway like that.”

2.28.14 - Man Saves Dog on Busy Highway2

He squatted down and patted the ground to show that he was no threat, but when he approached the dog she attempted to flee.  Rickey went back to his truck for the sandwich he planned to have for lunch.  She took the bait, and he carried her to the truck so he could take her to the Houston SPCA.

“I could see that she was thankful and she was happy to be in a safer environment,” Rickey said.

Her veterinarian said that she had broken bones and internal bleeding.  If no one had stopped to help, she likely would have died on the road.

Because she has no collar or microchip, it is believed that she does not have an owner.  But because of Rickey’s compassion and quick actions, she has a second chance at life.




66 thoughts on “Heroic Man Rescues Dying Dog from Houston Highway

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to save a dog in need of help. You are definitely a hero and good man with a big heart.

  2. Mr. Young, you are a hero. You bought yourself a whole bunch of good Karma with your courage and selflessness. Bless you.

  3. Wow I would hire you in a heart beat.Someone who goes above and beyond, few and far between in this world. From a fellow dog rescuer in Alberta Canada “Thank You”.

  4. God Bless your pea picking heart Ricky….you saved a Life..

    Thank you and the furkid Thanks You 🙂

  5. ricky, I love you as a human! You are awesome and thank you for stepping up to save that sweet innocent pup! Blessing to you!

  6. I wish there were more people like you in the world! Thanks Rickey. Someone in that area-PLEASE give the doggy a good home!

  7. You did a wonderful saving sir-puppy will live now thanks to you.God bless you forever! and Puppy I LOVE YOU!!

  8. I’d like to buy this guy lunch because if I couldn’t be there to rescue that dog, I’m thrilled that he WAS.

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  10. Thank you. You’re my hero. The world needs more people like you. Any updates on this poor dog?

  11. How special you are. May only the very best always come your way. That beautiful dog will remember how special you are.

  12. Thank You Ricky and the vet who saved this beautiful pups life
    sounds like the vet may have donated his services if not an extra Thank You to Ricky surgery is expensive .

  13. Ricky, you are a true hero. I wish there were many many more like you. The world would be a much kinder place.

  14. I’ve done my fair share of trying to rescue doggy’s off of streets but it must be even more nerve racking to save a doggy in the middle of a freeway. This made me a little teary. How many people do you know that will stop what they are doing and head over that way to help? Cheers Rickey, for the awesome deed, thanks for saving this doggy.

  15. Thank you so much for y our kind and caring heart. I don’t remember how you will be repaid, sevenfold or tenfold, but you earned every bit of it. You are a good person and I wish we had a billion or three more just like you. I owe you lunch 🙂

  16. Thank you Rickey, The world needs more people like you!!!!!!!! Thoughout my life I have had two separate dogs that have saved my life and one dog that saved my son and his friend’s lives.

  17. Ricky, you’ve done a great thing.

    It’s stories like this that make me keep dog food and an extra blanket in my car just in case there is some furkid out there that needs help.

  18. YOu Are definatly an angel that was sent to be there at the right time and right place, I only wish there were more kind-hearted people in this world like you Ricky, Wish you were close to Indy, like to meet you sometime, God Speed!!

    Could you update us on the dogs outcome of the injuries please??

  19. You are a great person and god bless you. You have a hart and I salut you. I hope we have more people like you

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  21. This is my brand new contractor, Rickey Young, who cashed my check on 12/31 for a construction job on my home to begin January 5, 2015. Only he didn’t show. And didn’t call. And didn’t return any calls, texts or emails. And continues not to. Take the money and run, Good Samaritan? i’m thinking not Good Samaritan to the tune of $5k. I’m a single mom and I will make payments on what he took from me. But I won’t go quietly.

    1. Kathy, go after that bastard and get some one to break his legs and kick his ass until he pays you back

    2. Are you sure it’s him? I’d like a follow-up on this story. If it’s true, he did one good thing, but that’s not enough to get Karma off his case.

    3. This is hardly the place for such a comment, especially if this were not your contractor, it is slander.

  22. Rickey
    thank you for saving this precious life you absolutely an angel
    China Korea Vietnam and other dog cats eating countries pls take some lessons and stop eating mans best friend ..

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