Pit Bull Puppy “Terrorizes” Dachshund

What will playtime be like when Buttons is full grown?

Buttons the pit bull meets Coco for the first time.  Thankfully, Coco is exceptionally patient!









12 thoughts on “Pit Bull Puppy “Terrorizes” Dachshund

  1. Coco is enjoying it! Watch her tail wag! I have a dachshund who loves to play with puppies of any size too. If they are raised together, there shouldn’t be a problem. The puppy will learn to adjust for his superior strength as time goes on and will “play nicer” as he gets bigger.

  2. When Buttons gets big but is still in the puppy stage this type of play can result in spinal injuries for the poor doxie.

    1. No….someone needs to get rid of you… What an ignorant ridiculous comment. You should slap yourself up side the head for evening commenting. And you need to stay anonymous because no one wants to know you.

    2. wow you clearly dont know anything about the breed. Pitbulls are wonderful dogs. its the people who train them to fight that should be in trouble. If you knew anything about pitbulls you wouldnt make ignorant comments about them being fixed and de-fanged

  3. Coco is doing an awful full share of the “terrorizing”. and this website should be shut down for playing the “pitbull”+”terror” card! These two dogs were engaged in simple play, as denoted by the play stance, wagging tails, calm demeanor and open mouth (commiture). If Buttons is raised properly, these two dogs should be pals for life.

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